Big Time Sweep

August 22nd, 2013 by Jane Heller

Broom_icon.svg[4]Thanks to the long rain delay I was actually able to see the latter part of today’s game. What a great way to end the series. Wow. Well, except for Shawn Kelley, who was scary toward the end. Luckily Robertson didn’t do his Houdini act in the ninth and spared me the nerves, earning the save in place of Mo.

I didn’t see the Vernon Wells play live, but the replays sure looked like the ball was caught and the Yankees got a break on the call. I’m not feeling the least bit guilty about it either, because we’ve been getting our fair share of bad calls lately and we were due for one to go our way.

What I liked about this one was that we got great starting pitching from Andy, power from Granderson and hits and sacrifices and steals mixed in – an all-around good performance by the boys.

Does this weekend’s series in Tampa take on even more importance now that we’re inching tantalizingly close to a wild card spot? Oh, yeah. I’m nervous about it. Things at the Trop can get crazy, and the Rays have those young starters that can shut down an offense. Plus the turf won’t be easy on A-Rod and I suspect he’ll have to DH. Who plays third? There’s Reynolds in a platoon situation, but are we talking about David Adams too? I just hope whoever shows up is ready to play as if his life depended on it.



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6 Responses to “Big Time Sweep”

  1. SBlue says:

    Getting nervous about the next series. I’m really happy that they are in a winning streak right now cause who knows what might happen. Here’s hoping we survive…

    On another note the Jeter Diary blog updated and this its about the return of the centuar.:

  2. Jane Heller says:

    LOL on the captain’s “blog.” Thanks for the laugh, SBlue.

  3. Audrey says:

    I spoke to my dad after Sunday’s Sox game and he was so livid about what had happened he was threatening to root for the Rays (he lives in Florida and hates the Rays) if that was our only chance to keep Boston out of the World Series. Now we have hope that such drastic measures will not need to be taken.

    A couple of weeks ago I knew what it was like to be a Mets fan. Now I am reminded of what it is like to be a Yankees fan (I think I’ll put that up for my Facebook status and tweak some people). Go Yankees!

  4. barbara says:

    this weekend scares me. now that we have a chance i feel like it matters again and the rays are really good. it was a great sweep. we only had four hits yesterday. that seemed hard to believe after the game was over. day games are fun but leave me being less than professional at work. here’s hoping the winning keeps on because it’s been really really fun

  5. Jane Heller says:

    Now your father can just root for us, Audrey, and hope that by winning games and series we’ll knock off the teams we need to knock off.

    I agree, Barbara. Suddenly, winning isn’t just a lark. It means something, and that makes it scarier. I hope we’re not disappointed.

  6. Bob Cerv says:

    How Sweep It Is. Sweep Dreams Are Made Of This. Good Night, Sweep Princes…

    Yeah, yeah…all of that. Now…just do it again, in the House of Horrors aka The Trop? Oh-Kay…

    Only one further comment. PLEASE hope & pray, if need be, that we NEVER see Mark Reynolds playing 3rd base next to Eduardo Scissorhands. I’ve seen plenty of Reynolds in Bal’mer and elsewhere. Trust me on this…Gloveless Joe and Bart the Butcher, the sexagenarians on my Old Mens’ Slo-Pitch team, could NOT be any worse…

    (go yanks)