Did I Jinxy Nixy?

August 21st, 2013 by Jane Heller

imagesI couldn’t believe that after writing in last night’s post about how valuable Jayson Nix has been to the Yankees this year, Dickey throws a pitch that breaks Nix’s hand. Could. Not. Believe. It. So sorry he’ll be gone now. What a strange, strange season.

On the happy side, I cheered when Ichiro got hit #4,000 in his first at bat and the game came to a halt so everybody could give him a rousing ovation. Nice, nice moment for him, and he seemed genuinely touched by the outpouring.

The rest of the game was a nail biter. Adam Warren pitched well, but David Huff pitched even better. Wow, who knew? He held the Blue Jays scoreless and kept the score at 2-2 – until Soriano’s late blast had me pumping my fist. That homer felt so good because we really do need to win every game and things were getting hairy. Mo’s save was priceless. He struck out the first guy, allowed a single to Davis and picked Davis off at second. He just might be the best infielder we have right now, not to mention the best closer ever. How will we survive without him?

Never mind. No point in thinking about that now. The Yankees pulled off another win and that’s what counts. Some divine intervention wouldn’t hurt as we go down the stretch. The clock is ticking and the schedule is shrinking.




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4 Responses to “Did I Jinxy Nixy?”

  1. margaret says:

    I gasped loudly when I saw the highlights this morning.
    My husband came running he thought something had happened to me.

    Another one goes down.
    What the hell kind of mojo we dealing with here?
    Crazy awful year.

  2. Diane Anziano says:

    You can’t take the blame, Jane. Most of the team has been injured at some point in the season. Also happy for Ichiro, but all the sports reporters are arguing that you can’t count his hits in the Japanese league. I see their point, since there are other leagues in other countries, but they are also saying that if you’re going to count those hits that were not when the player was in MLB, then you should also count players hits in the minor leagues. Enough already. Another afternoon game today…hope I have a reason to watch the replay when I get home from work. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Jane Heller says:

    Crazy is right, Peg. It’s as if a guy plays well or just comes back from the DL and then he’s gone. Sigh.

    Thanks for letting me off the hook for Nix, Diane. LOL. The sportswriters picking apart Ichiro’s hits record need a reality check. While it’s true that the total combines the hits in Japan, they should look at the player himself and acknowledge that we’re talking about a HOF-er, not some guy we’ll never hear about again. Ichiro is the real deal.

  4. Bob Cerv says:

    SO sorry about Nix. “If it wasn’t for bad luck”…well, you know the rest of that couplet…

    A few comments about Eech. Wonderful achievement! Only Rose and Cobb have so many, ever. The talking heads on sports radio this morning quoted Bobby Valentine, of all people, who managed in Japan and said that EVERY ONE of their starting lineup players could play in MLB. Maybe a bit overstated, but who knows? Eech has more hits in his 13 years in MLB than ANYBODY EVER has. I’m sorry that he’ll probably never play in a WS…but then again…his best chance was 2001, and you know who stopped him!

    And I just smile every time #12 gets another tater or another big game-turning hit. Savoring every day…