Mad Joe: My Hero

August 18th, 2013 by Jane Heller


The Yankees beat the Red Sox 9-6 tonight to take the series, but the big story, of course, was Ryan Dempster’s plunking (after a few tries) of A-Rod in the first inning, the ump issuing a warning to both teams without ejecting Dempster and Joe’s fury and subsequent tossing. Is there a person on the planet, other than John Farrell, who thought that was fair? By the end of the game, four Yankees would get hit by pitches versus zero Sox. I would have hated to see CC retaliate and be forced to leave the game, despite his erratic performance, and ultimately the payback came in the form of A-Rod’s homer, Gardner’s triple and the “W.” Still, just another weird chapter in the rivalry. What Dempster did by anointing himself sheriff was to create Yankees solidarity behind A-Rod and fire up the enemy. Not a good move.

Girardi was still mad in his press conference. “You don’t take the law into your own hands. You’re gonna skip the judicial system? That’s ‘My Cousin Vinny.'” I guess Joe’s a movie fan.

It was all crazy, but then drama is what this season is now about.

Not insignificant was the injury to Nunez. How bad is his hamstring strain? Who knows, but it can’t be positive. Cano seemed to be okay after getting hit in the foot, but we’ll see.

If Dave Robertson is our closer in the future, I’ll have to take meds for high blood pressure. He does keep things interesting.

CC? I’ve given up wondering what’s wrong with him. I’ve gotten used to watching with my hands over my eyes when he pitches.

Very glad there’s a day off now. This one took a lot out of me.

Programming note: Joe Tacopina will be on the “Today” show tomorrow morning. Now that should be entertaining.



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10 Responses to “Mad Joe: My Hero”

  1. Audrey says:

    That was a spectacularly unclassy performance by the Sox and support for A-Rod in particular and the Yankees in general has been swelling over social media. Not a good move at all on Dempster’s part. A-Rod’s handling of the situation with more grace than he has recently displayed and then getting the best revenge in effective at-bats and a win for the team have made him more sympathetic than I ever thought he could appear. Event he ESPN announcers, who up until the time of the incident were, as usual, singing praises to the Sox, had to concede the whole incident was badly handled. What was funny was that during the incident and shortly after there was dead silence on the air. I ran into my radio so I could hear John and Suzyn tell us what was happening because the cat had the ESPN team’s tongue.

    I had a couple of obligations this weekend and missed both Friday’s and Saturday’s games. From your description, Jane and Terry, it’s better that I was away from my television because I might have thrown something through it.

    And speaking of rage, did everyone else catch Ortiz’s F-bomb when he fouled off a pitch? They re-ran that clip a few times but never bleeped it out, which surprised me because it could be heard quite clearly. What surprised me was that he was so angry over a foul ball. Accusations of “Roid Rage” started to fly on Twitter.

    If the FOX guys were right about the Yankee decline, let’s hope that was it and the boys just started back up the hill. Again I am thinking of 2009. Games like yesterday’s can drive a team to new heights. Go Yankees!

    P.S. I have a horrible memory and can’t remember if I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again anyway – I am proud to share my birthday with Brett Gardner. I hope he is a Yankee for his entire career.

  2. Barbara says:

    Back from two weeks in Oregon where i can actually stay up to the end of the game and was excited to see this but I found it hard that our team is part of a circus. They hate arod so they hit him and that is weirdly good for our club. I like when we were like able in the 90s. With that said I’m glad we won. I like this offense. I’m sorry cc is bad. I don’t like arod but unlike my dad I don’t root for him to strike out each time because I still love the feel of winning. I do love Gardner so it’s nice Audrey that you share his birthday rather than say jobs or arod. I found friday night more fun but I do like winning series. The Boston globe will be more fun this morning

  3. Diane Anziano says:

    That was a very dramatic game, Jane. In so many ways. But they gave me a win for my birthday and that makes me happy, no matter what. I am really shocked that they didn’t toss Dempstr…that was so obviously an intentional hit. Let’s hope this doesn’t continue around MLB everywhere The Yankees go. I’m not a big A-Rod fan but I don’t want to see him get hurt under such circumstances and I don’t want to see The Yankees have yet more drama to deal with. GO DAY OFF!!! Then…GO YANKEES!!!

  4. Jane Heller says:

    I did see Ortiz’s F-bomb, Audrey. HAHA. No way I could miss it! Maybe being asked before the game by the media about his A-Rod comments and his own PED use got to him.

    I’m glad I’m back in CA for these late games, Barbara. I do appreciate not having to stay up until midnight.

    Hope your birthday was a good one, Diane, beyond the Yankees win.

  5. Uncle Mike says:

    Same old Yankee Doodle Double Standard. The Sox can do whatever they want, including hitting 3 Yankees after being warned, and nobody in a Boston uniform gets thrown out. Girardi objects to the first one, and he gets tossed.

    As they say in the military, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?”

    But we’re only 6 games behind Boston in the loss column. There are 6 weeks left in the regular season. Gain 1 game a week, and we can win.

  6. Bob Cerv says:

    A delicious, baseball-themed day. Don’t know where it will lead, if anywhere, but…

    Saturday, we finally got to rent and watch “42.” Excellent movie, as you surely know; good baseball portrayal, by and large. Great musical soundtrack. Made up for the crummy Yanks-Sawx game that afternoon, too.

    Sunday, watching it again — recall the scene where Jackie gets spiked by Slaughter late in the game in an important pennant-race battle? The teammates who surround him are furious; Stanky wants revenge with a hit batter, or worse. Jackie says no — this game is too important — win first, worry about the other junk later.

    I might be the only idiot with the audacity to ever compare “Boo” Rodriguez to Jackie. But my point is this — the ’47 Dodgers were galvanized a bit by an unclassy, maybe dirty play by a big rival. Maybe this year’s Yanks just don’t have all the horses they need to do Something Special down the stretch. Maybe. But…maybe not…it’s why we watch…

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Watched the “Today” show and there were developments. MLB sent “Today” a letter to present to Tacopina saying they’d release all the confidential documents/evidence. Tacopina appeared stunned and said he had to read the letter. From his side, he released the actual MRI of A-Rod’s hip during last year’s postseason to “Today” and said it would prove A-Rod had a “hole” in the hip proving the labrum tear. Oy. You’d think this was the Jodi Arias trial.

  8. Terri says:

    What a nutty game. I am never, EVER a proponent of hitting someone intentionally, and I was pretty miffed at Dempster after he did so (and as a huge Red Sox fan – there was never a more obvious plunking). Whatever your public or private opinion of what’s going on off of the field, and your personal opinion of Alex Rodriguez and his alleged use or aiding and abetting of steroid use – what happens on the field should be classy. Bad move. I was shocked the umpire didn’t warn Dempster after the behind-the-back throw.

    I figured he’d somehow hit a homerun and end up being a pivotal part of the game, and I was right. He scored two runs and overall had a great offensive performance. Good for him. And if we managed to wake the sleeping Yankees, we deserve what happens to us.

    I thought Joe sticking up for his player was the classiest thing that happened that inning!

    As for Papi’s F-bomb, he’s been doing that all year. He is also going through some personal trouble, and he’s been largely carrying our offense, so I think he’s been taking his failures a little personally this year. We all swear, haha!

  9. Jane Heller says:

    Ortiz is having personal trouble, Terri? As you say, he’s been playing well so he’s been able to put it aside during games. It’s always amazing to me how the players can do this. I’m not very good at compartmentalizing.

  10. Terri says:

    He’s going through a divorce right now; the media hasn’t been mentioning it much because Ortiz has asked for privacy. I think it was announced sometime around May 1, so it’s possible that things are dying down for him there, too. He has said it’s an amicable split, but it still can’t be easy.