Ugly – And I’m Not Just Talking About The Game

August 17th, 2013 by Jane Heller
Photo: Mariela Lombard/Daily News

Photo: Mariela Lombard/Daily News

Lawyer Joe Pacopina has always been a sleazy character, but now that he’s defending A-Rod he’s proving just how sleazy. This story in the NY Times in which he hurls some pretty ballsy accusations against the Yankees, Randy Levine in particular, and at MLB, Bug Selig in particular, is mind boggling. How does A-Rod have the gall to step on the field and actually play for the team he’s accusing of every underhanded trick in the book? How does he dispatch his attack dog to speak to the media on his behalf and then look his teammates and manager in the eyes? Do I think the Yankees are capable of playing hardball? You bet. Tacopina invokes George Steinbrenner’s name in the article as if George didn’t hire Howard Spira to ruin Dave Winfield. But to say Levine forced A-Rod to play in the postseason last year knowing he had a torn labrum, just so he’d “look finished as a ballplayer?”

As for the game at Fenway today, it was ugly too. With Kuroda on the mound, the Yankees should have beaten the Red Sox, despite how well Lackey has been pitching, and I was thrilled not to have been blacked out by FOX for a change. Instead, the Yanks frittered away the opportunity with errors and limp bats (and some questionable calls). They looked helpless – a far cry from the team that’s been hot lately.

Tomorrow night takes on even more importance now. I sure hope CC is up to the challenge.



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5 Responses to “Ugly – And I’m Not Just Talking About The Game”

  1. I disliked this game on a couple levels.
    The fact that the announcers spent so much time on Arod and his sleazy tactics is painful.
    How they kept referring to the Dodgers as the New Yankees was painful.
    The game was very painful.

    The fact that Arod hired this guy and allows him to spew this @#!* to the media just shows his lack of respect for everyone other than himself. I know you won’t agree but to me he just needs to be out of the game. NOW.
    My season is over if I’m being honest with myself. We need him gone more than we need his bat at this point.

    On another note….I went to see my chiropractor who is a good looking young man from NYC.
    We always talk Yankees….his office is a shrine to NYY.
    I asked what he thought of our ace CC?
    He said, “You know how I hate the carrying of extra weight so this may sound odd to you. CC lost a lot of weight and one will carry themselves differently, their gait is different…
    He went on and on about how this could affect him and the way he throws.
    I have no idea but it was an interesting comment. I want desperately to have a reason why CC is off this year. He is medically fine but he’s not our CC of old.

  2. Terri says:

    Must have been a very frustrating game for you to be able to watch, Jane! I always personally hate it when blown calls contribute to the flow of a game. In this case, the blown call helped my Sox, but I’d rather win the right way personally – it always cheapens a victory for me.

    Personally, I can’t wait for the extended replay. The system they come up with probably won’t be perfect, but it will be -better- and that’s a start!

    As for A-Rod, what a mess he’s gotten himself into. I wonder if he’s thinking of his legacy at all?

  3. Jane Heller says:

    On the subject of CC’s weight, straightupnochaser, I’ve heard it mentioned quite a bit. It sounds counter-intuitive to everything we know about diet and health, but in the same way that young tennis players who shoot up in height often have trouble getting used to their new taller size, it’s certainly possible that CC’s weight loss threw him off early on. I don’t see how it explains an entire season’s worth of mechanical problems; he would have gotten used to it by now. On the FOX front, their broadcasts are always painful, but their dialogue yesterday about how Cano will go to the Dodgers because the Dodgers are the new Yankees and how the Yankees are a decaying team going nowhere made me crazy. Ugh. And by the way, I don’t disagree that A-Rod should be out of the game – I’d love it – but from a legal standpoint he does have a right, as per the union, to appeal his suspension and all the crap it’s bringing with it.

    A-Rod’s “legacy” is all he’s thinking of, Terri. Well, and the money he doesn’t want to forfeit. He’s fighting to save his reputation, what’s left of it, and bringing everyone else down in the process.

  4. margaret says:

    Jane, I apologize, I do not know why my blog name came up and not my name.
    It automatically populates the fields for me and I am showing it correctly now so I hope it works.
    It’s Peg by the way. I’m embarrassed….you know like Arod should be.

  5. Jane Heller says:

    That was you, Peg? Lol. I’m surprised the first comment made it through my spam filter then; it typically weeds out URL handles for some reason.