August 5th, 2013 by Jane Heller

arod presser

He’s appealing his suspension. He’s suing MLB and anybody else who’s done him wrong. Lalalalalalala. Bottom line is the Yankees got creamed by the lowly White Sox and looked pathetic doing it, and the juicer couldn’t juice up the moribund offense. Pettitte seems fried and I wouldn’t be surprised if he admitted he’s got nothing left. Sad way to go out. Jeter, of course, is back on the DL.

For a little humor, Mark Feinsand of the Daily News tweeted out Donald Trump’s reaction to A-Rod’s suspension. As usual, Trump made the question all about himself:

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren asked Donald Trump what he thought of A-Rod’s suspension. He said, “I think it’s great. Look, he’s been taking this stuff all of his life. When he stopped taking it he became a lousy baseball player, or certainly just less than average. I think it’s great … and it sets an example, and he’s not very popular in new York, nobody likes him.

He lives in my building, Derek Jeter likewise. Many of the Yankees and many of the players lived in my buildings, and I can tell you the ones that people like and the ones that the people don’t like. If I say to the doorman what do you think of Derek, ‘We love Derek.’ If I say what do you think of A-Rod, it’s like ‘forget it.’

So look, he deserves what he gets. He’s been doing this for a long time and frankly I don’t understand the Yankees. The Yankees should have stopped paying him two years ago because obviously on the contract what he signed was not what they were bargaining for. So I don’t understand why the Yankees kept paying him, but maybe they’re very generous, who knows.”

Right, Donald. It’s all the Yankees’ fault.

By the way, I was really impressed with Girardi in his pre-game press conference. It couldn’t have been easy to answer all the A-Rod questions, but his comments about not being a person whose role is to judge others goes to his decency. Kudos, Joe.



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5 Responses to “Rodmaggedon”

  1. margaret says:

    The nightmare continues and I am venting….you’ve been warned.
    Although there is no one I dislike more than Donald Trump, I do wish he and Alex were stranded on a deserted island somewhere for eternity.

    As with everyone else I think the fact that Alex’s apologies are nothing more than finger pointing is just exhausting. How does he not know this? Doesn’t he have anyone in his entourage who tells him the truth?
    I thought Joe did a great job. I felt Alex should not have done one at all. Just shut up and play since you have been afforded the opportunity to do so. But he can’t shut up can he? He has to point fingers. He’s a train wreck who at one time had talent and he blew it. This is all his fault. 100%. But he just can’t see that.

    Honestly it pisses me off that he is such a distraction. The year is bad enough. Our aces’s are sadly done, we have no one hitting and having this circus is too reminisant of the 70’s circus. Except they won. I hate it all. It’s making me cranky.

    And Jeter – my goodness the poor guy looked like his head was going to explode by playing nice. When ask how he supports Alex I really thought his head was going to spin off his neck. God love him for trying to say the right thing but his face said it all. The guy for the first time really didn’t wear his poker face, he just kept saying the same thing. But I would swear he was thinking what I was thinking, “Damn you Alex for putting yourself above all your co-workers.” Alex I would bet never once apologized to the men he works with or his manager. They deserve it even more than his “fans” Really he has fans left?

  2. Freya says:

    Ditto Margaret – I agree with you. It’s a mess.

  3. john says:

    Obviously all is not well in Mudville. Baseball is in dark days again.

    The appearance of “him” in pinstripes again is disgusting. If a vet pitcher was on the mound last night he would have drilled “him” and put “him” back on the DL.

    Interesting the way “he” signs autographs often now much like Giambi did when he got caught. “He” seldom did that before.

    Sad about Jeter. Hard to face the reality that the end is nearing.

  4. Diane Anziano says:

    I’ve totally had enough. One of the radio stations that I listen to in the morning asked for a song for A-Rod. Obviously some one called in with “I Want a New Drug”. I couldn’t get through, but I thought the logical answer is “Big Shot”…he thinks he’s a big shot, but is it because of the big shots he has hit over the wall or the big shots he’s been taking? Oh well. Back to the Yankees…I don’t think Wells is a good choice at first base – he wasn’t terrible but I just don’t think its a good fit. And what’s with Stewart behind the plate? I know he got hit in the head a few games ago…is he okay? Anyway…GO YANKEES!!!

  5. Jane Heller says:

    Well, lots of interesting comments here this morning! Just a general word about A-Rod’s frequent references to “due process,” I have no doubt that the suspension will be reduced to 50-65 games. That’s what he’s fighting for.

    Peg, I think Jeter was angry at the media too, because of the constant questions. He usually tries to joke away his irritation with them, but this was all too much on top of his own frustrations about his injuries. And yes, Alex still does have fans. I watched the stands in Chicago last night and was surprised to see people in Yankees jerseys standing up to applaud him while the others were booing. Pride in the uniform, I guess.

    I had the same thought you did, John, about a pitcher drilling “him.” Over the course the few days he’ll be playing during the appeal process, I’ll bet we see a plunking here and there.

    I agree about Wells at first base, Diane. Scary. But I do understand why Joe wanted to load the lineup with right handed bats and Wells did have a good night offensively. We just need better options. Got to give Joe credit for trying anything and everything to make this all work. He deserves manager of the year in my book with all he’s had to deal with.