Surprise: A Comeback

July 24th, 2013 by Jane Heller
Photo: Harry How/Getty Images North America

Photo: Harry How/Getty Images North America

Brent Lillibridge is so inconsequential in the larger scheme of things that I couldn’t even find a decent picture of him in a Yankees uniform, but he had plenty of consequences last night, for better or worse. He figured prominently in sending Hughes to the showers and he figured prominently in beating the Rangers in the ninth inning. Go figure.

It was nice for the team to come back the way they did – a little confidence boost, I’m sure. I like Melky Mesa, by the way. He’s fast and he reminds me of Alfonso Soriano when he was young (so why do we need the old version?). And Nunez is a spark plug, no question.

It was the window against the Rangers that the Yankees had to seize with Ogando starting. The next two nights they’ll be facing tougher pitchers.

What to make of Hughes? He and Girardi may have said he didn’t have good stuff and he was pulled for Logan early, which I thought might have been premature, but he did hold the Rangers to two hits before they came alive in the sixth. And he’s still with the team. I was sure he’d be traded by now.

Comebacks are always good for the soul, so I leave it here with my friend, the laughing lady.




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3 Responses to “Surprise: A Comeback”

  1. Diane Anziano says:

    Well, Logan was a bad choice looking back, but at least they got the win. We were at one of our town’s free outdoor concerts last night so we just tuned into the game on our way home and that was the exact moment that Lillibridge made the error that allowed the Rangers to take the lead. I freaked out pretty much the whole ride home but was happy to be home to see the win. Lillibridge must have been so relieved to offset that error. Happy they sat “Pronk” – hope its not the only time. I don’t know what to think about Hughes, Jane, but my instinct says he’s got to go. They’ve been talking about getting Soriano back – its probably a good idea, considering his current team is going to pay most of the bill. Looking forward to another win tonight and I think tomorrow’s is a day game. GO YANKEES!!!

  2. Bob Cerv says:

    Well, good. You can’t lose them all (unless you’re the Nats), and surprise comebacks are all the sweeter.

    Wasted Monday night by joining an old college buddy to sit & sweat at Nats Park while they lost yet another one; 0-5 so far in an 11-game homestand. You see, someone else is always in worse shape; and remember, they were picked by some fools to be a World Series team!!

    We left early, down 6-3, “confident” of the loss; on the subway ride home, someone shouted that it was now a 1-run game and the tying run on 2nd in the bottom of the 9th. Unlike the Yanks, no happy ending; but we were reminded yet again how you should just NEVER give up…

    Last nite, my son the Yankee fan was stunned to see that the Yanks were “close” to reacquiring Soriano; wow, he said – already?!? Nope, I replied — not THAT Soriano — the OLD Former Yankee Soriano, the hitter. Well, why not…he can still hit, and fits this year’s model pretty perfectly. May as well have some fun; Go Yanks…!

  3. Audrey says:

    Surprise indeed! I went to bed in a foul mood after the top of the eighth inning. I figured that was our chance and after that they would bring in Joe Nathan and the game would be over. I was mumbling something about watching a minor league team as I drifted off into fitfull sleep.

    This morning I checked my phone when I got up on the off chance the Yankees had actually come back and – OMG, THEY DID! Lillibridge was now a hero instead of a goat – how very nice. Good for him, good for Nunie, good for the Yankees. Now let’s get another win tonight and win this series!