The Cloud Overhead

July 23rd, 2013 by Jane Heller

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The Yanks lost another one last night – this time to Yu Darvish and the Rangers – but all the media was talking about, once you left the sunny Ken Singleton on YES and turned to ESPN, was Ryan Braun’s plea deal for a 65-game suspension. Universal reaction was that A-Rod is next, that the evidence against him is far more damning and that he, unlike Braun, won’t go quietly. Poor Girardi. He looked exhausted in his post-game presser, not only from having to fly to Texas in the wee hours after the Red Sox game, but from having to answer questions about Biogenesis and PEDs.

The game itself was yet another source of frustration. Nova wasn’t especially sharp, but he pitched well enough to win. Chris Stewart, who’ll never been an All-Star catcher, has nevertheless been so impressive with his recent defense and last night he made great throws to second even though most of the calls when against him. The guy does give it everything he has.

Ichiro leapt for a ball in right field and crashed into the wall, making the catch, and I marveled at his acrobatic skill and athleticism. Gardner had another zillion-pitch at bat. So it’s not as if the players aren’t trying. Rumors that former Yankee Soriano is joining the team from the Cubs is moderately interesting – the idea is to bring on some home run power – but he’s not the same Sori that he was all those years ago.

Mostly, last night was about Braun and, by extension, A-Rod. The fear among the Yankees and MLB is that A-Rod will fight a suspension, fight the accusations against him, keep this thing going and going and going. Much more preferable would be for him to accept his punishment and go away. Until that happens, the cloud will be overhanging…………And then there’s Cervelli. Oy.


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5 Responses to “The Cloud Overhead”

  1. margaret says:

    I have so many questoins about it all.
    Look, I have never been a big fan of A-rod. Yes, I know he is talented and you want his bat on your team vs against you. But I just have never been a fan. When he is in pinstripes I don’t boo but I don’t ‘feel it’ like with the other men. Never have. Even when living in Seattle and watched him as a kid – there was just something there that didn’t sit with me. Who knows. But my point is that I am tired of his denying and I”m tired of him doing this over and over again and acting like, “poor me” everyone picks on me. Our society as a whole is a “deny, deny, deny” I wish people could just say yes, give me my punishment, show remorse, mean remorse and straighten up and fly right. A-Rod can’t do that. It is just not in him it seems. Guess that is narcissim at it’s finest huh?
    Honestly I wouldn’t mind if he was thrown out of baseball. I know, I know you are all exploding and thinking me a traitor. But really I’m tired of all of this PED talk and I would so much like to focus on getting some players healthy and back to playing good ball.
    Can they really make him leave baseball? 3 strikes you’re out so to speak? That is all I am reading. I doubt it will fly though. People like A-Rod never really pay do they? Sadly the kid is talented and he @#$%! it up.
    He won’t be voted into the hall because he will always be one big asterick. The damn fool.
    Then I wonder, “What would George do?”
    He forgave and helped Gooden and Strawberry along the way. I admired that. But I think they both had different troubles to shake. I sure do wonder what he’d do in this case.

    Thx for allowing me to get that off my chest. :-)

  2. Diane Anziano says:

    I was worried that we lost yet another third baseman too, Jane. It was an amazing catch for an out that we really needed but he hyperextended his right knee. He stayed in the game so he was obviously okay. Darvish was unbelievable…not that our bats are hot in anyway, but he made them even colder. And why is “Pronk” still our DH? I know there’s not much else on the bench, but he is just not hitting a all. I was worried that it was going to be a no-hitter, so we can at least be relieved that it didn’t happen. Move on…a win tonight would be lovely. I don’t want to talk about the other subject…all of sports broadcasting is talking too much about it. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. yankeefansince1941 says:

    I console myself by realizing that these are not the Yankees that are losing all these games. TAK3Ahis is a motley crew of four retreads and two second stringers who make up two thirds of our batting order. Our Yankees are playing 2B, CF, and RF. Maybe next season we will have a Yankee team. If Teixeira, Jeter, Granderson and Cervelli all come back, we will need only a third baseman. I don’t think A-Rod or Youkilis will fill the bill. So let’s look forward to 2014 for our next World Series victory.

  4. john says:

    I see two of my predictions beginning to materialize. If you recall I predicted Soriano’s return several months ago. As far as A-Rod, I predicted he would never put on the pinstripes again and that looks more and more likely everyday.

  5. Jane Heller says:

    I love when you vent, Peg. :) I, too, keep wondering what motivates A-Rod to keep cheating. The last time, when he admitted to using, he said he was feeling pressure because of the big contract Texas gave him. I guess this time he’d say – if he were to admit anything – that he wanted to help his teammates by healing better from all his injuries or something like that. It’s such a shame because he had natural talent and worked hard.

    Oh yeah, that Cruz thing, Diane. I was sure we’d have another injured player on our hands, but I guess he’s okay.

    A big “if,” yankeefansince1941. Granderson could depart and we have to hope Tex and Jeter heal well and for good. Who knows about Cervelli at this point. But yes, always look forward to the future.