I Really Didn’t Want To Write About That Game

July 22nd, 2013 by Jane Heller


Why would I? It was a heartbreaker. As I wrote in the previous post, it’s easier to go into the rest of the season with low expectations because you don’t get your hopes up, but last night the Yankees got my hopes up – and then dashed them. So I woke up this morning with writer’s block. Still, certain things must be said.

I’ll start with CC. He should sue his surgeon. He says he’s healthy. He says he feels fine. He says it’s just a problem with his “arm slot.” But here’s the truth: he hasn’t pitched well since he had the surgery during the off-season. So it’s either that something went wrong in what is usually a “minor procedure” or he’s just not good anymore. Either way, it’s not pleasant to contemplate.

And then there’s the offense. No, it wasn’t that we didn’t score any runs this time. We scored plenty to win – maybe not at Fenway but at most ballparks. What we can’t seem to do this season, aside from those heady, early days when Travis Hafner and Vernon Wells had their moments in the sun, is hit homers. Which is the height of irony. In the past everybody was bemoaning all the homers – “homer happy,” the Yankees were accused of being. Right. I’d take some of those long balls right now. They’re how you win a lot of ballgames.

And then we come to Adam Warren. There’s a reason he’s not used a lot. He’s not one of Joe’s go-to guys. He and Joba have sort of been persona non grata, and last night was a good reason why. I don’t have any stats on this, but Napoli has hit homers against us – including walk-offs – with every team he’s been on. No surprise that he went deep to win the game last night.

I’d like to end on a cheerful note, but then there’s the matter of A-Rod and his quad. Jeter strained his running the bases. A-Rod strained his running the bases. Tex re-injured himself after coming back. Granderson re-injured himself after coming back. Youkilis re-injured himself after coming back. If there’s such a thing as a team being “snake bit,” the 2013 Yankees are that team.

It’s a shame. The players are trying as hard as they can to fight the odds and – despite how many times Girardi has said “Nobody’s gonna feel sorry for us” – I feel sorry for them.


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7 Responses to “I Really Didn’t Want To Write About That Game”

  1. Audrey says:

    I really didn’t want to read about this game, either. I was so frustrated by Lyle Overbay, who had such a great game on Saturday and then blew RBI opportunity after RBI opportunity last night. And there was the blown call on Nunie’s steal in the top of the 11th – who knows how differently the game would have gone had the right call been made there. What more is there to say about this season – it’s been an exercise in frustration.

  2. Diane Anziano says:

    That was a travesty of justice, Jane. Although C.C. was terrible…he has now given up as many home runs this season as he gave up all of last season…his most in his entire professional career…the bull pen did what they needed to do and the defense and hitting was sufficient to get a win. We just couldn’t. It always hurts when it goes into extra innings, especially on the road. I think they need to sit C.C. down for a while. I have always liked him, and I don’t think his career is over, but he needs a rest. After a late game they now have to travel to Texas. I hope that goes well. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Jane Heller says:

    Overbay did have a horrendous night, Audrey. I just couldn’t blame him because he’s really been our savior this season. As for the bad call on Nunez, yeah, it didn’t help, but small ball only takes you so far.

    CC just had a rest, Diane. He went on a Caribbean cruise during the All-Star break!

  4. Terri says:

    What a crazy game, Jane!! I couldn’t make it up until the end (went until almost 1:00 am, I needed my beauty rest :) ) but I can only imagine. I saw the outcome this morning. Try to take heart that the Yankees got right back into the thick of it. I think both sides were waiting for someone to hit the long ball, and the Sox just got there first.

    I was super-impressed with Gardner’s 15-pitch walk (I’m sure he would have liked to have gotten a hit there), quite the battle, and who is that Claiborne guy in the bullpen???? Willing to trade? :D

  5. Jane Heller says:

    They’re always crazy games when our teams play each other, Terri! Gardner’s at bat really was impressive, and Claiborne has been a nice surprise from the minors. I’ll keep him but be happy to give you Warren for, say, Napoli??????

  6. Terri says:

    Napoli will give you panic attacks along with homeruns and lots of strikeouts…. he’s a frustrating one, but I think we’ll keep him. ;) But you can have that Thorton guy we just got from the White Sox!

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Nope, Terri. You can keep Thornton. LOL