The Agony and the Ecstasy

July 17th, 2013 by Jane Heller
Photo: Jim McIsaac/

Photo: Jim McIsaac/

When Cano got hit by that Harvey fastball in the first inning of the All-Star game last night, I screamed so loud I’m surprised my neighbors didn’t call the police. I said, “There goes the Yankees’ season. The one player who cannot get hurt just got hurt.” And when he left the game in obvious pain, I was furious. My fury didn’t abate when I read Harvey’s quote: “I thought he’d get out of the way.” Or maybe he said: “I hoped he’d get out of the way.” Can’t remember. Obviously, he didn’t mean to hit him and maybe nerves played a part in what happened since he was shaky early, but still. I was very relieved that it wasn’t Cano’s kneecap that had been hit and possibly fractured. A contusion of the quad is a better result, but I doubt he’ll play Friday.

That was the “agony” segment of this post. The “ecstasy” came with Mo. Of course. I don’t care about the A-S games. Never have. But I watched because of Mo and I wasn’t disappointed.

Mo ovation

Was that an ovation or was that an ovation? Talk about getting chills. It was so joyous when all the fans, not to mention all the players and coaches, let Mo have the moment – several moments – all alone on that field to savor his last appearance. I was moved, no question, and the whole thing was worth waiting for. I was glad Leyland used Mo in the eighth inning too – smart. The fact that he was named the game’s MVP was icing on the cake.

As for the AL League winning? It was nice, but as I said I was watching for the two Yankees in the game and one of them was triumphant.


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9 Responses to “The Agony and the Ecstasy”

  1. margaret says:

    This moved me beyond my own belief.
    After Cano was taken out I felt the wind leave my sails.
    But then Mo taking the field to Enter Sandman well, I was happy, happy, happy.
    I was standing and cheering and fighing back tears.
    Hubby asked me what the hell I was doing, “you do know you’re not there right?”
    That made me laugh and snap out of it and sit down.

    Now if only we were contenders and having the American League advantage would be ours, now then I’d have gone to bed extremely happy, happy, happy!

  2. Freya says:

    When Cano got hit I screamed with anger (not another Yankee down) and when Mo entered I screamed with joy and got teary – a lot of emotion for a game that I usually don’t pay much attention to. Mo is such a class act! It would have been nice if Joe Girardi and David Robertson had been chosen. I was glad the AL won and I really enjoyed the game and the post game show. I was at the Fan Fest on Monday, and it’s nice to have a break now for two days where I can relax and not worry about how the Yankees are doing. I can even watch mindless TV for a change.

  3. Jane Heller says:

    Sounds like you both experienced the same high and low (well, the order was low and high) that I did last night.

  4. yankeefansince1941 says:

    I’m right there with the three of you, except I didn’t fight back the tears, I let ’em flow. Mo’s rfeception will be one of the very special baseball memories that I will take to my grave, right up there with Allie Reynolds’s second no-hitter and Hank Bauer’s shoe string catch of a Sal Yvars fly ball in the World Series against the Giants in 1950(not sure of that year).
    Now let’s get on with the rest of the season. Robbie will be fine on Friday.

  5. Bob Cerv says:

    Did you happen to see Torii Hunter’s pre-game speech in the AL locker room last night? He honestly said, “Let’s win this for Mo.” They all WANTED to see him pitch, to close it out. There was genuine emotion, and Mo got up to thank them and say what a privilege and honor it was to be with them. In other words, typical Mo. I had chills long BEFORE the game.

    But then, I’ve always loved this game. Back in the day, it was the only chance to see the NL on display, and it WAS so very frustrating to lose all those games in the ’60s and ’70s. But also, the only chance to put our rivalries aside and root for our rivals.

    When Cano got hurt, I winced too. It seemed like Typical Yankee Luck of ’13 (and I quoted that Albert King/Cream tune once again: “If it wasn’t for BAD luck…I wouldn’t have no luck at all.”) Hope he’s OK, but like Jane, not so optimistic.

    YFS41, I think you mean the ’51 WS, the year of Bobby Thomson’s HR that put the Jints in the Series. So glad that Our Boyz beat ’em in ’51 and ’62, so they were over-overdue to win in recent years (and against teams I’d have had a hard time rooting for anyway). Having said that, let’s hope that the AL advantage is for a team we can ALL deal with…like maybe Mo’s and Cano’s…? Hey, we can still dream…

  6. Uncle Mike says:

    The irony of the greatest relief pitcher ever getting a bat as a trophy. The greater irony of the king of broken bats getting the most breakable bat ever.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    I actually like Curt Schilling’s idea of renaming the Rolaids award the Rivera award.

  8. barbara says:

    i just saw that there are reports that arod is retiring monday. it was on the bottom line on mlb network that usually knows what it’s talking about. i am so curious

  9. Jane Heller says:

    I haven’t seen anything like that, Barbara – only that he hit another homer tonight in his rehab game and that he’s joining the team on Monday.