And The Dominance Over The Twins Continues….

July 13th, 2013 by Jane Heller

Even in the rain.


I was out last night and only saw the game from the fifth inning on, but Kuroda and the relievers did a great job in tough conditions. It didn’t rain in CT, but it sure looked ugly in the Bronx.

The Yankees seem relieved that Jeter’s quad is “only” a Grade 1 strain, but does anybody think he won’t be put on the DL? And even if he just rests it until after the All-Star break, he’ll still need time to rehab, which he hasn’t been able to do yet. In other words, he won’t be at 100% for a while. Neither will any of the others currently down in the minors working out their injuries, except Pineda. Which leads me to ask, shouldn’t Cashman make a trade or two to bolster the offense if the Yankees really want to make a run at this thing?

I say yes.



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2 Responses to “And The Dominance Over The Twins Continues….”

  1. john says:

    CT”s a big little state. It rained in Meriden.

    Cashman didn’t sound to telling about potential moves yesterday in his press conference. He actually sounded burned out.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    It’s pouring here now, so I guess we got it later than everybody else. Weird. Yeah, I think the injuries, including his own, have gotten to Cashman. Can’t blame him.