Same Old Same Old

July 1st, 2013 by Jane Heller


Those sad faces from the postseason reminded me of the sad faces from last night….and the night before….and the night before that. The fact is, it must not be fun to be the Yankees these days despite how upbeat Girardi says they are.

Also in the “it must not be fun to be” department has to be Cano. He’s hitting. He’s the only real star on the team. There has to be pressure on him to try and do it all. Gardner’s hitting too, but it’s not the same. Cano is the one negotiating the big contract, the All-Star, the home run derby guy. I’m betting it was more fun when Jeter and A-Rod were around to pick up the slack. Actually, it was probably more fun when he was young player and he and Melky were always dancing and clowning.

Will the Yanks drop below the Blue Jays and sink into last place? Could happen. But the world won’t end if it does. It’ll just mean this wasn’t our year and the injuries were too great to overcome. I love this team for trying no matter what. Girardi’s right: they really do keep fighting.


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6 Responses to “Same Old Same Old”

  1. yankeefansince1941 says:

    No comment.

  2. Diane Anziano says:

    Another devastating loss, Jane. It always truly bothers me when they get swept. The bats are just a fiasco…the pitching all in all hasn’t been that bad but they just can score enough runs to get a win. Let’s hope they can start a winning streak in Minnesota. I know its only the halfway point of the season, but its going to be hard to believe they can make the post season if they don’t start winning now. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Jane Heller says:

    I would lower expectations for the postseason, Diane. No harm in hoping though. They do have a history of good second halves of the season.

  4. yankeefansince1941 says:

    Because, although I preach hope, sometimes, I despair when I think about the fact that the “heroes” we are hoping to get back are all in the twilight of their carers, just like the ‘rent-a-players’ we have now. And so are two of our so-called better pitchers, i.e. Kuroda and Pettitte. It is time to bring up the kids and let them grow into seasoned players.

    My wife has (jokingly) put me on a suicide watch. Hey, I’m eighty years old, I hope that the Yankees can win at least one more game before I pack it in. Maybe 2?

  5. Jane Heller says:

    I feel your pain (and your wife’s!). We Yankee fans are very spoiled when it comes to winning. But hang in there!!!