Joba Joba Joba

June 26th, 2013 by Jane Heller

Joba champagne

Raise your hand if you thought he’d hold the Rangers in check and let the Yankees come back in this one. It just seemed inevitable that he’d cough up the runs the Yanks had managed to score to make it a ballgame. Apparently, he acknowledged afterwards, “I suck right now.” Indeed.

Strange game. That collision between Pettitte and Nix was weird and I was worried that Andy was hurt.

Ichiro gave me hope that there was a comeback in the works, but it wasn’t to be. The bottom of the ninth was a one-two-three bummer.

In the background, of course, was the news about Tex. Again, raise your hand if you thought he wouldn’t end up having surgery. His injury was too Bautista-like and we know what happened in that case. We’re lucky we have Overbay, very lucky.

As for the continuing A-Rod saga, as I predicted, Cashman apologized for his language and disputed an ESPN report that the Yankees are somehow delaying Alex’s return to the team. What a mess. But the media is more interested in the story than the players, who really just want to win games.

I’m flying east tomorrow and won’t be posting over the weekend, but feel free to leave a comment if the spirit moves. I’ll respond when I can and will resume the blog next week. See you from the other time zone!


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10 Responses to “Joba Joba Joba”

  1. Diane Anziano says:

    I knew Joba was going to blow it. If they could have held them scoreless in that inning and be only one run behind, I think they would have come back and won that one, Jane. Ichiro’s HR was gorgeous. I was a bit scared at that collision too but obviously Andy is dandy. 1 pm game this afternoon – I wouldn’t be able to watch a game tonight anyway because I won tickets to the Heart concert at The Jones Beach Theater. Looking forward to the show and I hope I’m smiling because The Yankees won…..THHHHEEE Yankees Won!!! GO YANKEES!!!

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I love the Wilson sisters, Diane. Have fun at the concert tonight.

  3. Bob Cerv says:

    Joba. Sigh. Once Upon A Time, I got his “action figure” and posted it up on my Yankee Wall amongst the many many greats, and near-greats. Ooops. Don’t think it will be going back up there; more likely, it’ll join my autographed photo of Denny Neagle in the odds-n-ends box.

    But hey, always tomorrow. In the meantime — safe travels, Jane, and thanks for your condolences. Diane, have a GREAT time tonite! Not only does Heart always have the ever-lovely & talented Ann & Nancy — they did (at least at one point) feature Mark Andes on guitar, he of Spirit (“I Got A Line On You”) fame. Let us know how it goes — and hope for a doubly great nite!!

  4. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    I was at the game last night ..had seats on the field level right behind the Visitor’s Dugout (I was given a courtesy upgrade by my ticket rep for the game). The Andy/Nix collision was right in front of me. I was happy that no one was hurt. I just didn’t have a good feeling when Joba came into the game and that feeling was warrented. Just horrible !!! When Kelley gave up the final two I knew that was the ballgame. Almonte got off to the hot start and now hasn’t had a hit in the past 3 games. I just hope he doesn’t cool off as much as Adams did after his hot little start. I sure miss DJ …it just doesn’t feel like Yankee games without him on the field. Robbie is just not Robbie and isn’t taking to this leadership role while Jeter is gone. I’m not liking this season as my personal game record hasn’t been good at all… 3-9. I have always had a winning record …every season. It’s just not fun coming home from all the losses. I hope they win the games I’m attending in Baltimore this weekend as it is such a long trip to watch them lose. Today’s loss was tough because GOOD Hughes showed up and they could barely get a hit. TWO lousy hits …it’s depressing to say the least. I just hope they can pick it up before they slide down more in the standings.

    Anyway…have a safe trip, Jane. Enjoy your time with Mom. Hope to see you at a game.

    Go Yankees 2013 !!!

  5. David says:

    I didn’t see this one. From what is posted it looks like it one step forward, two steps back. Once those of the DL dwellers that can return come back. maybe some positive momentum can be established and the season can be rescued from circling the drain.

    Enjoy your trip.

    Go Yankees!

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Just landed in the rain and lightning (thanks, you New Yorkers!) and read about the Yankees’ two hits. Not good but at least Hughes pitched better. We need some bats!

  7. Diane Anziano says:

    Glad you made it in okay, Jane…sorry the weather didn’t cooperate. The concert at the beach was amazing – the girls voices were incredible, there was a great opening band (Led Zep tribute band with one of the original members’ son on the drums) — and there were only a few drops of rain – otherwise, no problem. The only problem are the bats…come on guys, let’s wake them up against Baltimore. GO YANKEES!!!

  8. Jane Heller says:

    Sounds like a great concert, Diane. They came to Santa Barbara but we didn’t get to see them.

  9. Peggy says:

    Welcome to New York Jane & Michael !!! As you arrive I’ll be leaving for Baltimore on the weekend. Hoping for dry skies and Yankee wins. Enjoy your trip to the Big Apple…

    Go Yankees 2013 !!

  10. Jane Heller says:

    Thanks, Peggy. I hope you can work some magic down there in Baltimore because right now we’re down 4-3.