If Only A.J. Had Been There….

June 25th, 2013 by Jane Heller

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I would love to have seen him apply the pie to Ichiro in what was, remarkably, the Yankees’ first walk off win of the season. Such fun. With one swing, Ichiro took care of the Rangers and put an end to a pretty cool pitching match-up.

In their pre-game comments, the beat writers were saying that with Darvish on the mound, the Yanks would have to play small ball and scratch out runs any way they could. Frustratingly, the offense couldn’t make that happen at all, not even with bases loaded and one out. But they did hit the long ball and thank God they did. Darvish wasn’t throwing his best stuff, but they managed to hit the ball into the seats and tie the score. Kuroda looked a little peeved to be pulled for Logan at 99 pitches, but it all worked out. And Mo got the win.

The Rangers don’t seem as scary without Hamilton in the lineup, but it was still a very nice “W” for the boys. Has the Z Man come back to earth? He looked it tonight, but I hope he’s not “over.”

Just a word or two about the Cashman-A-Rod kerfuffle. I get that Alex has caused the Yankees more than his share of bad PR, but Cashman didn’t need to F-bomb his tweet today. It didn’t seem to me that there was insubordination or an attempt to overstep. It was a player’s excitement at being cleared by his doctor to get back to baseball and his team. So what. Cashman should save his cursing for something that warrants it.




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10 Responses to “If Only A.J. Had Been There….”

  1. Terry S says:

    The win was great, but I’m so angry with Cashman that I can’t enjoy it. He is an embarrassment to the organization. The Steinbrenners should send him packing.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    He’s definitely become more outspoken over the years, Terry S. I thought his comment was way, way out of line and I hope he issues an apology.

  3. Barbara says:

    Loud game for me. Lots of cursing when we couldn’t score with runners in scoring position with one out. Lots of happy screaming when ich came through. Then it was hard to fall asleep.. I fell asleep so much happier. I miss winning a lot and the ensuing happiness.

  4. john says:

    A big pat on the back for Cashman. He is the GM not A-rod and his doctor.

    I don’t think (and hope) A-rod will ever play again for Yankees. If he reaches a point where he will be able to come off DL I believe MLB announce suspension of 100 games for him and a few others. Cashman knows this and is sick and tired of A-Rod as most of us are as well. As Michael Kay would say “See Ya” A-rod.

  5. margaret says:

    I had just text my friend in PA as we watched the game “together”
    I said, I’m so tired I hope someone (NYY) walks off here soon so I can crawl into bed”
    and as I hit send – Ichiro did just that. Beautiful!!

    Cashman – well I think it appeared to be inappropriate anger for the situation, however, I do feel that he may just be so fed up with this numbnut that it just hit him the wrong way and he exploded. While I agree with you that he certainly has become more outspoken over the years, I do think this was more of an A-Rod situation than anything. Just fed up…as we all are!

  6. Diane Anziano says:

    I was so happy to see that all of the runs were HR’s, Jane – the bats have been so silent, I needed to feel like maybe they are waking up. The whole Cashman thing is a bit annoying – I’ve always had great respect for him and he is human after all, so I would like to just put it behind us. Hope this is going to be a nice winning streak for the Bronx Bombers…we need it!! GO YANKEES!!!

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Here’s my problem with Cashman’s comment, everyone. He has a right to be mad, fed up, etc., but his “obscenity” is now making headlines of its own and that’s not good for the team; it’s a distraction. He should discuss baseball, not curse out his players (unless in private).

  8. Uncle Mike says:

    Cashman fails to grasp the concept of freedom of speech. Granted, the Yankees have the final say as to if and when A-Rod plays for them again, but what was wrong with A-Rod telling the public that the doctor has cleared him to play? Unless he failed to tell Yankee management first, probably nothing.

    And using the F-word in public? Cashman was not the “Yankee” who should have used it yesterday. Kuroda should have, regardless of whether he speaks English that fluently. I feel like cursing every time I see Boone Logan come in to pitch!

  9. Bob Cerv says:

    Hello there.

    I’m in-between burials. On June 13, my mother-in-law passed away, after six weeks that could have been recorded in your book and fit very nicely in the “How NOT to cope” category. On July 6, I make my way northward to attend and participate in my own mother’s memorial service and such. A long, long year is only half over.

    Oh yes…baseball. Nice to have it around. Nicer still to see the Yanks FINALLY get a walk-off, and Thanks to Eech. Hope they can regain some of those amazing winning ways from earlier this spring. As for A-Rod? Not a good reaction by Cashman, altho’ very understandable. To quote a Dan Hicks song: “How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?”

  10. Jane Heller says:

    Maybe Kuroda did use it, Uncle Mike, but his translator didn’t let us in on it!

    Sorry about your mother-in-law, Dave. My condolences to your wife and family. And best to you for your mother’s memorial.