Historic Anemia

May 30th, 2013 by Jane Heller

It’s one thing to lose a few games in a row over the course of the season. It’s quite another to be the loser in a four-game sweep by the Mets for the first time ever. The indignity.

As I wrote in the last post, it seems our merry band of castoffs have been playing over their heads and they’ve petered out offensively. Wells and Ichiro, while good defenders, have reverted back to the players they were before they put on the pinstripes, and nobody else has picked up the slack. Not consistently.

It’s a shame too, because aside from Phelps last night, the pitching has been great. But what good is pitching if you can’t score and that’s what ails this team right now.

Can Tex and Youk make a difference? They’re coming off injuries and rust. I wouldn’t count on them to be our saviors. Not yet. But their presence in the lineup could be a confidence boost for the others.

We’ll see. I wish I could write something cheery, but I miss Jeter and Granderson and Cervelli. I even miss the A-Rod who didn’t go to anti-aging clinics. I miss winning. It hasn’t been that long since the Yanks posted a “W,” but it sure feels that way right now.



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7 Responses to “Historic Anemia”

  1. Audrey says:

    At times like this I always go back to 2009 when the Yankees were on a horrible downward spiral but suddenly turned it around after Joe Girardi got himself thrown out of a game (Atlanta, I think). If this is our low point this season then at least we’re getting it over with. Plenty of time to recover.

    And after the abuse I’ve been taking from some Mets fans here I really hope I can return the favor come October.

  2. Diane Anziano says:

    That hurt…especially going into a series against Boston, who beat up on The Phillies yesterday. Let’s hope for the best. The interesting thing about baseball in general is that you can look at the numbers when you have one team going against another and you can assume the outcome based on those numbers and it will be totally wrong…like The Mets beating The Yankees. Anyway, onward and upward…it looks like Cano’s bat is waking up a bit and Tex and Youk did good in the minors yesterday. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Jane Heller says:

    You both offer some very positive points, so thanks for offering them. Joe should get tossed, Audrey, and Cano is waking up, Diane. We shall see……

  4. Terri says:

    Looking forward to the upcoming series, Jane – our Red Sox announcers last night were talking about how the entire Boston team seems to be excited and anxious to head into the Bronx.

    I think at the end of the day, it’s this – the Yankees and still the Yankees, and the Red Sox are still the Red Sox, no matter who the players are wearing the pinstripes and the red-and-blue. I’m sorry that the Yankees have been so banged up (I’m always a bigger fan of two teams at full health banging into each other and seeing who comes out on top!) but I’m still excited to watch them play – Sox are slightly less banged-up now, though we have two players ‘playing hurt’. Ellsbury has finally caught fire (I think he had a fire lit under him, truth be told) and our offense, which had been in a huge general slump like the Yankees are right now, has finally heated up.

    Seems like the Sox slump together and hit together this year – either everyone is doing it or no one is doing it – maybe the Yanks are the same way this year?

    Anyway, big digital hugs for you – I know how it feels to miss the team and players you love! Here’s hoping for a good series!

  5. Jane Heller says:

    Hi Terri. Digital hugs back at you. Your boys are looking a little perkier than ours right now, but these series are always full of twists and turns. Enjoy the action!

  6. margaret says:

    I am afraid to watch.
    It seems when I watch the games we lose. I don’t want to be that jinx.
    The last 4 have been televised for me without the Yes Network and look what happened.

    So I may help out my team and not watch….if I can.
    It’s like eating the same thing once we win over and over again you know?
    I know what you’re thinking, I may have issues Jane.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    No, I’m not thinking that, Peg. I’m thinking you shouldn’t watch! Haha.