Another Injury?

May 14th, 2013 by Jane Heller

Photo: AP/Mark Duncan

I couldn’t believe it when, as I was cheering the return of Granderson, I read that Hafner was out with a sore shoulder and that MRI results are pending. Jeez. Am I wrong in thinking the injury bug has invaded all of baseball, not just the Yankees? It’s crazy out there.

Granderson clearly needs some major league games under his belt. He looked rusty, but it was nice having him back. I missed a lot of the game (I went to see “The Great Gatsby”), but caught enough of it to see that CC notched quite a few strikeouts and Mo got yet another save. I did not get to see the Overbay/King Felix collision except for replays. Sounds like Felix was in command before that happened though.

What was so heartening to read about was the comeback aspect of the Yanks. Being down a few runs against The King isn’t a happy prospect, but they clawed their way back and stole it. Bravo.



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7 Responses to “Another Injury?”

  1. Audrey says:

    I never thought the Yankees would win that game. When they were down 3-0 against King Felix I had pretty much written that game off. What a pleasant surprise when the guys scratched and clawed their way back to tie it up, then went ahead. Good baseball, but then, lately it usually is. I’m loving this season!

    Looking forward to your comments on The Great Gatsby, Jane. My daughter saw it on the weekend and my son is planning to soon. He has strong feelings about it as Gatsby is one of his favorite novels. He’s not expecting to like it. My daughter’s reaction was mixed but she said she liked it more than she thought she would. We’re going to wait for the dvd. It seems so frenetic that I think it would overwhelm us on the big screen.

  2. Barbara says:

    I went to bed thinking we were done with king Felix on the mound. Oh the joy of waking up to the happy news. It’s like my happy drug that releases all day

  3. Jane Heller says:

    I know you commented over on Mainly Jane about the movie, Audrey, but I’ll just say two things here. Your son may like it, despite it allegiance to the novel. As much as it’s Luhrmann’s vision, it’s also very faithful to the book in its way. As far as waiting for the DVD, the point of this movie is to see it on the big screen!

    King Felix was deposed from his kingdom, Barbara. Long live CC.

  4. Audrey says:

    We’ll see, Jane. It’s chilly and cloudy here again so maybe we’ll take in a matinee.

  5. Darren says:

    Hi Jane! It’s been a while since I check in with the blog. I was at the game last night and was not feeling confident at all. We had a few chances: Vernon Wells making it to 2nd base on a strikeout (don’t see that often), that weird collision at 1st base where they called Overbay safe (no one in the stands had any idea what was going on, had to check the internet). But we couldn’t get anything going. Then Cano came through, the bull pen did their job and another victory! It was my first time this season seeing Mariano in person and I felt lucky he came in.

    I never thought I would be able to use the word “scrappy” to describe a Yankee team, but this team is coming through when no one expected anything from them. Hope they can maintain it!

    Also I’m probably going to check out the Great Gatsby next week. Did it need to be filmed in 3-D???

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Hey, Darren. Always good to hear from you. Thanks for being our lucky charm at the game last night. This team is definitely “scrappy” and I hope they stay that way. Did “Gatsby” need to be in 3D? No, it’s pretty gorgeous even without the extra CGI effects.

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