Here Come The Baby Bombers! (With a P.S.)

May 13th, 2013 by Jane Heller

It was quite a day for the next generation of Yankee players – AKA the Scranton team – as several of them got the call to help out with the doubleheader in Cleveland. While the Yanks did lose the opener in a shutout, Phelps pitched very well, minus his walks. It was in the second game that the Baby Bombers really did their thing. Vidal Nuno and Adam Warren, two pitchers who’d been impressive in spring training, were impressive today, shutting out an Indians team that had been red hot. And how about emergency infielder Corbin Joseph getting his first major league hit and Austin Romine getting in on the offensive action too. And then there were the usual heroics from Wells, Nix and Overbay (I still can’t believe it every time I type their names). I don’t know what magic pixie dust Girardi is sprinkling in their Gatorade, but it’s working.

The YES guys were talking about Granderson coming back and I’m glad, I really am, but I like the chemistry of this group right now. I don’t want the big stars screwing it up!

Now if I can just stop calling Austin Romine “Austin Romaine” and Vidal Nuno “Vidal Nunez,” that would be nice.

P.S. Just wanted to post this pic sent to me by Yankee Fan and FOB Cesare (he reads but doesn’t comment). I got a kick out of it.




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9 Responses to “Here Come The Baby Bombers! (With a P.S.)”

  1. Diane Anziano says:

    Being at work, I had to just check the “play-by-play” on line, but both must have been very exciting games. Too bad we couldn’t have moved 2 of the runs we scored in the second game to the first game. We would have taken both. The young ones are playing very exciting baseball, Jane, and the young pitchers look like a very exciting future. I also thought it was adorable that the Mariano got a gold record of “Enter Sandman” as a parting gift. What a great idea!

    Just to make you laugh, over the weekend I was shopping and I saw a man in his 80’s wearing a Yankees hat and shirt. His cell phone rang and when he picked it up, I asked, “Is that Joe Girardi telling you that you’re pitching today?”. There were several Yankees fans around us and the laughed and applauded.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Haha, I love that story, Diane. You must have cracked everybody up when you said that. And I love the gold record for Mo. It still makes me laugh that he has no real connection to the song and doesn’t like Metallica’s music but that it’s become such an iconic symbol of his career.

  3. Audrey says:

    Lol on Austin “Romaine” Jane – I have to remind myself of the same thing. I’m glad he was a healthy part of the Yankee salad yesterday.

    I know afternoon games like yesterday’s are hard for you, Jane, but it was great for me. With the weather too chilly to tempt me out-of-doors and six-hours of Yankee baseball to keep me company I got my whole house cleaned, dinner prepped, worked on my home-based business, baked a batch of cookies and generally was very productive. I could use one of those doubleheaders at least once a week!

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Yes, Audrey. It’s the salad I think of whenever I try to say his name. LOL. (I love romaine lettuce.) Glad the doubleheader worked for your schedule!

  5. john says:

    Your pal Suzyn call Austin Kevin on the post game interview.

    Interesting photo. Actually there is more truth in it then you think. George actually willed the Yankees to Jeter in trust until his playing days end. Then he becomes “The Boss II”. Hal and Hank are trustees until then.

  6. dj says:

    Great story Diane! I thought the gold record was such a creative and unique gift. I am not a fan of Metallica’s music either, but I do have Enter Sandman in my music library and it’s all because of Mo!

    The Jeter-as-Boss photo cracks me up – I love it!

    Jane- is the baby photo someone you know or did you just find it? He is so flipping adorable! And the fact that he’s in a Yankees shirt makes him even cuter.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    I just found it on Google Images, DJ. Very cute baby.

  8. Pinstripepride says:

    I do so comment…just not often enough.

    Glad you liked the pic.

    – Cesare

  9. Jane Heller says:

    I stand corrected! Let’s have a hand for Cesare/Pinstripe Pride, everyone.