May 12th, 2013 by Jane Heller

Joba really said to Mo, “Don’t ever shush me?” Behold from the NYT…

Yankees’ Chamberlain Gives Rivera a Dugout Rebuke
Published: May 12, 2013

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mariano Rivera has been the focus of adoring affection everywhere he has gone in baseball since announcing that this would be his final season. As part of his farewell tour, he has been meeting with fans and team employees in each city he visits.

On Saturday, however, he was the recipient of an admonishment, from a teammate, Joba Chamberlain.

Rivera was conducting a dugout interview after he had finished meeting with local families that have endured hardships. During the interview, Chamberlain was standing on the railing of the dugout signing autographs and speaking loudly to be heard above the public address system to members of his family in the stands.

At one point Rivera called out, “Joba, suave,” and used a hand gesture for Chamberlain to keep the volume down. Rivera continued to speak with the reporters, but once the interview ended Chamberlain said to Rivera, “Don’t shush me.”

Rivera initially thought Chamberlain was joking, but Chamberlain reiterated the point twice more with a stern expression, saying: “I’m serious. Don’t ever shush me.”

Rivera said he explained to Chamberlain that he was not telling him he could not speak with his family members, only that Rivera was not able to hear the questions he was being asked.

After Saturday night’s game, Chamberlain acknowledged the exchange was unusual but said, “It’s between me and him.”

The exchange between Rivera and Chamberlain, Yankee teammates since 2007, lasted only seconds, but happened in full view of reporters and fans. Nevertheless, it did not stop Rivera from continuing his interactions with fans.

Before the verbal scuffle with Chamberlain, Rivera met with a local family who lost a 10-year-old son in an accident at an airport in Alabama. Also present at the 45-minute event was a boy in a wheelchair who started a backyard baseball league for children with disabilities and another boy with Ewing’s sarcoma cancer.

“This one was touching,” Rivera said. “Emotional.”

Rivera said the event was motivating because the families continued to move forward, and he said he would keep praying for them.

“It was amazing,” he said. “I was in tears.”

Before today’s game, all the beat writers asked Joba to elaborate. He did not apologize. In fact, he said he had no reason to apologize. Furthermore, he said he didn’t regret anything he had ever done in his life. That said, he told reporters he and Mo were fine and the incident was closed and all is well.

But still. Who mouths off to the great Mariano Rivera, the classiest guy in the game?

I’ll tell you who: the pitcher who may not finish the season as a Yankee.


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6 Responses to “Whaaaaat?”

  1. Audrey says:

    “I’ll tell you who: the pitcher who may not finish the season as a Yankee.”

    God willing.

    Joba’s ego has always been his problem, imo. He seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t take advice. Too bad, since he shares a bullpen with the greatest closer ever.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    He could have diffused this so easily, Audrey, but when he said there was nothing he would change – about anything in his life – I mean who says that? He did mean the DUI, the trampoline accident, nothing? It seems he has apologized and he and Mo said it was over and done with and I’m sure that’s true. And I do understand that he was signing autographs for his Nebraska contingent of fans before the game and probably felt like a big shot. But still….

  3. margaret says:

    I read this aloud to my husband and he said, “off with his head!”
    that made me giggle.

    Look we could never call Joba a classy guy and I don’t need to make that list for you here now.
    I hope you are correct and these are his last days as a Yank. Personally I feel that he has been grumbling a lot of late about being miserable so maybe it’s just time for him to go. If you don’t wish to play for the Yankees, you can go to Pittsburgh and wallow in the cellar and obscurity that will be fine with me.

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Of course now I’m feeling guilty for bashing him, Peg. He’s kind of a big clown and doesn’t mean any harm. I think he gets in his own way sometimes.

  5. Saphire916 says:

    I might be a little late on this, but I really have never liked Joba. He’s not a team player, always thought he was better than everyone and has never fulfilled his so-called potential. Don’t feel guilty, Jane! He did mean what he was saying and then said he had nothing to apologize for. Yeah, Joba, you have a lot to apologize for. I was madder at him when he refused to apologize for his ankle accident. I understand you’re not going to apologize for playing with your kid, but you should apologize to the Yankees and your fans for not being careful and putting yourself in a position to hurt your team.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    The ankle incident bothered me too, Saphire916. I understood the desire to play with his son, just as I understood that the situation with Mo apparently was brought on because his family had come to see him in KC but his son wasn’t there and he was mad/disappointed. But there are appropriate standards of behavior and he doesn’t seem to get that.