Rocky Mountain High

May 9th, 2013 by Jane Heller

Or maybe I should have written “Rocky Mountain Bye.” The Yankees left Colorado with a series win, but it wasn’t easy. What was up with all that rain? CC only got four innings in before the tarp went on the field, which was a shame. And the Yanks had to do a lot of sitting around, knowing they needed to catch a flight to KC right after the game.

But they got the win. Not a lot of hitting in this series, but the pitching was great. Adam Warren did a nice job taking over for CC and Mo was his usual godlike self for the save. I loved seeing all the Yankee fans at Coors Field snapping pictures of Mo. It reminded me yet again that this is his last tour through the majors. Sob.

Cano’s homer was fun, but I do hope this lineup will find a way to score more runs so the team can keep pace in the division. Granderson seems to be on a fast track to come off the DL, but I don’t want to jinx him so forget I said that. Shhhush.


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10 Responses to “Rocky Mountain High”

  1. YankeeCase says:

    I’m glad they were able to get the series win in Denver. I would’ve liked a sweep better, but at least we pay them back in part for that sweep in 2007. Yes, I remember. And I’ll want another chance at a sweep the next time the Yankees head out to Colorado. I still haven’t forgotten that dopey little dinosaur behind home plate in the ninth inning of those games, taunting us, dancing so carefree with the impending wins. Just like he did Tuesday night, with the music blaring between pitches… Grrr! I have a serious beef that is not fully satisfied!!

    Next time, Rockies. Next time…

  2. Barbara says:

    I got too busy to post yesterday but wanted to say how much I enjoyed Vernon at 3rd. I missed the end of th game and watched the 9th in the morning. What a great way to start the day. The Yankees looked like happy kids watching him play.
    Yesterday I had the game on at work. At one point I left my office and came back to the two girls having tutoring in my office and asked why they weren’t doing their homework and they said they were watching the game. At this point I realized I am a bad influence but the rain delay stopped me from having to turn it off. The end made me uneasy but then happy. I got a phone that now I can hear the games on in my car without static with the MLB package. Life just gets better and better.

  3. Audrey says:

    Somehow the Yankees manage to keep doing it. We’re tied with Boston and Baltimore in the loss column now. A good weekend and Monday could propel us ahead in the wins column. Not that it matters much this early in the season but it’s satisfying considering we’re doing it with the guys from the Island of Misfit Toys.

  4. Barbara says:

    It is wild to be in first. I know it doesn’t matter this early but we just needed to not get too far behind with all the injuries and we have.
    Did any one see A baby saying Yankee retired players

  5. john says:

    Its time to bring up something that is horrible with the Yankees again this year. I refer the the broadcasting team we were forced to endure in Colorado. Lorenz and Flaherty were a disgrace. I don’t mind Lorenz in the studio but Flaherty anywhere is not tolerable. Why Flaherty is even employed by YES is beyond me.

    All in favior say aye!

  6. Jane Heller says:

    The Island of Misfit Toys. LOL, Audrey!

    I did see that baby in the video, Barbara, and I have to tell you that while I love all Yankee fans, especially tiny ones, I’m not wild about parents who make their kids perform. Makes me nuts, whether they’re coaxing the baby to speak French or say funny words or names. To me it’s not cute. I know. I’m a sourpuss.

    Flaherty makes you miss Michael Kay, right, John? I know he’s your least favorite broadcaster, but I don’t mind him as much as you do. He’s dull but otherwise benign. I’ve watched so many games with the away feeds, because of the MLB extra innings package, that Flaherty doesn’t seem so bad at all.

  7. Christy says:

    My calendar must be broken! I looked over at it and it says “May”. I looked at the standings and see the Yankees in 1st place. it must be – therefore – October!!!!

  8. Uncle Mike says:

    If someone had told us on Opening Day that, with DJ3K, A-Rod, Teix and Grandy all out with injuries, and Nova not getting the job done, and with the apparently washed-up replacements Cashman had lined up, we’d be in first place on May 10, and that those pesky Toronto Blue Jays would be 10 games out in the All-Important Loss Column, we’d have reminded that someone of what day Opening Day was and said it was a lame April Fool’s joke.

    Who’s laughing now? It’s a three-team race in the AL East, between the Yanks, Sox & O’s, just as God (or at least my youth) intended it.

  9. Jane Heller says:

    Christy and Uncle Mike, you’re both right. Your calendars are broken and it’s April Fool’s!

  10. Audrey says:

    I forgot to check the standings this morning and did not realize we are in sole possession of first place – unreal!