The First Janer Of The Season!

April 8th, 2013 by Jane Heller

I’ve said many times that blowouts are my favorite kind of win, so Friend of the Blog Barbara (where are you, Barbara?) coined the term “Janer” whenever the Yankees score 10 or more runs. You can have pitcher’s duels. They’re exciting but too nerve wracking for me. I like my wins to be no-doubters with enough room to breathe.

Today’s game against the Indians was just the ticket. The bats were red hot. Cano had a great day with those two homers, showing us he’s alive after all. Hafner seemed thrilled to be back in Cleveland so he could show everybody that he, too, is still alive. Wells continued his resurrection. It was all good.

Kuroda? He went five and got the win. He looked shaky early, but his finger is probably still sore. The only downside to the game for me was Joba. He shaved off the mustache since it wasn’t bringing him any luck, and while he didn’t get hammered today he made the ninth a trial in an already looong game. Full counts are not the way to succeed. I wish he got that. It made me mad that he even allowed the possibility that Mo would have to get loose after throwing all those pitches yesterday.

But it was a very nice way to open the series. Andy goes tomorrow and who doesn’t want a repeat of his last start? Not me.


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10 Responses to “The First Janer Of The Season!”

  1. Leo says:

    Well I certainly didn’t expect that we’d be getting a Janer this early in the season. But at least we can see that while this offense is certainly not at full strength with the injuries to regulars, it’s at least no where near the bottom of the barrel saved for teams the Astros, Mariners, Giants, etc. We can’t expect this every day but if this offense can do it, then we aren’t in as bad of shape as we may have originally thought. Although the pitching was bailed tonight by the offense. At least the bullpen was because at least Kuroda battled through several innings keeping it at 3 with his sore finger. They need to get it together quick. As much as well all love Janers, they aren’t going to be a regular occurance with this offense.

  2. Antonella says:

    I thought about you when I saw the final score (only watched until the 2nd Cano dinger bcs unfortunately, I had to go to class & I’m pretty sure the ppl in the math lab were happy that the crazy girl fist pumping was leaving) ;)
    Aren’t you glad my boyfriend remembered what to do w his bat?
    I think that my platano gift basket did the trick ;)

    Don’t look now, but we’re on a winning streak! LOL

  3. Jane Heller says:

    This offense is definitely more capable than I thought, Leo. Kuroda did battle. I wish I could say the same for the pen.

    Yes, your boyfriend remembered how to hit, Antonella!

  4. Sean K says:

    I’m finally back online. A two-game winning streak and it looks like the offense has perked up a bit! First we get to Verlander, then erupt against Cleveland.

    I don’t expect an average of 10 runs per game for the rest of the year, but that’s certainly a good sign!

    Now let’s get back to .500 tomorrow…

  5. Lourdes T says:

    It was a good day, good day! And good luck to Andy tomorrow :)

  6. Audrey says:

    Knowing Andy is pitching tonight gives me real hope this winning streak can continue. What a fun game to listen to while I made dinner and cleaned up the kitchen last night! Absolutely love Janers!

  7. Diane Anziano says:

    It was exciting to see the bats finally waking up, Jane, but the last couple of innings were pretty scary. I think Logan looked better than in his last two outings but everyone else was kind of weak. I wonder if there’s a psychological change for a relief pitcher when he comes in with that many runs ahead of the opponent. Anyway, happy for a solid win and even happier that Andy is next. GO YANKEES!!!

  8. Jane Heller says:

    Logan did look better, Diane, but whathisname Kelley is kind of a loser, I think.

  9. Ladyjane303 says:

    Two in a row! Yes, it’s Tuesday night and the Yankees just scored 10 runs again. I like this. Can we play in Cleveland all the time?

  10. Jane Heller says:

    Loved this one. Can we face Myers every day???