Youk Is Hitting, People!

March 17th, 2013 by Jane Heller

AP/BLS Illustration/Yahoo Sports

Kevin Youkilis had another homer today (call me crazy, but I do love homers) and has gotten his batting average up. Which raises a crucial question: what will be John Sterling’s home run call for Youkilis?

The It Is High blog has some suggestions:

  • That one is Kevin-sent!
  • It had to be Youk!
  • It’s a nuke… from Youk!
  • A Greek kiss from Youkilis!
  • Youkilis, take a look at this!
  • A bazooka from Youka!
  • Youktacular!
  • Youk, you’re no mook!
  • Youk can’t keep a good man down!
  • Youkilis that one goodbye.

Not bad, right? Knowing Sterling though, it’ll have something to do with Broadway or music, and that means the word ukelele (as in Youkelele) might figure into the decision.



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7 Responses to “Youk Is Hitting, People!”

  1. john says:

    Marjie and Joyce from New Jersey, who you posted pic and a story about several years ago, just got back from Tampa yesterday. It was Joyce’s 26th straight trip to spring training. They got a few balls signed but their high point of the trip was when Youkilis was signing one day last week.

    Two kids standing next to marjie said to Youkilis “you’re not a Yankee”. He looked at them and said “do you want to be a major leage ball player”? They nodded to him yes. He then said “if you work hard you will play for any team that wants you”. A couple of adults continued to heckle him and he said to them “looks like someone need a hug”!

    I probably would be one of those needing a hug but the answer to the kids was respectful and honest.

    Joyce is already planning #37 God willing. She is sharp as a pin and a fountain of Yankee knowledge and stories. She should be given a day by the Yankees.

  2. Diane Anziano says:

    I’ve always hated Youk so much but we have been seeing his interviews and he doesn’t seem to be the jerk I always thought him to be. I’ll give him a chance to deserve the pinstripes. GO YOUK!!! GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Jane Heller says:

    Nice that Joyce is still going to Tampa, John. I remember her well. As for Youkilis, it sickens me that people, including kids, were heckling him. Sounds like he handled them perfectly.

    Once somebody puts on the uniform, they’re a Yankee in my book, Diane. Just keep reminding yourself how much you came to love Boggs and Damon.

  4. Bob Cerv says:

    It would have been nice for Jersey Bob to read & hear about this.

    He loved the Yanks (and the NY Giants too), even though, with his Newark-bred ways, he was usually so caustic and critical. But Jersey Bob always understood the “band of brothers” mentality of the old Yanks with which we grew up. Yeah, he never liked Posada, and of course both A-Rod and Clemens came under deserving scorn — but when you wore the pinstripes, like Jane says, it changes everything else.

    I learned yesterday that on Friday nite, Jersey Bob passed away in his sleep. He was a great friend and co-worker. Jane, you’d have hated his politics, but likely loved going back-n-forth with him. We will go to his funeral in Hagerstown on Wednesday; the Yankees have lost another demanding but lifelong lover.

  5. Jane Heller says:

    So sorry to hear about your friend, Dave. Condolences to his family.

  6. margaret says:

    anyone else as worried as me pertaining to Jeter?
    Next friday going to the game here in DC / doubtful he’ll be here but I’m hopeful.
    Of course the way the weather is going it may be snowing.
    It is spring right?

  7. Jane Heller says:

    I’m worried too, Peg. I had the thought as I was reading about his “setback”…..I wonder if he’ll be able to play this season. And then I forced myself to snap out of it. Let’s just hope he’ll be fine – and that the weather will warm up for you.