Random Spring Training Thoughts

March 14th, 2013 by Jane Heller

  • I always thought Ben Francisco was a pretty good player and have a feeling he’ll not only make the club but help the Yankees.
  • Ivan Nova is making me like him again.
  • Cervelli as starting catcher? I didn’t think it would happen, but he’s really fought for the job.
  • Jeter seems healthy. Now let’s see if he can be durable too, because I’m still afraid of Nunez at short.
  • Pettitte’s back. Mo’s back. CC’s back. Not a bad trio of pitchers.
  • Speaking of pitchers, what’s up with Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee? Remember when we wanted them? (At least I did.) They’re not looking too good so far.
  • Who in the world will play first base for the New York Yankees?
  • I’ve been thinking about who should bat leadoff and I can’t decide between Gardner, Ichiro and Jeter.

Let the season start already.


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10 Responses to “Random Spring Training Thoughts”

  1. Bob Cerv says:

    I was home on my bimonthly “day off” last Monday, and while helping Son #2 apply for jobs, there was a nice afternoon “delight” of catching some of the Yanks’ spring training game vs. the Cardinals.

    After we joked that we might not know ANY (or less than half) of the Yankee lineup, how odd to see a “top of the order” of essentially three leadoff batters in Gardner, Jeet, and Eech. Oh, if #11 can just develop into a respectable hitter, and GET ON BASE…the Captain can bat anywhere, but I like him not leading off at this point in time. Eech batting 3rd? REALLY? As I’m laughing about it, he smokes one off the wall, just missing a HR by a foot or two. Then later, Yook taters; his heart can be in Bahston all it wants, as long as his butt is shakin’ to smack some EBH’s in Noo Yawk. Nice to see Kuroda pitch well, and after the shock of seeing Joba’s new Carl F. Pavano Porn Star ‘Stache, he wasn’t bad either. All in all…some hope…?!

  2. Diane Anziano says:

    I was just really happy to see them hand it to Halladay…even though it was not a regular season game, it set a tone. And “what’s his name” coming back to play first base for us. He was good defensively and offensively. It was kind of fun to see The Yankees play “small ball” for a change, but I don’t think that will work throughout the season. Hey, whatever it takes. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Jane Heller says:

    Joba’s stache is very Pavano-esque, Dave. I hope it’s gone before April 1st!

    Yeah, I’m not sure how long the small ball thing will last, Diane. It would be great to be able to score runs without the homers, but we need the power too.

  4. john says:

    Sad to say but the image of Jeter busting it out of the box on EVERY ground ball will only be a memory this year. That being said how many 20 something year old players do that? Very few, far to few.

    Andy’s stare, Mariano’s cool as a cucumber stature and Jeters all out everyday hustle, we have all witnessed, enjoyed and appreciated. We may not see it again in our lifetime.

  5. SBlue says:

    Seems like everyone is looking great except a few. Now that Derrick Lee turned down the offer to join the club it seems that they may take a look at the young guys. I’m looking at Rivera or that Ronnier guy for first.

  6. ReneeGK says:

    I totally had the same thought about Ben Francisco last year, Jane, when the Rays got him. His numbers looked great, he was on the way back, his first hit was a homer, if I recall correctly, and then…. the big fizzle. Maybe because it was only half a season, or because Maddon changes the team every day… I really wanted him to catch fire. Hope he does for NYY.

    Do you think more injuries because less PEDs? Fewer runs because less PEDs? I hate injuries in spring training… What a waste.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    We have to enjoy that trio while we have them, John. Who knows what the future will bring.

    Rivera seems to be the leading candidate at the moment, SBlue, but I’ve always thought of him as an outfielder so while he can hit I’m not sure about his defense. We’re spoiled having had Tex’s glove.

    He fizzled, Renee? Figures. I guess that’s why he was DFAed by the Indians. If he were that good, he wouldn’t have been cut loose. But for now he might just have to do. No idea on the PED question. The injury to Tex seems to be more common than I realized, and Granderson got hit by a pitch. A-Rod is another story, of course.

  8. YankeeCase says:

    ………yes! Please start the season already…

  9. Leo says:

    I don’t know if anyone else is watching the WBC but Cano is hot right now leading the way the undefeated DR team so far with a staggering .565/.565/1.000 stat line (although admittedly it is a pretty small sample size but impressive nonetheless). If he can hopefully keep the momentum going from the tournament and into the regular season, it will go a long way and be a big help to keep us afloat during April until Tex and Granderson return. Fingers crossed for that along with some surprise contributions from some others in the lineup. Also hoping that Cashman is working on a trade that will surprise us with one more strong bat.

    I haven’t paid any attention to the ST games so it’s a surprise to hear that Cervelli may be the starting catcher. Better him than Stewart though because he at least still has some potential to be useful. And what’s up Yankee Case! Glad to see you back. Yes I’m anxious for the season to start as well but the WBC is holding me over nicely for now until we get there.

  10. Jane Heller says:

    I hear you, YankeeCase….

    I haven’t been watching it, Leo, but I’ve been reading about Cano and he’s been great. As for a trade, Cashman signed Brennan Bosch for 1 million+. Not sure why since we have a bunch of outfielders already and what we need is a first baseman.