Bulging Disks And Other Maladies

February 20th, 2013 by Jane Heller

Well, that was fast. Only a few days into camp and we’ve got our first real injury: Phil Hughes’ bulging disk in his upper back, taking him out of commission for awhile. Let’s hope this isn’t a nagging problem and that after his time out he’ll be ready to go. It’s his contract year – his moment to show once and for all that he can pitch effectively and consistently as a starter. It’s also important to the Yankees that he be the phenom Cashman’s always projected him to be.

The other “malady” I was referring to is Nunez, aka Eduardo Scissorhands. I kid the kid, I know. But when it comes to Nunie I can’t help myself. Put him at shortstop and he’ll make errors. That’s how it’s been. And now that Jeter’s recovering from his ankle surgery, we’ll be seeing more of Nunie. Will we be seeing more of his errors too? There’s no question that he can be a terrific spark in the lineup, getting hits and running the bases well. But his glove scares me. I think Nix will be a fine backup at third and first (and short), but I have to say I miss Chavez already.

And finally, am I the only one who resents the WBC just a little? I completely understand that players want to represent their country and that it’s fun for them to play in competition, but to leave camp so early in the spring training season, interrupt their routines and disrupt the team chemistry feels off to me. I guess I’m just being contrary, but I’m not wild about hearing how guys like Cano and Tex, who need to get their timing down as hitters, will be running off to join their respective WBC teams.

The good news is that MLB.TV (and YES, for those who get it) will be televising spring training games in another week. Can’t wait.


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10 Responses to “Bulging Disks And Other Maladies”

  1. margaret says:

    Having had 2 bulging discs, anti-inflammatories only worked for awhile.
    I tried all the options, nerve root blocks etc eventually it all ended in surgery.
    (Ask Mario Lemieux.) So when I saw this it scares me a bit.
    Then again I suppose I was not in his optimal shape either right? :-)

  2. Diane Anziano says:

    I’m trying to think positively, Jane. Maybe Nunez will be better defensively if he plays more often. Only time will tell. I was not overly concerned about Hughes until I read the previous reply. Now I’m a little nervous. Hopefully his age and his physical shape will make healing go well. The WBC thing does nothing for me, but I guess players who come from other countries would like to be there to represent. If someone gets hurt, though, it will be hard to accept. When is the first televised spring training game, Jane? GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Bob Cerv says:

    Agree with Diane, hoping that more play will help Eduardo settle down. FWIW, Ian Desmond let the NL in errors in his first full season, and now he’s a total team leader.

    Agree with you, Jane, that the WBC is more of a “dangerous” distraction. Analogy: in the NHL, it seems that when the Winter Olympics interrupts the NHL season, it can make a real mess of things. We in D.C. think that Ovechkin has never been the same since his beloved Russian national team played so miserably in the Olympics (himself included), and he didn’t even get hurt. I worry for Cano, Tex, et al until it’s over.

  4. Uncle Mike says:

    If NunE5 can’t play, that’s a plus. As Yogi would have said if he’d thought of it first, even when he can play, he can’t play.

  5. Jane Heller says:

    Was your disk problem a result of an injury, Peg, or did it happen over time? (Sorry you had to have surgery. Ouch.) I’m asking because it sounds like Hughes suffered his during a fielding drill. I’m just thinking maybe it’ll resolve faster than if it had been a long-standing thing.

    Diane, I know that the MLB Network is doing the game against the Jays on Sun, Feb 24 at 1:05 pm, but I don’t have the whole schedule handy. As for Nunez, he had plenty of playing time in AAA. I hope he settles down too, believe me, but right now he’s kind of a liability defensively.

    Yup, Dave and Diane, the WBC can be dangerous for injuries, and I’m glad Pettitte in particular isn’t playing, as much as he wanted to. But it’s also just disruptive for these guys to show up and then leave again. On the other hand, they’re together for 162 games over the course of the long season, so I guess that part’s ok.

    Lol, Uncle Mike. I miss Yogi being at spring training, btw.

  6. margaret says:

    mine was from an injury.

  7. margaret says:

    I was 28 and it was an injury. I did everything for a year to avoid surgery.
    Went for 2nd opinions at the Cleveland Clinic and did all kinds of therapies, treatments, PT and I finally realized surgery was the only way I was going to be pain free. I lost my eyelashes from the pain. For a shallow gal that was equal to the pain. :-)

    The 2nd time I was 40 and it was from a bad fall and it was a different location in my back.
    At that time I figured I was just getting old. Lucky me huh?

  8. Jane Heller says:

    Sounds like quite an ordeal, Peg. I hope Hughes’ situation isn’t!

  9. Sean K says:

    As if we didn’t have enough question marks, now Hughes is hurt.


    Well, hopefully he can recover quickly.

    Spring training starts soon. A time for optimism. I keep telling myself to be cheerful.

    Go Yankees!

  10. Sean K says:

    Becoming more difficult to be cheerful.

    Now Granderson is out until May… *sigh*