Old Faces…And A New One

February 13th, 2013 by Jane Heller

Photo: AP/Ted S. Warren

Shawn Kelley. That’s the name of the above new face, although who knows if we’ll ever see him in pinstripes. The Yankees traded Almonte, a AA prospect, for Kelley, a reliever who was DFA-ed by the Mariners and will need shoulder surgery. Seriously, people. Why?

On a happier note, it’s been really great to read about Pettitte (still Andy), CC (trimmer) and Mo (godly as ever) at camp. I’m not wild about Mo’s annual I-can’t-tell-you-about-my-retirement-plans-yet game that he plays with the beat writers, but I think we all assume this will be his finale and that’s OK. We’re lucky we have him back this year; I’m grateful for that.

A-Rod? Not coming to camp. Ever. Well, probably not. Cervelli? Wouldn’t say who referred him to the Biogenesis clinic so questions linger. Girardi? As positive and upbeat about the whole PED thing as you’d expect him to be.

And now, it seems, the conversation about banned substances has shifted over to the Red Sox since Schilling made his comments and Lester made his and Papelbon made his from afar. I took Toradol, the anti-inflammatory they’re all talking about, in the hospital after surgery and it’s no extra-strength Advil, as Lester suggested. It’s a heavy duty drug that’s not to be used for long periods of time. Maybe someday MLB will clean out the medicine cabinets of ballplayers. And maybe not.

I do wish all the writers would stop with how old this team is, but I guess it’s true and only time will tell if it matters.




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10 Responses to “Old Faces…And A New One”

  1. Diane Anziano says:

    It’s really going to be so sad when Pettitte and Mariano retire. If they’re both out at the end of this season, we should all get tickets for the last home game of the season. But then again, hopefully there will be a post-season this year so the last regular home game won’t actually be their “last game”.

    I’m hoping for some positive notes on the upcoming season but we’re not going to find those in the press. We’ll see what happens. GO YANKEES!!!

  2. Jane Heller says:

    If Dave Robertson has a great year as a closer-in-waiting, Diane, I’ll feel a whole lot better about Mo retiring. There will never be another Mo and he’s my favorite player by far, but at least I’ll know the team will be in good hands in the 9th inning. As for Pettitte, I’ve loved having him back and just hope he stays healthy this year. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m ready (sort of) for a new crop of championship-caliber Yankees to emerge. I just wish I knew who they were!!

  3. DJ says:

    Hey all you She-Fans! Hope the off-season has treated you right and I’m sure you are all as ready for some baseball as I am. I have a question for you all. I am working on a project for a new computer system at our hospital and the theme is baseball. YAY!! We are working on “season 1” and “spring training”, will have “batting practice” to prepare for go-live, etc. We are going to have Tips and Tricks sheets that remind people how to do things and want to give it a baseball theme rather than plain ole Tips & Tricks. They will be somewhat of instructional guides, so I was thinking maybe “Playbook”, “Fundamentals & Skills”, “Gameplan”, “Notes from the On-Deck Circle”, “Mechanics of the Game”, “Guide to Playing the Field”, “Breaking in your glove”, “Around the Horn”, or even “Training Cards” (instead of Trading cards). What do you all think? Do you have any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate any ideas and thought it might be fun to start (or continue) thinking about baseball as we prepare for the season ahead. Thanks. GO YANKEES!!

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Great idea, DJ, to give your hospital project a baseball theme. I think the ideas you listed are all fun. Can’t come up with any better!

  5. Diane Anziano says:

    Okay, Yankees fans…Youkilis just got to spring training and has already said something to tick us all off. He told the press that in his heart he will always be a Red Sox. Yes, I understand the concept, since he was with them for so long…but why say it out loud the first time you are interviewed in Tampa? Makes no sense to me.

    On a brighter note, I thought I’d share some trivia from my Yankees calendar…Which Yankees pitcher hit an inside-the-park grand slam on July 22, 1965? And the answer is…wait for it…MEL STOTTLEMYRE. I thought that was cool. GO YANKEES!!!

  6. Jane Heller says:

    I didn’t have the same reaction you did to Youkilis’ comments yesterday, Diane. He was with the Sox his entire career, so when he was asked about it he was just saying, essentially, that you can’t just turn feelings on and off because of one bad half a season there. (He really was asked about that – whether he has animosity toward the Sox). Frankly, I’m tired of players coming to NY and saying, “I’ve always wanted to wear the pinstripes” if it’s not true. He’s a player for hire. He’s come to help the team and restore his own reputation, so he’s very motivated to do well. I only hope he does. Great trivia. Mel Stottlemyre of all people!

  7. Diane Anziano says:

    I totally get what you’re saying, Jane. I just feel like during the regular season, every time he strikes out or makes an error, the fans are going to assume it was intentional to give The Sox a break and they are going to boo him.

  8. Jane Heller says:

    Then those “fans” are pretty silly, Diane. Youkilis didn’t come to camp early because he doesn’t want to do well.

  9. Freya says:

    I watched Yankees Access on the YES network and the show was all about Youkalis. He came across as a really nice guy and very likeable. HIs ethics are good and he’s a very hard worker. I hope the Yankee fans give him a chance.

  10. Jane Heller says:

    I hope so too, Freya. People sure did jump on him for his initial comments about the Red Sox, but I love that the Yankee players teased him about it and made him feel at home. What everybody forgets is that we need him to do well. A-Rod is not in the picture and Youkilis is our guy for now. So people need to learn to love him, just like they did Damon.