And Our New Raul Ibanez Is….

January 31st, 2013 by Jane Heller

I was skeptical when Cashman signed Rauuul last year, especially after his slow start in spring training, but he turned out to be a life saver. Will Hafner? I just hope we don’t have to call him “Pronk,” his nickname with the Indians. (Apparently, it’s a cross between “project” and “donkey.” Don’t ask.)


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6 Responses to “And Our New Raul Ibanez Is….”

  1. Bob Cerv says:

    Project Donkey. I like that even better.

  2. john says:

    Changes have started. Youkilis has shaved and has abandoned the wiggle. Now if he hits .675 and has 32 game winning hits in his first 36 games I might root for him.

  3. Jane Heller says:

    I’m telling you, John, he could be our new savior!

  4. Diane Anziano says:

    I also read that he responded to Joba’s call…even if it was only a text reply. In the paper, Joba was quoted as saying…”we’re adults”…really??!!! Joba is an adult?! We’ll see. In the meantime, now they are pointing at Cervelli as going to the same facility that A-Rod went to. I wouldn’t mind them doing steroids and any other illegal drugs if it just paid off for the team. Just kidding.

  5. Jane Heller says:

    If Cervelli did do PEDS, Diane – and he’s saying he only consulted them during his rehab (we’ll see) – he’s the perfect example of why it’s dumb for these guys to do them: he didn’t even play better!

  6. john says:

    Gonna start calling you “mellow yellow” Jane!