Together Again

November 29th, 2012 by Jane Heller

So Martin went to the Pirates after all. Now what? The Yankees don’t have a catcher. Cervelli is not an option and Romine isn’t ready and the catchers out there, including A.J. Pierzynski and Mike Napoli, are not interesting at all. Maybe when Cashman finishes rappelling he can find someone good.

At least Mo is signed, sealed and delivered.


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3 Responses to “Together Again”

  1. Diane Anziano says:

    I guess I got my wish. Hey, someone can come up through the ranks. Hello??!!? Does anyone remember the name Jorge Posada? Anyway, I have to tell you all about the amazing evening my daughter, my best friend and I had last night. The theatre at my daughter’s university put on a concert in support of the victims of Hurrican Sandy. Speaking at the show were Ray Negron (who has worked for The Yankees since he was a kid and wrote a book about his wonderful experience), Raul Ibanez and Roy White. They were fantastic. Michael Kay was also there and he did an interview with Chazz Palminteri about his experience growing up in the Bronx and the movie he ultimately wrote and starred in called “A Bronx Tale”. Fabulous!! Dwight Gooden’s son is a rapper and he performed (they call him “Lil Doc). I won’t go into all of the musically performers who entertained us but it was an unbelievable evening and one I don’t believe I will ever experience again. They also did a small tribute to “The Boss” (Steinbrenner, not Springstein” and we actually were brought to tears. Un-real.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Someone will come up through the ranks, Diane. His name is Sanchez but he’s 19 and not ready. Someday, but we need a body now. Sounds like a fabulous evening you had last night!!! And people should definitely read Ray’s book.

  3. Bob Cerv says:

    You’ve forced my hand(s) to comment again…

    Sorry to see Martin go, though not shocked. Allow me to add this observation: last season, the Nationals began the year with a #1 catcher (Wilson Ramos) who tore up his knee in May and was out for the year. They “made do” with the backup I mentioned yesterday (Jesus Flores), a good-fielding light-hitting guy, and a rookie, Jhonny Solano (I think), who’s a GOOD hitter who needs a bit more defensive work, but who ain’t bad. They both were shelved when the Nats got Kurt Suzuki in a trade, so right now they have FOUR fair-to-decent catchers. Just thought you’d like to know.

    Diane — so glad you had such a GREAT nite. Glad it’s all for Hurricane Sandy, too…I agree with Village Voice, it IS New York’s Katrina (read the article). Hope you got my message on Here Come The Mummies, also. Getting Jane’s book and a Mummies’ CD for Xmas…and the Yanks get a Nats catcher…now THAT would be Merry!