Since There’s No News in Yankeeville…

November 5th, 2012 by Jane Heller

I’ll just post this pic, which I love, and hope that the negotiations between Cashman and Mo’s agent go smoothly. It’ll be wonderful to have our patron saint back with us in 2013.



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3 Responses to “Since There’s No News in Yankeeville…”

  1. Diane Anziano says:

    Amen, sistah. I don’t know what Yankees fans would do if they didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to Mariano in pinstripes. Its going to be hard enough to think about a team without him EVER, but there’s no way around that. The worst is going to be saying farewell to Jeter. I know he’ll probably be around even after he retires but not to see him in uniform…I don’t know how we will deal with that. Anyway, things are a little better after the storm…many are still without power and now the big problem is little or no gas for cars. And you know we LIVE through our cars here on Long Island. Anyway, remind me again, Jane…how many days until pitchers and catchers?

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Life with Jeter? Not even going to contemplate that, Diane, even though it’ll be something we’ll have to face. I just want to give Mo a nice sendoff, as you said. I heard the gas problem was really bad in some areas. And my poor mom still doesn’t have power with no word as to when it’ll be back. As for when p & c report to Tampa, I don’t know!

  3. Ruth says:

    Ahh…sweet relief…a new post. You know I’m on edge, Jane, with the election tomorrow…so that Swisher post was grating on me – LOL! And Life Without Jeter? I’m voting for denial on that one…