Be Safe, My Friends

October 28th, 2012 by Jane Heller


In case anybody in the path of Frankenstorm Sandy is reading this, I just wanted to extend my good wishes. I hope the storm won’t be as devastating and scary as we’ve been hearing and that everybody will be okay. If you have electricity and internet service, let us know how you’re doing. I’m worried about you guys back east, so please check in when you can.




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  1. SBlue says:

    This is just another random rainstorm and a lot less tame than Irene last time. That was a Cat 3. You should seen the people enjoying the threat of an actual hurricane when it came. I live in NYC btw. There’s nothing really to worry about and the media always exagerrate about it.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Irene may have been a Cat 3, SBlue (I was in CT for that one so I remember it well), but this one has many more components than the hurricane part. I hope, since you’re in the city, that it’ll just be an inconvenient storm for you and you’ll be safe and sound.

  3. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    If there are any Giant fans of the blog ..congrats. Now on to 2013…Go Yankees !!!

    As for the weather …my boss called yesterday morning to tell me to stay home on Monday and most likely Tuesday too. I wouldn’t be able to get to work anyway as all MTA service is shut down. Right now in Queens where I live it is very windy with spells of light rain. The big girl is still a distance away, approximately 300 miles and most likely won’t hit till this evening. As of now no problems with electricity or flooding. My big fear are the trees and powerlines in the area. We have so many old trees. I parked my car as far as I could from any of the large trees. I have a very large tree in my neighbors backyard that could possibly hit my bedroom if it should tumble (praying it doesn’t but it’s shaking quite a bit already). Last time a tree fell and hit a powerline my house went on fire and I had to live in a hotel for six months (wasn’t even a storm ..just a really old large tree fell on it’s own from rotted roots). I’m praying nothing like that happens again. I’m in the “C” zone as far as flooding and such so that shouldn’t be much of a problem as it’s the best zone for safety.

    I’m all hunkered down with my little DJ…food,water for both of us…just waiting to ride it out and praying EVERYONE comes out of it safe and sound.

    That’s it for now …hopefully, I still have power tomorrow to sign on and say hi ..

    Go Yankees 2013!!!

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Thanks for checking in, Peggy. Sounds like you’re prepared for tonight’s “event.” The downed trees and power lines are always a big problem with these storms, so it’s good that you’re alert. Here’s hoping you and you’re little DJ will be just fine.

  5. Freya says:

    I appreciate your concern Jane. I live on Long Island and so far all is well here, although the wind keeps getting stronger. I know that it’s supposed to get worse later.
    I also watched the Giants win the World Series. I was most impressed with how much heart they showed as a team. The post game interviews on MLB tv were very good. They are running them again today.
    Like Peggy, I am now turning my thoughts to 2013 and hoping the Yankees will be the World Champions. It will be interesting to see what happens in the off season. I think the team will look very different next spring.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    I heard Atlantic City is under water, Freya, so I’m glad that wherever you are on Long Island is okay so far and that things will go better than expected later tonight. Yes, the offseason should be interesting for the Yanks. I don’t know that it will look very different but certainly different!

  7. margaret says:

    If what they are telling us is true this is going to be a doozy.
    We waited to long to buy bottled water. Can’t find it anywhere.
    But my husband being the ever good boy scout said, “we have beer, wine, liquor and some fresca, what more do we need?”

    I work from home and at lunch I’ll make a big ole pot of beef stew and hunker down.
    It’s very cold and raining like crazy in the District metro area. Everything is closed.
    “They” say by 5pm it will be get very bad. That means winds of 65-70mph. That also means no satellite tv.
    We don’t normally lose power because our community has under ground power lines but you never know.
    We’re so crazy that when we couldn’t find water anywhere we bought a puzzle. We figured a bottle of red and a puzzle may make for a fine evening to get our mind off what is going on. :-)

  8. Jane Heller says:

    The beef stew is a great idea, Peg. It’s delish hot or cold. Wine is good too, but I do hope you find some water! Will be thinking of you.

  9. john says:

    At 1pm its starting to really blow here. We have been preparing for 3 days and think we are set. We never lost power in last years storms but don’t count on our luck this time.

    We arn’t supposed to get much rain, 2-3 inches, but the wind and the storm surge on the shore line is the demon we face. Ct shore line will be devistated. I really feel for those folks that will lose everything and then some.

    Our favorite area of Rhode Island will also be devistated. At noon the ocean had breached the dunes and flooded the cottage areas and the worse is yet to come.

    Last week while in Maine an earthquake and this week back home and a hurricane. Any room for me in Calie?

    Hope your mom is safe Jane.

  10. Jane Heller says:

    Oh, my poor Block Island, John. You just reminded me how precarious their situation always is with these storms. Michael and I used to love going there in the summers when we lived in CT. My mom’s OK, thanks for asking. She’s moving over to a nearby hotel until Wednesday since she lost power for days during Irene.

  11. Ruth says:

    Thank you for checking on us, Jane. While we still have power, I’m writing back. So far just tons of rain here in the D.C. area. A friend from Sweden is visiting; she was supposed to leave today; needless to say, she will be with us until at least Thursday. We’ve prepared as best we can – WE THINK – you never know until you’re in ground zero. I’m very scared about the 60 mph or more winds that are supposed to start this evening. Just hoping for the best…that’s all we can do at this point. I’ll check in when I can. Thanks for reaching out!

  12. Jane Heller says:

    I’m very glad to hear you prepared, Ruth. As you say, it’s all you can do. Now comes the waiting part – no fun. If it’s any consolation, we get 60+ winds quite often up here in the hills of Santa Barbara under Santa Ana conditions and we’re still here. So you will be too!

  13. Peggy says:

    Hi Again…

    So’s almost 5:00 pm and the winds are howling with rain falling. That old tree in the neighbor’s yard has been shaking for most of the day…praying it stays put in the ground. I was tracking my washer which was suppose to be delivered by Fedex today. I could have seen them deliver it earlier but now the winds have really picked up and I’m just hoping all the drivers are on their way home and not driving in this mess. According to the tracking it is still out for delivery tho’. If they show up here they will definitely get a huge tip from me but as I wrote ..I hope they are on their way home to safety instead.

    My daughter and son-in-law plus their pets are all secure too …she only lives a few minutes from me and is also in the “C” zone..thankfully. As you can see I still have power despite the heavy winds. DJ has been lounging around all day …all snuggled up ignoring the winds, rains, floods and wrath of God. Her catnaps are much more important …LOL. I was going to do lots of cleaning but I’ve had a TV Fest instead ..catching up on all shows I DVR’d (I figure watch what I can while I still have power). As I’ll be home tomorrow …what the heck …I’ll have plenty of time to clean. It seems the worst has started and should be around for about 24 hours or so. It’s going to be a LONG night on the couch as I’m afraid to sleep in the bedroom with that big tree in the yard.

    Everyone in She-Fan Land who is living the storm along with me ..stay safe. I’m happy your Mom is safe Jane…good idea for her to go to a hotel with so many other people around in case of an emergency. My prayers are there for each and every person the storm affects. I’m happy I don’t have a Yankee game tonight ..haha.

    Bye for now ….Go Yankees 2013 !!!!

  14. Jane Heller says:

    Good point about there not being a Yankee game tonight, Peggy. And Bud Selig must be glad there’s no WS game. The storm would have thrown the schedule into chaos because so many fans are otherwise engaged.

  15. Barbara says:

    Wildly windy. But we still have power here in Boston.
    It took me a week to get over the end of the season but I am ok now.
    My dad is raving about your book. It sounds quite touching and well written.
    Options picked up on cano, granderson’s and arrdsma today. Life feels so different without the Yankees. I get more sleep and have more free time with less misery and way less joy.

  16. Jane Heller says:

    Good news about your power, Barbara. Hope it stays on throughout. So excited that Harold is raving about my book! I just got the finished video trailer for it and I’ll post it so others can see what it’s all about. Yes, options picked up in Yankeeville today. Next up is what’ll happen with Soriano and Swisher.

  17. SBlue says:

    Its been insane so far. I live in Jamaica,Queens and it was incredibly windy about 80mph(I saw the news and we were in the top 5 mph so far, we were last!). I thought it was fine but then the lights were flickering, several transformers caught fire, and a bunch a electrical wires went crazy. Luckily we still have power. Other news I saw was simply unbelievable: a dangling crane from a highrise in the city, a facade of a old building came crashing down in Cheslea, several tunnels like Brooklyn Battery were completely flooded, hell the entire downtown area is flooded and blacked out. This going to be a long night. Its crazy and a first for me.

  18. Jane Heller says:

    Worst thing I’ve heard so far is NYU Hospital having their generator fail and having to carry all the patients down the stairs to evacuate them. Sheesh.

  19. SBlue says:

    Yeah I just heard that and they showed about 50 buses went there to pick the people up.

  20. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    Thankfully, I made it through the night with no problems at all. I never lost power, no trees fell and I have zero flooding …just a little puddle in front of my house from the rain. I have now been cured of ever wanting beachfront property after seeing what all the people in the surrounding areas that live near the water are going through. It’s a disaster all around me. Manhattan looks like it is a scene in a movie …the flooding was crazy. Subway stations are still filled with water as are tunnels and such. Huge ships that were empty have washed up on different shorelines. So far, less than 20 people are reported dead which is nothing short of a miracle and as I type this the winds have calmed to almost nothing and the sun is shining brightly. I’m so happy that none of my friends and family have been hurt but a few have a significant amount of property damage including losing their cars which were submerged under the water. I’m one of the very few of my family and friends that never lost power. There will be another high tide soon but not expected to be as bad as last night. I just thank God my loved ones are safe and pray that no more deaths are reported.

    I won’t be leaving my house with the tree limbs and powerlines all over the place. The best thing people can do is stay off the streets and let the emergency services do what they need to do to help get the city back to normal (which won’t be for quite some time I fear).

    That’s it for now …I hope all the friends of the blog and their loved ones are safe and sound too.

    Go Yankees 2013!!!

  21. Jane Heller says:

    Good news for you, Peggy. I bet you’re relieved. As for others, it’s going to be a long cleanup for sure.

  22. SBlue says:

    I feel bad for the people in Jersey. I know that they are flood prone from the getco but after Sandy, wow…

    From what I heard, a majority of the Jersey Shore is gone, Atlantic City is in the same situation, some places are flooded without warning, and many others sad happenings.

    Meanwhile in the Midwest, they have a blizzard. How lucky for them.

  23. Harold Schwartz says:

    Hi Jane,
    I have been having trouble either with my computer or your web site – I tried to send a blog twice and it “disappeared”. Here goes again.
    I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your book which is marvelous! I think I would have loved it even if I wasn’t one of the interviewees but that made it really special! The book is, of course, funny, but it’s also very touching, sad and moving. I can assure you that tears welled up as I read the numerous interviews of me you relate. All the stories by the caregivers are touching and inspiring and you captured the lives of caregivers perfectly. Reading about all your travails was very enlightening and it’s a tribute to you and to Michael that you remain so devoted to each other. I never joined a caregiver support group but I feel that i would like to meet all the caregivers in your book.
    Thanks for sharing your story and for letting everyone hear of the life of the caregiver.

  24. Jane Heller says:

    Sorry about the technical problems, Harold. I’m not having any on my end, but who knows. Thanks for persevering and writing such lovely words about my book. The best compliment of all is that you wanted to get to know the other caregivers I interviewed. I got lucky in my selections and you all are an amazing group.

  25. Terry S says:

    Hello Jane and fellow She Fans,

    It has been a long day 20 miles west of Manhattan. We lost power at 10 pm last night. Expected return is 3-5 days. We have kept our water service so far, which really helps. I was able to boil up some coffee this morning. :-)

    I only lost a few shingles off my house, as well as some finger nails. Picked up siding and gutters from some of my neighbors. Can’t begin to describe that wind. Dull roar all day yesterday and went totally nuts about 9 or 10 pm – 70/80 mph. Very scary.

    Today trees, utility poles, power lines down everywhere. Can’t really get around. A small part of town has power, so I was able to get some ice cream. Nothing takes the edge off like ‘scream!

    This is really going to be tough to dig out. Can’t say enough about the first responders. Got the fireplace going tonight for heat. I shall kick back by the fire and count my blessings and dream about the 2013 NY Yankees World Series victory.

  26. Jane Heller says:

    Thanks for checking in, Terry S. Sounds like quite an ordeal. I know how awful it can be sitting there listening to the winds pound the house and not know what the result will be. Very glad you’re OK.

  27. Leo says:

    Thanks for checking in with us Jane. I live in Westchester County and I was fortunate enough to keep my power through the whole storm while other areas of the county werent so lucky. Cable did go out but that was trivial. Everything is okay now as I go back to the daily grind of work now that the bus schedule is running. As for the rest of our blog friends, I hope you guys are also safe and well and hope your power is back on shortly if that went out.

  28. Jane Heller says:

    Interesting that you have power in Westchester, Leo. Good to hear it – and the fact that you’re resuming your normal work schedule. My mom is in Mt. Kisco/Bedford and her neighborhood is a mess. She can’t get into her house until at least Friday and is in a hotel with her caregiver. Maybe there are more trees than where you are.

  29. Leo says:

    I live in Harrison. I work in Port Chester and we are without power at my job and local businesses which the majority of them are closed so we got swamped. Port Chester got hit alot harder than Harrison for the most part. Send my wishes to your mom and hope she gets her power real soon. And good luck to the rest of our blog friends without power as well.