There’s Always Next Year

October 18th, 2012 by Jane Heller

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I guess that by posting last night’s video of the Letterman show in Tampa last year I was already looking ahead to spring ’13. Yes, it would have been lovely to win today and then win the next game and the next and the next and then to beat the Cardinals or Giants in the World Series. But nobody really expected that to happen – not the way this team’s been playing – and today’s loss was just sad. Everything that could go wrong did, and the contagion spread to all the players/pitchers. Not since ’76 with the drubbing the Yankees took at the hands of the Big Red Machine have they had such a miserable postseason stretch.

But so be it. The better team gets to move on, and I congratulate the Tigers and their fans. And I commend the Yanks for making it as far as they did after the losses of Pineda and Mo, plus the intermittent DL stints for Joba, Robertson, Tex et al, plus Jeter. They did win the division and the ALDS. Not too shabby.

There will be plenty of dissection of the team by the media and I’m not looking forward to writers blaming this player or that move. I’d rather just let the dust settle.

There is one silver lining to being ousted from the playoffs. You guys don’t have to see another silly clinching photo of me and I don’t have to take one!



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18 Responses to “There’s Always Next Year”

  1. christy says:

    There is no joy in Mudville, mighty Casey has struck out!

  2. Freya says:

    So sad… but I can look back on all the games I went to this year and how much fun they were for me. And now the wait begins for 2013. I’ll still watch baseball and the World Series. I’ll be rooting for the National League of course.

    I watched the Post Game show on YES and what moved me most was Joe Girardi’s teary comment thanking the press for being respectful about losing his father.

  3. Sean K says:


    TWO hits today.

    TWO ^%%$$%^& runs total in the last *three* games.

    Nothing the pitchers could have done would have been good enough.

    Out with a bang… and a whimper [to quote one of my favorite movie lines… the bang was TWO home runs by Jhonny Peralta.]

    Well, we made it to the ALCS, and there are 26 other teams in baseball who would trade their season’s results with ours.

    It could be worse… you could be a Pirates fan! 20 straight losing seasons!

    Signing off until next year…

  4. Jane Heller says:

    I know, Christy. This whole series was a bummer, but we got close.

    I thought all the post-game comments were great, Freya. Joe’s was especially moving, as you said. He must be exhausted.

    Bye bye, Sean.

  5. john says:

    Another positive, no McCarver and Buck.

    Lets all meet in Tampa in March!

    Have faith my friends, its an Empire without end, Amen!

  6. Diane Anziano says:

    I was also moved by Girardi thanking the press. This must have been a very hard time for him. I hate that MLB 2012 ends now…I’m sure I’ve told you before that I don’t watch a minute of the World Series if The Yankees aren’t in it…It also hurt that we could only get 2 hits in the whole game. That’s how its been, but it never seems natural. Anyway, thank you, Jane, for making The Yankees’ season even more entertaining. And thanks to all the fans who share their emotions and ideas here.

  7. Ladyjane303 says:

    Another fun season – very high highs, very low lows, but always you and the She-Fan family to share it with. Can’t wait to see what happens next. How many days ’til pitchers and catchers?

  8. Jane Heller says:

    Haha, John. A very good silver lining about Buck and McCarver. And yes, the Empire will be back!

    I’m with you on watching the World Series without the Yanks, Diane. I’m sure I’ll check from time to time in to see what’s happening, but once the Yanks are eliminated it doesn’t hold much allure for me. And you’re welcome. Thanks for being a part of this. I hope we can work out your plan about me signing the new book. I think your recipient would enjoy having it.

    Always fun sharing with you, Ladyjane. I guess we should start the spring training countdown. How many days till pitchers and catchers are there? It will great to get our first glimpse of Jeter, even if he’s not able to play yet.

  9. yankeefansince1941 says:

    Two runs in two games. Both involving Edward Scissorhands Nunez. He may make an occasional error, but he scored those two runs. His home run and triple were necessary to get those two runs. And he is YOUNG.
    Sixteen of our roster are over thirty. A man reaches his physical peak at around 28. At thirty he is on the downside. I know, you will throw Jeter into the argument, but he is the exception that proves the rule. We MUST get younger next year. Let the kids play and develop. Didn’t Austin Jackson have a better series than Curtis Granderson, the man we traded him for? We really should unload the likes of A-Rod, Swisher, Pettitte, Ibanez, Chavez, Stewart, and Jones. Bring up the kids to learn how to play where it really counts. We may not win a pennant in 2013, but we will be a lot more competitive in 2014 and 2015.
    Is this the ramblings of an old man who wants to see another WOrld Series Banner at Yankee Stadium? Maybe.But I think baseball is a young man’s game, so let us get some young me to play the game. But keep Jeter.

  10. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans …

    What a way to end the season. What can I say except ….Let’s Go Yankees 2013 !!!!

  11. Terry S says:

    Jane – did you use the picture with Jorge in it just to torment us?

    Give me a few days and I’ll be ready for 2013!

    Go Yankees!

  12. Leo says:

    Yfs1941, I would be all for improving the team and getting younger usually does that but it isn’t a guarantee. It’s also very difficult to get star level production out of younger players. Not everyone is Mike Trout. There’s also the fact that the Yankees have no star potential position player prospects in the upper minor levels to promote since they traded Montero. Their real good prospects are in the lower minors, not anywhere close to ready for the majors anytime soon. And not to mention to get young stars from other teams would require ridiculous trade demands. Yes we are an older team but that doesn’t automatically mean we are bad. Our core players are still young enough, ie Cano, to provide some good production until the next wave of prospects from our farm system should be ready. And of course, as the series showed, it was mostly the younger players that didn’t hit in the postseason. We’ll see what happens but a complete reboot of the team is not what is needed if we want to stay competitive. All we just have to hope for us that next year we get hot at the right time.

  13. Jane Heller says:

    Yankeefansince1941, I’m with Leo. No need to dismantle the team, besides which it’s not time for that. Take a breath and just let the dust settle. This was a good team. We have no elite prospects sitting around waiting to be discovered at the major league level. Will there be tweaks this off-season? No doubt. But let’s not get all excited about Austin Jackson versus Curtis Granderson just yet.

    Exactly, Peggy.

    LOL, Terry S. I didn’t even spot Jorge in there. But he’s always hovering in spirit.

    See above comment to yankeefansince1941, Leo.

  14. Bob Cerv says:

    By the time I got home from work, it was already 6-0. Never even watched a full at-bat. Luckily, she had a friend drop over last night, so my anger and attention were dissipated.

    Interesting what Christy quoted. First thing I thought about writing was the beginning of that last quatrain from “Casey,” about “somewhere in this favored land”…then thought about changing the rhyming of “…shining bright” with “Detroit’s urban blight.” Naah…too bitter.

    Yfs1941, I thought of you too. Correct me if I’m wrong. These are, I think, the only Yankees ever swept:

    — in the 1963 WS, at the hands of the Dodgers. I cried after Game 4, hated the Dodgers ever since.
    — in the ’76 WS to the Reds, as you know. Just overmatched. Not too bitter, but I still can’t forgive Sparky Anderson for saying “Don’t insult any catcher by comparing him to Johnny Bench.” RIP, Thurman.
    — in the ’80 ALCS. Painful, yes…but had to admit, the Royals were overdue. And they lost the Series.
    And now, this. Painful, overmatched, and embarrassing. But at least I won’t cry…

  15. Harold Schwartz says:

    It’s time for another old man to have his say; this from someone who has following the Yankees since 1936 when they won their first of 4 straight World Series (the last 2 by 4 game sweeps). I’ve seen lots of the highs and some of the lows, including a last place finish. It is not time to panic and ship off every “old”player over 30. This was a horrible performance but I will never believe that it represented the way the team is. It is not a great team, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is not a team of hitless players either. The trouble with a short series is that very often one team gets hot and another team gets cold. This evens out over 162 games but has no chance to do that in a 5 or 7 game series. Texeira messed up more balls ion one inning than he did all season. Does that mean he’s a lousy fielder? The Yankee teams, for many years now, have been built for a long season and not for playoffs and World Series. I never expected them to get out of the first round so I am not shocked by what happened although I did not expect to be swept by Detroit or anyone. I have felt for a while that ARod is through, his power is gone and he is not a key player despite his enormous salary. If he has to play, and he is still a very good defensive player, bat him 6th or 7th and let’s hope that Cano returns to form. Despite Granderson’s power he will never hit for average and strikes out too much but he is a very good center fielder. The job is to try to make some decent trades because there does not seem tio be any ready star in the minors. This year hurt a lot less than the loss to the Cardinals in 1942 or to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Of course, I was a lot younger then and baseball took over more of my life than it does now.
    Thanks, Jane, for this wonderful place for Yankee fans to root, rant, vent, cry or whatever. Here’s to a happier conclusion to the 2013.

  16. Jane Heller says:

    You’re very welcome, Harold, and I agree with every word you wrote. Very reasoned, sensible response to what happened over the course of the postseason.

  17. YankeeCase says:

    Well it’s taken me until now to finally write about this, and I still probably won’t be able to fully articulate my feelings. But it’s not all bad…

    First off, I had hoped that by staying away I’d somehow ‘unjinx’ the team and they’d make a comeback. In fact, that Game 3 loss was a bit encouraging in a weird way. No, no… Let me explain. First, there’s much you can expect going against Verlander. I know he wasn’t on his ‘A’ game, but he still has filthy stuff. And yeah, there were only two hits until the ninth, but the guys actually swung the bats and actually made contact! They didn’t look completely confuzzled at the plate. Yes, they couldn’t square up on almost any pitch, but the at-bats from earlier in the playoffs as compared to Game 3 were really night and day. Ok, it was still a loss, and any other time in the middle of the season you’d just say, “That dude is just an animal. No mas!!” And then you’d tip your cap.

    It helped that the lineup was different and Girardi finally came to his sense and didn’t stack three slumping hitters. So secretly I felt better going into Game 4, and finally felt some sort of positive with regards to the offense. Of course they had another crappy game the next time around thanks to Max Scherzer, but otherwise I really felt we’d see Verlander again in Game 7. It really sucks that I felt there were only two ‘honest’ losses in this series. (swinging with blindfolds on in the first two games doesn’t count to me…)

    Second, I really hate all this A-Rod hate going on. It’s really stupid that he’s the scapegoat in the media for the offensive issues. Ok, he’s not the greatest guy in the world, we know this already! And yes, he’s more likely than not in decline, but to say he’s done because he wasn’t even the same shell of a player after coming back from injury that he was the rest of the season is just ludicrous. Ok, done with that issue.

    Third, the team did have a hell of a year. They overcame so many injuries, battled two fierce foes for the division all the way to the last day, and ended the season with the best record in the American League. The pitching was amazing, including in the playoffs. Did you know the team only gave up double digit runs in seven games?! (yup, i went back and counted!) Gardner going down with the injury and Nuñez being sent down most of the year didn’t help the offense much. There were a lot of home runs, a record number in fact. In the end, the team willed itself into the ALCS despite the weak offense. The poor offense was hidden and sprayed over with the deodorant of advancing one round from the World Series. You can only imagine where this team would be if they had even an average offense as opposed to one that was historically bad. In the end, even though it was a sweep at the end, I feel good about the season and what they were able to accomplish. Like someone else mentioned here, being one of the final four teams standing is a great accomplishment.

    Oh, God… I meant for this to be short. I did it again. In the end, it was another enjoyable season which is always important to me. If your season isn’t successful, you won’t be getting into the playoffs to give yourself a chance for a title. I want to see another successful season next year and I think the way to make sure of that is by getting a few key pieces and letting others go. As much as I’ve enjoyed Swisher’s enthusiasm, and his antics, and his numbers, the poor numbers in the postseason pretty much assure he won’t be back. Not to say I wouldn’t mind seeing him back, but you can’t overlook those playoff numbers. I think A-Rod should stay, that’s just an overblown media created issue. I would love to see Ichiro back. I thought of him as a half season rental, like so many other players that’ve come through over the years, but he proved he can still hit. We need hits, not overswinging for the fences. Speaking of which, I think that was part of the problem. There were too many homer happy hitters who seemed to only try pulling the ball over the fence. I think that was Cano’s problem (haven’t seen him slap too many hits to left this year). And Granderson’s. And yeah, Swish. Someone mentioned trading for Shin-Soo Choo. That’s interesting. Maybe that’s an alternative to Ichiro. Let’s bring back Hiroki. Let’s bring back Andy.

    Alright I’m going to shut up already. I just want to see consistent hitting and some speed again is all. Pitching was really good, let’s keep it that way. I would hope that equals another postseason berth next season.


    Jane, I thank you for helping make this another fun season. And thanks to all the other loyal fellow She-Fans. I (almost) can’t wait for all the offseason Hot Stove talk this Winter!

  18. Jane Heller says:

    Sorry about the delayed response, YankeeCase. The blog was having technical problems today. I think most of us share your thoughts about the season and congratulate the Yanks for getting as far as they did. (I used the word “commend” in the post but same idea.) I agree that the attention on A-Rod has been over the top. I even got into it with Donald Trump, who trashed Alex on Michael Kay’s radio show and then tweeted about him. I tweeted back, “Leave A-Rod alone! Enough already.” No response. LOL. Anyhow, it’s too soon for me to dissect which players should go and which should stay at this point, though I know people are starting to do it. I think the coming days will be interesting, to say the least, if not the way we would have wanted them to go.