Rainout Video

October 17th, 2012 by Jane Heller

In case anyone forgot how adorable this Yankees team is, even during their postseason doldrums, I invite you to take a trip back to spring training.


No matter what happens in tomorrow’s game (if the rain isn’t hanging around Detroit), Letterman will still send a crew to Tampa and there will be laughs.

Speaking of tomorrow’s game, once again I’m not thrilled with the start time; 4pm on a Thursday isn’t exactly prime time. But MLB doesn’t ask my advice.

Good luck, everyone.




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7 Responses to “Rainout Video”

  1. Barbara says:

    Thanks for the laugh. That was fun. Yesterday I thought we’d win, today I am worried and think we are in trouble. I also have meetings and can barely follow the game. Good thing my agency just upgraded my phone so I can attempt to follow it during meetings. I am nervous.

  2. john says:

    That was great. Reminded me to start searching flights for Tampa in March.

  3. Diane Anziano says:

    We went to training camp once…the year A-Rod joined the team. It was so much fun to be around so many Yankees fans, and I got to meet George Steinbrenner. He was just sitting there with a line of people in front of him, willing to talk and sign autographs. His only request was that we let any children in line come to the front of the line. He was one amazing person.

    So, did John Sterling yell last night…”The Yankees didn’t lose…TTTTHHHEE YANKEES DIDN’T LOSE”. 4 PM game today – that should help C.C. – not that he needs help, other than from the bats. Lots of noise today about The Yankees trading A-Rod to a NL team…we’ll see what happens. And Jeter is having surgery today — ready to play in 5 months!!! You’re in our prayers, Jeet. GO YANKEES!!!

  4. Jane Heller says:

    I thought we needed a laugh, Barbara. The bit with Dave Robertson and the seeds really cracked me up. I have work problems too this afternoon (the game is on at 1pm here, which really bugs me), but I’ll find a way to keep up with it. Don’t be nervous. It’s still CC going out there for us.

    Yes, John. You’d better get those tickets.

    When I read about Jeter’s surgery, Diane, I wrote on Twitter that I was volunteering to be his caregiver during his recuperation. LOL. He’ll be as good as new. You know him. As for the trading rumors, Cashman shot them down very forcefully. I can’t see anything going on during a playoff series, so I believe him.

  5. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    Bummer about the game last night …even bigger bummer …if miracles occur and they get to game 7…no CC.

    When I heard it was a rain delay (even though the first 64 minutes it didn’t rain) I figured I’d give it till 9:30 and then I was going to head home because I didn’t want to be riding the trains at 2:00 am in the morning not getting home till maybe 3:30 am. The game was called so I didn’t have to worry. I still didn’t get home till 10:30 but I had a good time with all my Yankee friends talking Yankee baseball and eating dinner together. I can’t stand that the game is on at 4:00 today as I will have to miss a good portion while traveling home from work. I’m hoping they can win this game then on to the next …one game at a time. In My Yanks I trust …Go CC !!! Go Yankees !!

    Diane …DJ’s surgery is today? I read Saturday. Either way …he definitely is in all our prayers. Jane…don’t be greedy ..let us all share in the caregiving …haha. We can take turns helping our darling DJ back to being the SS we all know and love.

    As for Spring Training …I’ve been there 4 times and enjoyed it. Now if I make the trip to Florida I prefer to go when they play the actual games in Tampa. Spring Training at least once is a must tho’.

    Here’s to our boys showing fight and taming those tigers today ….GOOOOOOOOO YANKEES !!!!

    Go Yankees 2012 !!!

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Jeter’s surgery is Saturday, Peggy. Diane must be so worried about him that she got confused!

  7. Bob Cerv says:

    Two old friends call me almost daily this time of year. Jersey Bob and Baseball Donnie (no, not Mattingly). Their takes on the game are quite different.

    Jersey Bob you may recall. General Gloom & Doom. On a GOOD day he has only one or two bad things to say about the Yankees…and he’s a lifelong fan. You know the type. Imagine his comments lately…

    Baseball Donnie, maybe not. A heart attack survivor for 2 years, and a midwesterner with another view. Never a Yankee fan, he still appreciates the game. Don says that if they weren’t “The Yankees,” this team would get a ton of admiration & respect for what they’ve already overcome & achieved this year. This is what you’ve been saying, but it’s nice to hear it from an unsolicited POV. And something else. We both have noted that in recent times, once 3-0, when a team does NOT sweep in 4 games, the press goes evermore nuts and the doubts redouble exponentially. One Day At A Time. Then let’s see what happens.