ALDS Game 5: Another Celebration!

October 12th, 2012 by Jane Heller

Since Game 1 of the ALCS is tomorrow night and Andy Pettitte abstained from alcohol consumption in the clubhouse so he could take the mound without a hangover, I followed his example for my clinching photo. No champagne but lots of tattoos. (I got the idea after watching CC at his press conference, sporting that sleeveless shirt with all those insane tats running down his arms.)

What an ace. He took the game and put it on his massive back. Even Amber tweeted about what a beast he is and signed it with the hashtag “proud wife.” Aww.

It was another tense battle, as only Yankees-Orioles games are these days, and that first run felt like relief, although I knew we had to pad the lead. How cool that Tex stole second! How cool that Ichiro stole second! How cool that Granderson broke through his fog! How cool that Raul continued to be, well, cool!

I thought Showalter was classy in his post-game remarks, not only commending the umpires for their handling of the disputed homer but congratulating the Yankees for moving forward. He must be quite the role model to those young players in Baltimore. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of tight contests with them next year.

And now it’s onto the Tigers. At least we don’t have Verlander tomorrow, but Miguel Cabrera? Scary. But let’s worry about tomorrow tomorrow and let the happiness of tonight linger.



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18 Responses to “ALDS Game 5: Another Celebration!”

  1. Audrey says:

    Finally a good night’s sleep, at least after my heart stopped pounding so hard from the eighth inning. Tex stealing a base and then scoring on a single was crazy – how many times during the regular season was he held at 3rd under similar circumstances? But he busted it out. And Ibanez continuing to be clutch – priceless. The Jeter-Ichiro tandem – exciting. And Grandy’s HR- so happy for him (and us).

    CC was amazing and it is so comforting to see his bulky form on the mound. I loved his after-game interview.You really get the feeling that the Yankees enjoy winning in the regular season but it’s all really about the post-season.That’s when it really becomes fun.

    What a great series. I had declared from the beginning that if the Yankees didn’t win it I would throw my allegience to the Os and root for them to take the whole thing (though my resolve was somewhat challenged after their home games and those obnoxious, handkerchief-waving fans) and I stand by that. The Os are a classy organization. Fortunately, that is not an option.

    Speaking of priceless, did you see the Subaru commercial with the chocolate lab? Being a dog-lover and a chocolate lab owner, that ad really brought tears to my eyes. I had to hug my own old girl, who was loyally cheering on the Yankees with hubby and me (though with both eyes shut).

  2. Barbara says:

    That was so tense at times I could barely watch and at other times I felt so calm and sure we would win.
    I am thankful that the As took Detroit to 5 games so we don’t have to start with verlander. It should we another tough series. I can’t believe we don’t have a day to exhale but the tension starts again today. We are so lucky to be Yankee fans!

  3. Jane Heller says:

    I missed the commercial, Audrey. Maybe it’s online? No doubt they’ll show it during the ALCS. Speaking of Tex, I had a dream about him last night. It was sooo weird. He had this gigantic house (which I’m sure is true) but he was a middle aged man with a bad comb-over and he was wearing a smoking jacket and smoking a far cigar!

    Nope, no day to exhale, Barbara, but in a way I’m glad. I don’t like the layoffs when they sit around. And yes, we are very lucky to be Yankee fans!

    Btw, nobody has a comment about my photo?? Michael will be crushed that he did all that Photo Shopping for nothing!

  4. Leo says:

    Let’s hope we have more to celebrate later and we see you bathing in some bubbly Jane. I had faith in CC to give us a quality start but I never expected him to give us a complete game. Not in the playoffs at least. It’s frightens me to think how much in disarray our rotation would be without a solid ace like him to lead it. All is well now that we won the series but I hope now is the time the offense breaks out. Or at least gets some type of contributions from the offensive core so we don’t put the same pressure on the pitching staff. Like Barbara said, too bad we can’t so much as catch our breaths before the next round but that’s what makes it fun. Good thing the bullpen got to rest a bit.

  5. Ruth says:


  6. Jane Heller says:

    A champagne bath. Good idea for a World Series photo if there is one, Leo.

    #MeToo, Ruth.

  7. Terry S says:


    After a wonderful time in the stadium, I got back to the train station, hopped on my motorcycle, and hit the start button. Nothing. Dead. Of course nothing could bother me at that point. While I waited for my sister to pick me up, I checked your blog. Yep – I was the middled aged chick laughing maniacally about your “tats”!

  8. Jane Heller says:

    Terry S, I love the image of a middle aged chick riding a motorcycle out of Yankee Stadium, even it wouldn’t start! Are you sure you’re not the one with the tats? LOL. Really glad you were there to see the game. Must have been a great one to be at.

  9. jane says:

    With that early start and annual all school band night at the football game, I wasn’t able to catch any of the game–rats! At least we got the outcome we wanted. So happy for Granderson–it’s gotta be terrible having a slump like that, especially in the postseason. Everyone delivers when it comes down to the wire. I would agree with Audrey–Buck and Co are a classy organization. They will be a force in the years to come.
    I really wanted to see the Nats advance–such an electric bunch. We will be seeing more of them in the postseason in the upcoming years too.

  10. Jane Heller says:

    That early start screwed a lot of people up, Jane. The Stadium looked half full at game time, what with Friday rush-hour traffic and people having to work. But what a happy outcome.

  11. Audrey says:

    Jane, Michael did a awesome job with your tats! I thought you had drawn them on with washable markers and was dreading the process of getting rid of them on your behalf.

  12. Jane Heller says:

    I suggested that to him, Audrey, and he said, “Are you crazy? You’ll never get that ink off.” So Photo Shop seemed the next best thing. Easy on the skin!

  13. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    First ..Jane you CRACK me up …those tats are terrible but fantastic ..hahaha

    I was at the clincher last night and it was AWESOME !!! I got there around 4:30 and if the Stadium had a 100 people in their seats I would have been surprised. By 5:00 it was about half filled but by the end it was crowded and it was noisy throughout the game. I guess not everyone has a boss as understanding as mine and let me leave at 3:30 to get to the game in time. It was a tough start time Friday for most people. Anyway.. we were standing for every last K pitch for CC. Every out got a big roar. Unlike the Ibanez game the fans were in it from the beginning to the end. The CC CC CC chants were GREAT!!!
    The Big Guy definitely showed why he’s an ACE !!! It was loud and noisy and fun. My stomach was in knots and I couldn’t eat most of the day (a miracle for me Of course, once the game ended I was STARVING ! That 8th inning was a killer but thankfully CC did the killing and ended the rally. We were all surprised to see him come out in the 9th but I loved it. I have to say …I did feel bad for Alex. This had to be tough on him and it’s not like the others except for Raul, Jeter and Tex were doing anything that terrific. I’m so hoping he can have one really good game to get the fans off his back. He’s a Yankee and I just want him to succeed. Now it’s on to the Tigers and it won’t be easy but I feel the Yankees can do it. I’m going to the games tonight & tomorrow. Can’t wait !!!!

    Jane…do you know the author Cecilia Tan? She wrote a book “The Fifty Greatest Yankee Games” and she has also written other stuff including a baseball romance book called “Hot Streak”. I was sitting next to her and we chatted all night. She also has a blog called “Why I Like Basebal”l. Naturally, I told her and her agent who was with her that they should definitely read “Confessions of She Fan” and your blog. I told them you were such a talented writer and a terrific person and they wouldn’t regret giving the book and blog a read. The funny thing is that I actually have her book and as soon as she said her name I knew her. She is a huge Yankee fan living in Boston. She came down for the game last night and the rest of the weekend. I’m going to bring the book with me tonight so she can autograph it for me.

    Well ..I better stop typing and start getting ready to leave for the game. It’s going to be cold so I’m bundling up tight. Thankfully, tomorrow looks to be a beautiful day in the 70’s.

    I hope everyone enjoys the games and the rest of the weekend. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANDY !!! GOOOOOOOOOOOO YANKEES !!!!

    Go Yankees 2012 !!!

  14. Jane Heller says:

    Of course you were there, Peggy. As I always say, you go where the action is! And yes, you do have an understanding boss. I was talking about Alex with a friend this morning and trying to put myself in his shoes. Tyler Kepner’s article in the NYT today was about lowered expectations for him and how, while he may still be productive in many ways (great arm at third, stealing, walks, hits against lefties), it’s time to stop expecting him to be the great player he once was. I don’t know Cecilia Tan, but what fun that you met her and her agent. I should hire you as my publicist! Have fun tonight and – you know what’s coming next – bring us luck.

  15. MARGARET says:

    Aubrey – my husband and I have a sweet chocolate lab too and every time we see that we get all misty eyed.
    We are such suckers for a dog and a choc. lab especially.

    I was texting Yankee fan/friends in Ohio and Pa….I couldn’t sit still it was crazy.
    Then I watched the Nats lose after our game in such a horrific way, it broke my heart. Since they are my hometown team I was rooting for them. I would have loved a NYY vs Nats WS. With the Yanks winning of course.

    While A-Rod has been frustrating me all year for some reason last night I felt so badly for him. Broke my heart a bit.

    Here’s to a great series with the Tigers – GO YANKEES!!

    btw – Jane you are rockin’ the tats!!

  16. Peggy says:

    Oh ..I forgot to mention the Babs Concert. There are no words to describe but I’ll try…haha. I was so thrilled to see her. She is truly amazing and one of a kind. I couldn’t help but start crying when I heard her voice live for the very first time. It was truly emotional for me as I have wanted to see her perform for over 40 years. I didn’t feel in the least odd because so many others were crying right along with me…her voice has that effect because is just so beautiful. Unlike most others, she sounds better live than on a recording. She had a little bit of a sore throat but who knew because her voice sounded like “buttah”. I loved her duet with her son…she looked so proud of him. I certainly know where he got his talent. Hopefully they collaberate in the future on a duet album. The ticket was costly and I didn’t get home till 1:30 am but it was certainly all worth it. I LOVED IT !!!!

    My only disappointment that night was the Yankee loss which I didn’t find out about till I got off the train at 1:15 am as they were still playing in the 13th inning when I started the ride home. Actually, I guess it all worked out because I was able to be at the clincher …butterflies in the stomach and all. Well…I’m off to the game ..Let’s Go Yankees, Let’s Go Yankees, Let’s Go Yankees !!!!

    Go Yankees 2012 !!

  17. Jane Heller says:

    I just read about the Nats and their sad end to the season, Peg. Sorry to you and others who were rooting for them. Glad you liked my tats.:)

    Thanks for the Babs report, Peggy. Wonderful that the concert and Babs herself were everything you’d hoped they’d be. I would have cried too if she sang “The Way We Were,” just because I’d start picturing her and Redford standing in front of the Plaza, not getting back together. That ending kills me!

  18. Peggy says:

    I’m at the Stadium. It’s going to be a cold nIght but I’m prepared.
    She did sing the Way We Were in a tribute to Marvin Hamlisch(not sure of
    the spelling). The ending gets me too. Robert Redford was so gorgeous.
    Who would ‘t fall in love with him. Here’s to a Yankee win!

    Go Yankees 2012!!!