ALDS Game 1: CC Gets The Job Done

October 7th, 2012 by Jane Heller

I was very grouchy after the loooong wait for this game. I got even grouchier as the scored remained deadlocked and the Yankees had me flashing back to their RISP failures of the regular season. Between the stranded runners, the baserunning blunders and Jeter’s uncharacteristic bobble, I couldn’t stop growling. I even grumbled that Cano must have been reading all the articles about his “sweet swing” because instead of carrying the offense he couldn’t seem to stop swinging at balls. There was only one happy note: CC. He kept getting routine outs from the Orioles and kept my hopes alive.

And then along came the Russ Bus.

Martin’s homer against Johnson in the ninth was worth waiting for. Suddenly, I could breathe. Whew. And then the floodgates opened and the game became fun with a 7-2 score.

CC. Wow. Maybe his time-out with the injury gave him a second wind because he’s been great ever since he came back. He sure earned his money tonight.

It’s always a relief to win the first one in a short series (at the away ballpark, no less), so this was big. What to make of the packed house of orange wearing, “Yankees suck” chanting people? I’d only ask: Where were they all season long and couldn’t they have come up with a more creative way to disparage the opponent?

And then there was TBS’ coverage. Ripken and Smoltz were exceptional players, obviously, but didn’t they sound depressed when the Yanks scored in the ninth? I thought somebody had died.





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13 Responses to “ALDS Game 1: CC Gets The Job Done”

  1. Sean K says:

    One down, two to go in this series. Hope we can get ’em without too much drama.

    The [ugh] Tigers probably await in the ALCS if we get there. Justin [expletive] Verlander looks like a beast…

  2. Barbara says:

    It was painful and I was listening to John and Susyn lament the risp position thing over and over. The mlb broadsast on the computer is too weird to watch with one camera only and i had given up the tv. i went to sleep with the runner on second and no out assuming we lost. I just watched it this morning and the announcers do sound like they have nothing to say since they are feeling too miserable when we score. Perhaps cal for the Yankees orioles series makes no sense wince he’s rather biased. I don’t care since we won.

  3. Christiaan says:

    I didn’t find the coverage to be horrible– God knows Fox and ESPN are worse. TBS even commended some of the Yankees players! Can’t wait for the next two rounds with Buck and McCarver.
    The homerun by Martin was great– probably about 2 seconds before the commentators said home run hitting would be very hard given Johnson’s sinker and the cold weather. Maybe he has played himself into a multiyear contract with the Yanks.

  4. Diane Anziano says:

    I agree…this was a much better broadcast than those we have to suffer through on Fox or ESPN. And this was just the kind of win I like…stay in it until close to the end and then score enough runs that anyone could close it out. When they shore all their runs early, I’m always afraid the opposing team will make a come back. But you knew they weren’t going to come back in the 9th. The only down side for me was the rain delay but I’m glad they didn’t start the game and then have the starters sit back. The last time that happened to C.C. it was a fiasco.

    I don’t know if you talked about these next 2 things before, so if you did I apologize. But #1…the one game playoff was ridiculous – especially with what happened to The Braves. If they need that round at all, it has to be a 3-game series. #2…starting this series in Baltimore gives them the advantage – looking back after The Yankees won it obviously didn’t have a bad result, but what if The Orioles had won both of their home games? Then The Yankees would have to win 3 in a row – exactly what does “home field advantage” mean? I was listeneing to Michael Kay and he said that next year it will be 2 – 2 – 1; like it should have been in the first place.

    I feel like I’m always playing weatherman, but tonight’s game might be another delayed start if the weather reports are correct. Hopefully we have the same out come – I’m counting on Andy to beat the rookie. GO YANKEES!!!

  5. Jane Heller says:

    There’s always drama, Sean. It’s the playoffs.

    Nice to wake up to good news, Barbara.

    On the TBS thing, everyone, Cal’s a very decent guy and I respect him tremendously. I guess my point with all of these broadcasts, whatever the network, is why is there never a former Yankee great in the booth for our games?

    Yeah, I loved that Martin came through exactly after they said that, Christiaan.

    You like these kind of wins, Diane? When we have to wait until the ninth to win? You must have nerves of steel! I agree about the one-game playoff and the so-called home field advantage, but then I think the whole system is ridiculous. I know it gets more fans into the game (and more revenue for the teams that make it in), but I’m just not in favor of it. Sorry to hear about the potential weather problem. I thought it was supposed to be OK there once that rain came through last night.

  6. Uncle Mike says:

    I was listening on WCBS, so I didn’t hear if Ripken mentioned that the Oriole fans abandoned ship after the Martin homer, when it was only 3-2 in a bandbox.

  7. Sean K says:

    My buddy at work just passed on Colin Cowherd’s remark about the game to me. “The Yankees did what we expected — CC pitched well, Jeter ground out an at-bat and got a crucial hit, and A-Rod struck out like he always does.” I’m no fan of Herd, but he’s absolutely right. Jeter always seems to come through and with the exception of that one good postseason, A-Rod always chokes.

  8. yankeefansince1941 says:

    Enjoyed the game, even the commentators. Compared to the White Sox crew, they are absolutely grand. And Christiaan, I have heard that Martin will be looking for a good contract elsewhere. Got that off his comment on Facebook. If he reads comments to his posts, he will see that I told him that if he sticks around, he will be able to hit more home runs in the World Series next year. Hope he pays attention.And, Jane, I’m with you. I want to see us score our ten runs in the first inning and hold on from there.

  9. Jane Heller says:

    No, he neglected to mention that, Uncle Mike, but Michael Kay did on Twitter.

    A-Rod hasn’t played well this entire year but especially not since his latest injury, Sean. I don’t think it’s about choking in the playoffs.

    Not sure what the Yankees will do about Martin, yankeefansince1941. It’s not as if we have a prospect ready to take his place. I assume they’ll let Swisher walk, but Martin too? We shall see.

  10. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans …

    I watched the game with my Yankee Meetup Group at The Hill in the city. We had about 20-25 from the group and it was a great time with a fantastic Yankee win. My daughter and her hubby went to Baltimore (asked if I wanted to go but passed after two weeks of back problems…otherwise…you know I would have been there). They sat through the chill and rain but thought it was well worth it with the win. They didn’t get home till 4:30 am (good thing I didn’t go as it was my first day back at work today). I loved what the Big Guy did …he pitched a terrific game and I wish he could have gotten that last out but I’m so happy with his big time performance. Nice contributions from the TEAM. Seems like just about everyone did a little something in the game. Swish and Tex both making contributions (what a nice play on the scoop at lst by watching him play his position ..the best). Martin has played quite well the past month and a half. I was also happy to see Robbie get that swing back in his final at bat…hopefully, he will pick up where he left off before the short rest. Alex didn’t have it tonight but you never know ..he could wind up being the hero of the game tonight. Here’s to Andy pitching a dandy and the Yankees scoring early and often. Can’t wait for the game …I’m still hoping to be at another clincher by Kuroda on Wednesday. GOOOOOOOOO YANKEES !!!

    Go Yankees 2012 !!

    P.S. …Another reason I want them to clinch on Wednesday is the fact I’ll miss most of the game on Thursday as I’ll be at Barbra Streisand’s concert (I’m am sooooooo excited…I love Babs). She’s going to be performing a duet with her son which will be his first appearance in front of an audience. I can’t wait !!!
    I’ll be getting a look at the new Barclay Center in Brooklyn too as that is where she is performing. I have two big nights in a row…Yay!!

  11. Jane Heller says:

    Peggy, isn’t her Barclay Center concert about $600 a ticket? If so, you must really love her. LOL.

  12. Ruth says:

    What a great performance by CC! I wish he could have gotten the CG, but of course I’m thrilled with a win. Can’t wait to watch Andy’s iconic stare-down tonight (and you gotta apprciate how quickly Andy works). So far it’s overcast and cool here, but no rain, so hopefully no delay tonight. But the weather is much better than yesterday, so hopefully if there is a delay, it won’t be as long. Go Yankees! Go She-Fans!

    Peggy – this may be getting into Mainly Jane territory, but I saw a movie poster today for ‘The Guilt Trip,’ a movie starring Seth Rogen and Babs…opening Christmas Day…..could be interesting and hilarious!

  13. Jane Heller says:

    Good news about the weather there, Ruth. I will plan my evening accordingly!