Power Surge!

October 1st, 2012 by Jane Heller

Was that second inning a blast or what? Small ball, schmall ball. There’s nothing like a barrage of homers to make me smile, especially in such an important game. I never wanted the inning to end, even though I worried that CC might take a nap and come back groggy.

I needn’t have worried. After those nine runs, our ace returned to the mound and pitched us closer to a division title. There was griping in many corners that Girardi should have taken him out after the fifth, to keep him fresh for a possible playoff game on Friday. I suppose a case could be made that using Garcia for three innings or so wouldn’t have been a bad idea. But I’m also in the camp that you play to win the game you’re playing, not project into the future, so I was okay with the decision. We may need arms for tomorrow when Phelps gets the start, so why not save a few.

Back to the offense, how great was it to see Tex bash one in his first appearance since the injury? And Gardner batted. And Melky Mesa got his first ML hit. Maybe the Yanks can break out these T-shirts again.

It was all good in Yankeeville – an evening made even better with the news that the Rays had beaten the O’s.

So here we are, with a chance to clinch tomorrow night. No telling what will go on at the Trop, but let’s just hope our boys saved some of that firepower for Lester so they can take care of business in the Bronx.



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13 Responses to “Power Surge!”

  1. YankeeCase says:

    Wow, what an inning! I took a friend of mine to her first ever Yankee game, and after the inning she basically was like, “This game is over already, huh?” I laughed and said, “Well, it’s baseball. We’ll see.”

    That first Cano home run was simply an amazing shot from vantage point. I was somewhat close and the sound of the ball off the bat was… Err. There’s no way to describe it but by saying it sounded like pure power! I’m surprised it didn’t go further.

    And then Grandy hit one!

    And then Mark Teixeira in his first game back!

    And then Russell Martin! I haven’t seen any of the replays yet, so I can’t really say what the debate was whether it was truly gone or not, but it definitely looked gone to me. Actually it looked like a double to me, and my friend said, “Another one!” But then it looked like it went over the wall clear enough.

    I wouldn’t have been surprised had CC been taken out, but he’s a workhouse. Like you said Jane, save the bullpen for tomorrow, just in case…

    Cano with a big night, Tex with his return, Martin continues showing power, Swisher getting hot, and then a Gardner at-bat (I did a double take and then got up and clapped with the rest of the crowd!), and then Melky Mesa with his first ever hit and RBI (I had previously seen a few opponents with their first hits and home run, but never a Yankee! The closest was David Robertson’s debut in Shea Stadium in 2008)! I did miss them tossing the ball into the dugout though… :( And then I kept looking up at the scoreboard, watching the Tampa Bay/Baltimore score. A woman shouted out the game went final and there was a small cheering section before the final was posted on the board. The crowd went ape-poop when it did!

    What a good night!

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Great night to be at the Stadium, YankeeCase. So glad you were there to see it all. Cano’s homer did sound like a shot right off the bat. Martin’s was worthy of debate. YES showed many replays and clearly the fan (wearing a Pedroia jersey, no less) reached out over the wall and the ball seemed to hit him on the wrist. So while I think we got lucky, it was also possible the ball would have gone over the wall anyway. Done deal. Love the comment your friend made after the inning. LOL.

  3. SBlue says:

    That inning was crazy. It seems I can breath easy now. That was a complete beatdown for the poor Sox. Everyone contributed except a few guys including Stone Cold Steve Alex. *sign*

    Aside from the AL East race, I’ve been keeping tabs with the AL West race too. That Oakland team is legit and they may be able to sweep the Rangers. They could take the West and we get homefield. Yay!

  4. Jane Heller says:

    I’m not breathing easy until this series is over and we have the title, SBlue. No matter how hapless the Red Sox look, you never know. The AL West race is interesting. At the moment, the A’s are up by a run in the 7th. We shall see.

  5. Barbara says:

    I didn’t thinks it would be possible to have a pressure free Yankee Red Sox game but it was delightful. I’m still nervous but for today all is well. Go phelps.
    Ps, Melissa, I hope you come back. You are missed

  6. Sean K says:

    Now we control our own destiny again. 2 more wins against the Red Sux and we assure ourselves a division title and at minimum a best of 5 series in the playoffs, and avoid having EVERYTHING riding on one game.

    I just hope we don’t end up playing Detroit. Having to play against Verlander in game 1 and potentially a decisive game 5 is a bit of a scary thought.

  7. Audrey says:

    I was hoping we’d have a Janer by the end of the 2nd inning (would that be a record?) but when it worked out the way it did with Melky Mesa getting his first major league hit and rbi – well, that was perfect! Fantastically fun game. So glad YankeeCase was there representing the Shefan contingent. The Rangers’ loss was the cherry on top. What a great way to be heading toward the post-season – Go Yankees!!

  8. Chika says:

    I slept well last night.
    But too bad people around here in St Pete totally lost interests in baseball, they are now into NFL so not a whole a lot of cheers are going on.
    Am I the only in town cheer Rays nowadats?? That is pretty a strange picture because I never do such a thing. hmm…
    Speaking of a strange picture, is the guy who caught Russ’s homerun a Red Sox fan? He was wearing Red Sox jersey at right field. And when he did, I saw him very excited.
    Own fan helps to lose a game. That’s not how I remember so-called a rival Red Sox but at this point, who cares?

  9. Hello Jane,

    Still faithfully following (and enjoying) your blog. The second half of this season has been a struggle for our Yankees but nothing good comes easy. I’m with you about leaving CC in last night’s game. Win the game you’re playing especially if you need it to avoid the wild card round. That should be Yankee’s only goal at this point. Take the AL East title first and foremost. Having said that, do you agree with the decision to start Phelps instead of Nova tonight?

    Today’s Yankee birthdays include Andre Robertson, Spec Shea, and a former Yankee shortstop named Joe Buzas who bought and sold 83 minor league teams after his playing career ended.

  10. Diane Anziano says:

    That was a nice surprise…and I do mean “surprise”. I totally was not expecting that kind of dominance, even with the season The Red Sox are having. And I agree, there is no reason not to look for the long ball as often as possible – they are game changers. I kind of think they should have pulled C.C. earlier to keep him ready for the post season but we’ll see what happens. I know its highly unlikely but we really need to sweep this final series. Let’s Go Phelps. GO YANKEES!!!

  11. Jane Heller says:

    You’re so right, Barbara. It was miraculously pressure-free after that inning. After Cano’s homer, actually, which made me relax.

    One game at a time, Sean. That’s my motto.

    I was hoping for a Janer in that inning too, Audrey, but then I felt greedy. Haha. I was happy to get the extra run later though.

    I was surprised by the attendance at the Trop last night, Chika, but as you say people there seem to have turned to football already. Their attendance hasn’t never been much to write home about to start with.

    Hi, Pinstripe Birthdays. And thanks for the latest Yankee birthday news. I do agree with the decision to start Phelps over Nova tonight. He’ll have a short hook, but the pen should be fresh.

    CC had a nice rest on the DL, Diane, and came back a new pitcher. His pitch count was very efficient last night (these are not the patient Red Sox hitters of old), so I was okay with leaving him out there and saving Robertson and company.

  12. newyawklover says:

    The Yankees really put their stamp of authority on that one early last evening. I haven’t yet read any Boston press today, but I intend to, as there may be some derision there to delight in. I was reading Yankee press bits this morning, and I found the news that our young stud pitching prospect Banuelos will be having Tommy Johns surgery on Thursday. All the best to him.

    Keep your foot in it, Yankees.

  13. Jane Heller says:

    Yeah, sad about Banuelos, NYL. Betances has been down and out too. So much for the Killer B’s at the moment.