Oh, Come On, Yankeeeeees. Stop Making This So Hard!

September 29th, 2012 by Jane Heller


Okay, I didn’t yell that loud and my hair didn’t stand up, but almost. Today’s loss was soooo frustrating. The Blue Jays are the worst base runners in the history of life and yet the Yanks still couldn’t take advantage. Ugh.

Andy wasn’t bad. So he gave up a few runs. Shouldn’t have been a biggie, not with what this offense is capable of. And yet….what offense? Not enough of one today.

There was some great defense by the Yankees though, and I need to take the opportunity to compliment Swisher for his work at first base. He’s been tremendous subbing for Tex – more than we could have hoped for.

But now we’re stuck waiting for the O’s and Red Sox to play tonight, which is the opposite of controlling your own destiny. Whatever the outcome, I hope tomorrow’s a better day.



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6 Responses to “Oh, Come On, Yankeeeeees. Stop Making This So Hard!”

  1. SBlue says:

    This whole situation feels eerily familiar….it feels like last year. Red Sox fans cheered for the Yankees to win against the Rays. We found it funny and happy that the Sox collapsed. Now it feels like karma.

    I’m scared now and yet I’m not surprised with the countless lost opportunties we miss. This really sucks. I really don’t know what to think anymore.

  2. Sean K says:

    Can we at a minimum clinch a playoff spot? At this point I’ll take the playoffs even as a wild card, although i would certainly prefer to win the division.

    The worst case scenario would be tying with Baltimore, losing a 1 game playoff for the division and having to play a second 1 game playoff as the wild card team. If we’re going to be a wild card have it be “clean” so we can have our best pitcher ready for that game. I’m not even sure if there’s a 2 way tie for the division there is a playoff to decide it in the situation where the loser would be a wild card.

    Anyway, let’s get our guys playing well going i9nto the postseason and see if we can get on a roll through it. And no (more) injuries down the stretch!

  3. Barbara says:

    That was painful. We had chances and chances. Now I fear the Red Sox will knock us out of first whilst handing it to the os. Perhaps Tampa will save us. Bizarre. I just realized I will be blacked out of yes feeds to end the season. Bummer. That leaves me with Jon and Susyn to end the season or Yankee broadcasts. We better win or I’ll be twice as miserable

  4. Barbara says:

    Ok. I meant Red Sox broadcasts but I guess I couldn’t bear to type it

  5. Sean K says:

    If we do have to play in the 1-game wild card, who would our starter for that game be? There are 4 regular games left, so it would be Andy’s turn in the rotation, i think… unless Joe decided to start someone on short [or long] rest.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    It does feel a little like Karma, SBlue, but – call me crazy – I still think we’ll win the division. Somehow.

    I don’t even want to think about the Wild Card, Sean. I’m going for the division.

    I’ve been stuck with the Toronto broadcasts on TV this weekend, Barbara, except when I’m in my car listening to John and Suzyn or at the computer with the YES team. I’ll probably get only the NESN feed for that TV series so it’ll be the computer/radio for me.