Missed This One

September 26th, 2012 by Jane Heller

Day games during the week aren’t doable for me – especially not when I’m in promotion mode for my new book – so I didn’t get to watch CC being CC and all the other heroics. Sounds like it was a fun game though with very few, if any, nervous moments. Well, there was Chavez’s brain cramp – I can’t blame these guys for forgetting how many outs there are or even what city they’re in, not when it’s such a long season – but fortunately everybody had a laugh about it.

I do wonder if A-Rod will end up being a May-Not-Help-Us-In-The-Postseason player, like Tex and Gardner (yes, Brett can pinch run, but I don’t get using him for defensive purposes). Doesn’t it seem as if Alex is always hurt or coming back from being hurt or trying to find his old swing? He didn’t foul that ball off his foot on purpose, obviously, but it’s always something nowadays. I do wish he could string together a stretch of innings where he gives us some pop in the lineup.

And now four games in Toronto. The Rogers Centre isn’t as claustrophobic as the Trop, but turf is turf. Ugh.



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6 Responses to “Missed This One”

  1. Sean K says:

    Another day closer to a playoff spot. Really, at this point there’s not much to say until the playoffs begin. We’re winding down the regular season and about to begin the part of the seaon where this team will be judged.

    I think it’s safe to say we’ll be in the playoffs now, so… let’s set our goals high! On to the World Series! [I hope.]

    (I know, one game at a time, yada yada. But as a fan, you have to be thinking big!)

  2. Diane Anziano says:

    A delightful win, especially for C.C. — just sad that Jeter’s hitting streak came to an end — what was it, like 19 or 20 games? But I’m sure he’d take a win like that any day. Also, what do you think it says when they move him to the second batting slot and put Ichiro first? Which one is potentially more productive? I guess its close either way because you want a guy to get on and then you want a guy to move the first guy up. Anyway, The O’s won again but we stay ahead by more than a game.

    So, Jane. I may have missed it before, but I didn’t know you have a new book out — what’s the title? As you are already aware, I have literally read ALL of your books and I was tremendously entertained by all of them. But back to the Yankees…GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Jane Heller says:

    Not me, Sean. I’m still taking it one game at a time. The World Series is a long way off at this point.

    There was a lot of discussion about Jeter going back to the #2 spot in the order and Ichiro batting leadoff, Diane. I like Jeter leading off because he does (or has in the past) hit into a lot of double plays batting second. But maybe with his ankle giving him trouble, they think Ichiro has a better chance of legging out a leadoff single? Go to the home page of this site, Diane. I’ve been writing about the new book for awhile. It’s nonfiction. If you’re caring for a parent, grandparent, child or spouse or you know someone who is, the book is for you/them. It’s got my humor and tells my personal story with Michael, but it’s also got lots of advice from experts. Check it out.

  4. Bob Cerv says:

    I just adore 4. Don’t you? But for me…the magic is closer with 3…so let it roll, and may it be…!
    (Yet it’s true — the magic is nicer with 2!!)

  5. yankeefansince1941 says:

    Been out of town for a few days and am just catching up. My kids threw a party for my 80th birthday with a Yankee theme. They gave me a panoramic picture of Yankee Stadium plus an enlarged box score from the game of September 22, 1932, the day of my birth, and half a dozen baseballs autographed by all the attendees at the party. It was a blast. My younger son and I kept checking the droid for the Yankee score. that was the game where we had to score 4 runs in the ninth to keep it going and won in the tenth.
    So now we are in the final week, seven games to play and with our opponents being the Jays and the Red Sox, I am confident that we will emerge victorious. Have I told you that back in January I placed a wager in Reno that the Yankees would win the series? Only five bucks, but it will certainly heighten the interest level.
    That game in 1932, we won 8-7. Lineup included Ruth, Gehrig, Dickey Crossetti and Lefty Gomez among others. Beat the Philadelphia A’s.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Happy Birthday, yankeefansince1941! And how nice of your kids to celebrate your special day in Yankees style. Let’s hope your $5 bet pays dividends.