Seriously, Joe?

September 25th, 2012 by Jane Heller

I try not to second guess Girardi’s bullpen moves even though I think he’s overly devoted to his binder. My feeling is you stop worrying about lefty-righty match-ups if your starter is doing well and his pitch count is manageable, and you let him keep pitching. Especially at this time of year. Starters should be going 100-120 pitches (except Andy). They can rest their arms over the winter.

Tonight felt like an egregious mistake by the Yankees skipper. Hughes was zipping along until the 7th when he loaded the bases. But there were two outs and he was under 100 pitches and he’d handled Denard Span with relative ease earlier in the game. Why pull him for Boone Logan, who’s been iffy lately? And once Logan got into trouble, why leave him in? The camera caught Hughes F-bombing and I don’t blame him.

I was even less happy when the Yanks couldn’t come back and win, given the loss by the O’s. Talk about a missed opportunity. This one hurt.



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13 Responses to “Seriously, Joe?”

  1. YankeeCase says:

    This one really got me mad! Not to say a 3-1 lead is comfortable, but it was as comfortable as possible. I had a feeling yesterday we’d blow this game! (just one of those dumb superstition things that we all have. don’t think weird of me, please…)

    I think Logan’s been used waaaay too much. There’s one every year, isn’t there? I mean pitching in HALF the games in a season must be bad for you, right? Can Joe give the dude a break? Maybe a week off? Seriously.

    But what really got me was at the end, letting Nix bat. Nothing against the guy, but we just got back within a run thanks to Andruw Jones putting some bad mojo into a pitch. And while there aren’t any other power hitters on the bench, surely one of the other guys had a better chance of either hitting one out or getting on? Chavez? Nuñez? McGehee? Dickerson? Or maybe get one of these guys up before Jones? Do you really have to think about replacing an outfielder with another outfielder in the top of the ninth? Does it matter at that point?

    The good thing is that Baltimore lost their game. The bad thing is that Baltimore lost their game.

    We should all F-bomb over this one… ACK!

  2. Sean K says:

    Well, it’s coming tdown to the end. It looks like we’ll barely hold onto the division lead, so at least we’ll get a best of 5 series.

    I hope I didn’t just curse us by saying that…

  3. Jane Heller says:

    As someone on twitter put it last night, YankeeCase, it was like Torre bringing in Proctor when Girardi brought in Boone. Overused is right. Ack. Grrr. And yeah, the Nix thing wasn’t cool. Even I, who is not a Nunez fan, would have rather seen him pinch hit in that spot. So frustrating.

    Ask YankeeCase if you cursed us, Sean. He’s the king of superstitions.

  4. Sean K says:

    Ok, Yankeecase, did I just invoke the unspeakable rule curse? if so, how can I undo it?

  5. Diane Anziano says:

    Sorry I’ve been gone so long – I was sick, but better now. Unlike the Yankees bullpen, apparently. I told my husband when Joe took Hughes out that Hughes was going to be upset but that it was a normal decision to make, based on his pitch count and his results in that inning. Right away, though, we both knew that everyone would second guess his decision if it did not result in a win. Its easy to second guess a manager, especially this time of the season, but all in all I think he was right. Logan is too erratic lately to trust anymore, unfortunately. But we are still one and a half games in front of The Orioles, who were kind enough to lose last night as well. I know, we would love to have a win when they have a loss but one out of two ain’t bad. Onward and upward…GO YANKEES!!!

  6. Uncle Mike says:

    As Hank Williams would have put it…

    Did you ever see a Yankee weep
    when games begin to die?
    That means he’s lost the plate again.
    It’s Boone Logan, I could cry.

    As Gilbert O’Sullivan would have put it…

    And in my hour of need
    who goes and blows a lead?
    It’s Boone Logan, naturally.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Glad you’re feeling better, Diane. I disagree with you on taking Hughes out though. It was one more out and the guy at the plate was a hitter he’d retired three times, and Logan has been way overused this season. It wouldn’t have been a huge risk to leave Hughes out there.

    How poetic, Uncle Mike. Or how Hank Williams-ish, I should say….

  8. Bob Cerv says:

    Bonehead, indeed. If I substituted the names “Tyler Clippard” for Boone Logan, and [any starter] for Hughes, then you’d know the problems the Nats are having too…not that you care a fig…but misery loves company…and NOBODY wants to sink into that 1-game Wild Card playoff, not now, not EVER…

    At least the Magic Number went down. But what is it? I swear I read that it was 5 for the Yanks BEFORE last night’s games, and then the O’s lost. Any nite it goes down is a good night. So it should be 4… but ESPN kept reporting it as 5…I’m so confused…please advise…?!?

  9. Jane Heller says:

    I’ve read it’s 5, Dave.

  10. Terry Sanford says:

    I was with Joe on getting Hughes out of the game. The ball was climbing up in the zone and we all know about Hughes and home runs. That being said, Logan has been overused and is showing it. As much as it would scare me, that would’ve been a good spot for Rapada. As for Nix batting, nothing against the guy, but seriously?

  11. Jane Heller says:

    That was certainly Joe’s point of view, Terry, that Hughes is home run prone. But yeah, as much as it would have scared me too, Rapada might have been better because of less use.

  12. YankeeCase says:

    You’re gonna have to take a dip in hot vinegar while wearing a giant rubber ducky as a hat, Sean. Sorry, you broke the rules and it’s the only way.

  13. Sean K says:

    *laughing* Ok, YankeeCase, I’ll do that as soon as i get home.