The Clock Is Ticking

September 10th, 2012 by Jane Heller

With the news that Tex will miss at least a couple of weeks with his re-aggravated calf strain, the Yankees are heading down the stretch without a potent bat as well as the best first baseman to wear pinstripes since Mattingly. All those throws from A-Rod, Jeter and Cano that Tex stretched for, picked out of the dirt, leaped up in the air to catch? Not happening now.

I wish we could hit rewind and un-injure him, Mo, Pettitte and Pineda, among others, but we can’t. We have the team we have. Will it be enough to not only win the division but be competitive in the playoffs? Who knows at this point. The good news is that other teams have their own problems and nobody’s running away with anything.

With that bright little nugget in mind, I thought I’d post this Tex Highlights reel from last season. The music is a little much, and there’s an ad first but it’s worth it. Get well soon, Texy.



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4 Responses to “The Clock Is Ticking”

  1. Uncle Mike says:

    The best Yankee first baseman since Mattingly? Don’t you mean the best Yankee first baseman since Skowron? Or did I miss Mattingly’s ring, to match Teixeira’s?

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Ouch, Uncle Mike. It’s true Donnie didn’t get a ring, but the teams weren’t exactly the same caliber!

  3. Audrey says:

    That was fun – get better soon, Tex. We will miss you.

  4. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    I certainly hope the Yankees get a win tonight but more importantly I hope those who lost loved ones on 9/11 have found a peace in their hearts and have beautiful memories of those they love. May we always take a moment each 9/11 to stop and remember not only the horror of that day but the way our country and nations around the world came together against this abomination toward mankind. God Bless all those who lost someone and God Bless the USA…may our country always stay proud and strong…

    I was in D.C. last weekend at the Newseum (awesome place) which had a wonderful display of 9/11 with the antenna from the top of the tower on display. Also the front pages of newspapers around the world depicting that awful day. A documentary was shown which brought back many memories (and tears).
    The same day I visited the Holocaust Museum which is beautifully done but heart wrenching to say the least. It was a very sobering experience visiting both of these exhibits and I really needed that Yankee 13-3 win later in the day to bring my spirits back up. Unfortunately, I was at the game on Saturday night and not too happy with that blown call. I was in the upper deck and could see he was safe …it wasn’t even close. All in all …it was a nice weekend visiting the White House, Museums, Ford’s Theater and going to the game (despite the loss). If you haven’t visited D.C….it’s a great place and most of the exhibits are free. I highly recommend it.

    Here’s to a Yankee win and Boston beatdown tonight…

    Go Yankees 2012 !!