A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

September 8th, 2012 by Jane Heller

This was the “final out” of the game tonight, according to first base umpire Jerry Meals. But as the YES camera clearly showed, Tex’s hand was on the bag and the ball wasn’t even close to Reynolds’ glove. Blown calls happen a lot, as we know, but when they happen in a crucial situation in a pennant race, it’s an abomination.

Also maddening? Girardi didn’t argue. “What can I do?” he said. “The game was over.” Plus, Meals will be tomorrow’s home plate ump. But if he’d argued, he would have been supporting his player. And he might have coaxed the umps to caucus and make a different ruling.

Lost in the ruckus was the poor outing by CC – poor by his standards. Clearly, his velocity’s down and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s playing hurt. Is surgery in his off-season future? Maybe. And Tex? He couldn’t run out that ball so he dove into first base, aggravating the hamstring all over again.

The Yankees blew their own chances in the game (could Curtis Granderson be any colder right now?), but it really did look like they might make a valiant comeback. Speaking of which, A-Rod seems rejuvenated. Not a bad thing.

I did feel sorry for Markakis, who now has a broken thumb thanks to CC’s inside pitch, but that’s baseball and there’s no crying, as the saying goes.



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6 Responses to “A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words”

  1. SBlue says:

    I was really getting amped when the team was rallying in the ninth but that call was just inexcusible. In the final weeks of the race the team can’t afford to lose another game. A few players need to step up which includes Swisher(where did he go all of a sudden?), Granderson(anybody home?), Ibanez(same as Swisher), Jones(…*sigh*Enjoy the free ride I guess) and pretty much any scrap heap player we picked up.

    Aside from this I read from ESPN that Girardi and Joel Sherman from the NYPost almost got into a fight and had to break it up. I forgot what the issue was.

  2. Audrey says:

    Inexcusable, and after getting the previous, much closer play with Swisher right. Sometimes I think umps take turns with whom they give the close calls but that one wasn’t even close – even I could see it bare-eyed.

    Very frustrating what Grandy and Swish and even Cano are NOT doing right now. Their slumps just cannot continue if we’re going to win this whole thing. Jeter and A-Rod can’t do it all themselves.

    And yes, CC is very concerning. He has not having a good year. All those homers – since when are we the Bronx Bombees?

  3. Leo says:

    Meals needs to be held accountable for that awful call. A suspension or maybe even a termination is due. That type of incompetence is inexucusable. Maybe I’m being irrational but it kills me do much to see umpires getting away with this awful level of officiating (his call last year in the Pirates/Braves game was even worse). These games are important and I will get even more pissed off if we lose more games due to bad calls.

    Would Tex have made it to first without sliding? Who knows and I admire he did it for the teams sake but I could’ve gone without seeing him slide and possibly reaggrivate the injury. CC needs to get it together and fast. We can’t afford any more games lost by our ace and if he is completely healthy, then he has some work to do to turn it around.

  4. Jane Heller says:

    The issue between Girardi and Sherman, SBlue, was that Girardi had been asked during the postgame session with the beat writers about the state of CC’s health – three times – and he was not pleased. He then invited Sherman back to his office where he started telling Sherman how to do his job and Sherman said, “You don’t tell me how to do my job” and it escalated from there. Sounds like Sherman, who’s always been a nudge, really got under Girardi’s skin (Girardi having a short fuse right now) and the whole thing got out of hand. Meanwhile, Tex is sure to get fined for his comments about the umpiring.

    The hitting slumps plus CC’s slump are killers, Audrey. Talk about not being hot at the right time. Ugh.

    Umpires are never held accountable, Leo, and it’s a shame. If they apologize and say, “I missed it,” it’s one thing, but Meals has such a bad history and shouldn’t be allowed to continue. At the very least, he should have asked the other umps for their opinion. The really bad part is Tex aggravating the injury. Who knows how long he’ll be out now, and we really missed his bat.

  5. Barbara says:

    Misery to happiness for today. Finally a Janer