Scratching Out Runs

September 1st, 2012 by Jane Heller

What a relief today’s win was. Things were looking bleak for awhile, but thanks to some tenacious at bats, especially Jeter’s walk in the seventh inning, Eduardo Scissorhands’ single (yes, he’s back and I like him as the DH) and Hardy’s error on Swisher’s grounder, the Yankees edged out the O’s. It wasn’t pretty but I’ll take it – gladly.

Phelps was clearly out of sorts. I figured he’d be gone by the third inning and wondered who our long man would be, since he used to fill that spot, but a cobbled-together pen did the job well.

And then there’s Granderson. I couldn’t believe it when he came out of the game since there was no visible sign of an injury. The strain in his hamstring doesn’t sound serious but it’s hard to tell how his will go. It’s just nuts the way these toned and fit athletes keep going down with this strain and that pull. They’re supposed to be supermen, aren’t they?


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3 Responses to “Scratching Out Runs”

  1. Sean K says:

    Well, at least we won.

    But Granderson’s injury… I know it’s “day-to-day”, but those kind of injuries tend not to heal until the offseason, and now even if he’s playing he can’t really go all out because if he pops it he’s done for the year.

    MUST win tomorrow, especially with all the injuries we seem to be accumulating. I hope we’re not sunk by all the injuries, but I’m tired and depressed a bit and have an ugly sense of foreboding. We have to keep the cushion at 4+ games for as long as we can.

    Hopefully we’ll win tomorrow and the cloud of doom that seems to be gathering will lift. Probably it’s just me being stressed.

  2. Audrey says:

    It seems that we finally got a little bit of luck. On Friday night the YES announcers were talking about how Balitmore had the smalles run differential in the majors and had won more one-run games than anyone else. Bobby Valentine attributed that partly to luck. Well, when J.J. Harding committed only his sixth error of the season and bobbled that ball, that was good luck for us and I hope it was the beginning of more to come. We’ve had our share of the bad kind.

    Hughsie’s got to brin it today – Go Yankees!

  3. Jane Heller says:

    I’m with you on the Granderson injury, Sean. Even if he’s back in the lineup faster than a DL stint, he won’t be at full strength. Not good.

    More luck would be very welcome, Audrey. Go Hughes.