That Game Was Nausea Inducing

August 20th, 2012 by Jane Heller

I know the Yankees flew into Chicago in the wee hours after playing their ESPN game on Sunday night. But the hitters looked lively. It was the pitchers who seemed groggy.

Sweaty Freddy, along with a parade of relievers, kept giving back the lead and the result was a loss to the White Sox that should have been a win. I mean, how do you drive their starter out of the game in the second inning and still not get a “W?”

I’ll tell you how: you leave Joba in too long, for one thing. Yes, he’s still coming back from major injuries, but shouldn’t he be working out the kinks in the minors then? The Rays won. Our lead in the division narrowed. We don’t have the luxury of watching Joba rehab. It’s not fun at all.

I won’t even bother talking about Eppley and Logan. The point is that the bullpen, aside from Robertson and Soriano, have not done the job lately.

Very happy to see Tex back and apparently feeling fine.

Not very happy to read about Pineda’s DUI arrest.

Nice mug shot. Anyhow, so far he’s been quite the bust as far as trades go.



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10 Responses to “That Game Was Nausea Inducing”

  1. Sean K says:


    Well, it’s just one game. Hopefully we get the win tomorrow. And if we can get our starters for the next few days to go 8 or 9 innings to avoid having to use the bullpen, that would be best.

  2. Diane Anziano says:

    For me, that just might have been the most painful game I’ve watched all season. How did we keep giving it back to them? I know they were playing at home, but we’re The Yankees!!! I think Joba has to go somewhere and get more prepared for the major leagues. You know I hate to be negative, Jane, but The Rays are only 4 games behind us now. Not good. On the other hand, Jeter is just on fire. I don’t know of another player that I’ve ever seen that has what he has all around. We are lucky to have the Captain. Anyway, Like Sean said, its just one game so now they have to focus on taking this series. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Ruth says:

    hi friends! i’m attending all three Nats/Braves games this week, so I’m missing the games. The upside is I don’t have to endure the Chicago announcers (although I’m watching the replay now. He GAWN….can’t stand that guy). Watching the score on the scoreboard in the Park is agonizing – yanks up 3-0! Yanks lose the lead! Yanks regain the lead! Oh no, Joba is pitching! Yanks lose the lead again. Frustrating. Watching the Nats dominate while the Yanks scuffle is disheartening…what is happening with the baseballs Gods??? I don’t think I can handle the next few weeks…please don’t let the Rays catch us! A one-game wild card playoff would kill me….

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Getting depth out of our starters would be nice, Sean. But we can’t avoid using the bullpen forever. They need to get it together. And the “just one game” is starting to matter with the Rays nipping at our heels.

    It was painful, Diane. The offense was clicking – especially Jeter who’s been amazing – but to score that many runs and lose is….not good.

    Maybe it’s better if you don’t check the scoreboard, Ruth. LOL. I have dinner plans tonight and will have to check the score on my At Bat app until I get home. I don’t want to see that we’re losing or I’ll lose my appetite! Enjoy your games.

  5. Sean K says:

    Obviously at some point we’ll need our bullpen, but if we can get a 3-4 game run with about 2 total innings of bullpen use it might be just the thing to recharge everyone. Sometimes you just need a couple of days off at this stage of the season to get your mental and physical health up to par.

  6. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane and Fellow Baseball Fans…

    I don’t even want to think about the game last night …I thought we were going to win it especially after coming right back when the WS scored the 5 runs. The bullpen with the exception of DRob and Sori look shot. In all fairness, Eppley and Rapada have been used quite a lot this season. If Joba isn’t going to be sent down to work out the kinks at least use him in low leverage situations till he gets his command under control. I’m not getting down on Joba as he’s only back after being out for so long. He needs time to get it going again. At least his pitch speed is there which is a good sign. On a positive …how about DJ?? He’s looking good for an “old” man. Also, happy to have Tex back. Let’s hope the boys can come back tonight with a big win.

    On a personal note…this Thursday, August 23rd at 9:00 on TLC my daughter’s wedding will be featured. She’s on the show Four Weddings hoping to win a honeymoon trip. She competes against three other brides. They attend each other’s weddings than vote for which they thought was the best. My daughter is Kristyn. She had a Yankee themed wedding (not overly done ..just touches of the Yankees). Jane suggested I post the show on the blog just in case anyone might be interested. Just like the Yankees I’m hoping she wins … :o)

    Have a great rest of the day ….

    Go Yankees 2012 !!!

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Very exciting that we have an air date for Kristyn’s show, Peggy. Thanks for posting it. I’ll be sure to watch.

  8. Freya says:

    I shut the game off when the WS were up 8 to 6. It was getting too painful to watch. I agree that Joba needs more rehabbing. I just don’t feel confident when he is pitching. I hope that the Rays will start to lose and we win more so that we have some breathing room. As I re-read that sentence I see what a ridiculous statement that is. I have really just stated the obvious, but I am very nervous about the Rays surging.
    Peggy, I will watch TLC on Thursday and will root for your daughter.

  9. Jane Heller says:

    The Rays have been surging, Freya, and with their starting pitching it’s a little scary. But I still like our chances once we play them head to head. Having CC back will help.

  10. Ruth says:

    Peggy, thanks for letting us know. I will set the DVR! Go Kristyn!