Stop Teasing Me, Yankees

July 30th, 2012 by Jane Heller

It’s all well and good for the Yankees to stage comebacks every night, but not if they’re going to fall short, lose games and make me nuts.

Tonight’s defeat at the hands of the O’s was annoying on a few levels.

Sweaty Freddy was okay, but that’s all he is ever is. His pitches were up and he paid the price.

Logan is one of several Yankees going through a slump. He hasn’t been effective lately and tonight he continued the trend downward.

Cano looked awful in every way. Must be fatigue, because he’s not the same player he was a month ago.

Worst of all, Tex got hurt. He was finally on a roll and then he reached for that ball, braced himself with both hands and hit the ground awkwardly, like a belly flopper. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow how bad the hand is; supposedly he’s having an MRI. Just what we need, right? Girardi said, “Well, our guys will just have to step up” and “nobody feels sorry for us” and other cliches involving baseball and injured players. My feeling is they can’t step up if they don’t have the talent. Do we have anybody that can play first base as well as Mark Teixeira? No. Not Chavez and not Swisher. Maybe we’re only talking about a little soreness and there won’t be anything serious.

Meanwhile, this little losing streak is thinning our fat lead in the division, and I don’t like it.



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11 Responses to “Stop Teasing Me, Yankees”

  1. YankeeCase says:

    I don’t like what’s going on here… But I’ve got to say it seems like a lot of bad luck. And ok, our offense coming up short against good pitching. If you put aside the Oakland debacle, a Seattle sweep was possible if not for Felix “Look at my eyebrows” Hernandez. And then the typical Yankee-Red Sox games where who knew when and how the games would end. (And my premature cheering on Tex’s home run Saturday and Martin’s game tying single didn’t help.) And now tonight’s game where some new guy was great against us, except for a few home runs. I also don’t like the cockiness and arrogance of media folk around here with the Yankees’ division lead. I seem to remember that just last year there were two teams that lost almost double digit leads in about a month. And my new habit of attempted multitasking this past week, watching the Yankees while trying to write, surely is jinxing our team. So ok, I’m a changed man starting tomorrow. And we’ll get back to our winning ways.

    Or maybe it’s all really just bad luck. Grr.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I feel better now that you’ll stop jinxing our team, YankeeCase. LOL. Yes, there’s been some bad luck and the injuries haven’t helped, but no excuses. The boys are in a bit of a slump and while it’s bound to happen over the course of a season, it’s not fun to watch a division lead slip away. Grr and Ack.

  3. Diane Anziano says:

    This was devastating, Jane. I agree with all of your comments, but Granderson is also suffering at the plate. He’s just swinging and missing at almost every at-bat. I don’t know what to think, but its getting harder and harder to watch each game. I’m going to be out at a free concert in my town tonight (The New York Tenors) so my husband will have to deal with tonight’s game alone. GO YANKEES!!! PLEEEEEZ WIN!!!

  4. Jane Heller says:

    I think they’re having a slump, Diane, but I also think that we need an infusion of young blood on this team – maybe a call-up or a trade. I sense of bit of complacency.

  5. Audrey says:

    Very difficult games to watch the last few days. The energy seems to be gone. I sure hope Tex is back soon – we need his bat, defense and leadership. Perhaps they are adjusting to the changing composition of the team, both on the field and in the lineup. Alex has been there for so long it must seem a little strange not to have him in the lineup and they need to get to know Ichiro. With the language barrier that could take longer than usual. I don’t know – I’m just throuing stuff out there. What ever the problem is, I hope it is fixed quickly. If we win tonight we will be 13-13 for the month of July – good thing June was extraordinary!

  6. Harold says:

    The hitting has certainly fallen off but has anyone noticed that the bullpen has been less than stellar of late? Instead of shutting the opponents down and waiting for a few runs to be scored the relief pitchers have let in a run or two, or maybe three, and put the games out of reach. Is all the talk about having the biggest lead of any division making the team complacent? There is still a long way to go and every game is important. It’s time to turn things around!
    Harold (starting to squirm here in Florida)

  7. Jane Heller says:

    I think they underestimated A-Rod’s value in the lineup, Audrey. He may not be the power hitter of old, but he was getting hits, walks, intimidating pitchers.

    Yes, I’ve noticed about the bullpen, Harold, and I agree they’re part of the slump. There was so much talk about how well they were doing in spite of Mo’s absence, but Mo’s absence looms large. Robertson hasn’t found his groove since the DL and Soriano and Eppley aren’t as sharp – all of which is scary.

  8. Ruth says:

    If the Yankees make the playoffs (don’t want to assume), other teams’ strategy should be not to pitch their aces, but to bring someone up from AAA, because we absolutely cannot handle pitchers we’ve never seen, and that’s getting very old. I was hoping this series against the Orioles, who have been sliding, would be a confidence boost….but the losing and poor at-bats (what happened to working the count?) continues… Frustrating!

  9. Jane Heller says:

    I agree, Ruth, and wrote that in a previous post – that every team should throw a rookie pitcher at the Yanks because it mostly works in their favor!

  10. John says:

    I think the bad mojo was created when Jones became a starter. Jeez, he never tries for the short ones anymore and is looker older everytime he suits up. What a waste of money. Unless of course, you like watching him strike out with runners on time after time after time.

  11. Jane Heller says:

    He was never supposed to be a starter, John, but he’s had some big hits for us. (Like at the Fenway series.) Lately, though, he’s been slumping along with almost everyone else.