Those Evil Home Runs Are Pretty Great

July 16th, 2012 by Jane Heller

I don’t know where the Yankees would be without the long ball, but I don’t care. Tonight was the perfect example of how much fun they are. Russell Martin’s put the Yanks on the board and Raul Ibanez’s sealed the deal, and it all had a happy ending.

Of course I have to take some credit for the Ibanez slam. The score was tied and I was getting antsy. Luckily, we had driven to the Bridgewater Market here in CT and bought one of their amazing blueberry pies earlier in the day, so I had some rally pie around 9 o’clock.

And yes, there was vanilla ice cream involved.

Anyhow, I finished my slice of pie and sat there with my purple teeth and Ibanez went deep. Mission accomplished.

Big game for Phil Hughes tonight. He pitched well and gave us innings. And Soriano continues to get the job done, although he might need to rest the arm at the rate he’s going.

Speaking of arms, what to make of the Brett Gardner situation. The guy doesn’t get better and keeps going for MRIs and consultations with doctors. What’s to find out at this point? He tries to play and feels pain. End of story. Get the damn surgery already and let Cashman trade for Victorino, Upton or whichever outfielder he’s targeting. I’d be sad if Betances were included in the package though. I guess we’ll know soon enough.


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12 Responses to “Those Evil Home Runs Are Pretty Great”

  1. Leo says:

    Gardner is having the worst luck with these setbacks but luckily, we’ve done well without him. Should Cashman trade for a rental outfielder? In my personal opinion, it’s not a real desperate need but I wouldn’t object. As impressive as the Ibanez/Jones platoon has been doing holding the fort for Gardner, I’d rather not keep pushing them out there all the time if it could be avoided. While I’m sorry to see Bautista go down in injury because I hate seeing anyone go down in injury, it could possibly be a big break for us if he misses an extended period of time seeing as we play them quite a bit more. Overall a great win with Hughes progressing some more and going the distance against a division rival.

  2. Sean K says:

    Nice win. We had to work hard to get it but I’ll take it.

    As for Gardner… if it weren’t for bad luck, the guy would have no luck. I ho[pe he’s fully healthy next year. And yes, a rental outfielder would be nice, but only if we don’t give up too much.

    I must say, Ibanez has been way better than I anticipated. Of course, I also wasn’t factoring in him PLAYING this much, either.

  3. Barbara says:

    Just as I worried that swisher wasn’t coming through Ibanez saved us. what fun. Speaking of fun, since Friday nights game was one of the best of the season and we won Saturday, I was surprisingly mellow Sunday. I can never enjoy a loss but I assumed we had lost with the big deficit, convinced myself it was ok we had won the series and actually enjoyed Sunday where all we did was put a scare in them. I only felt bad for Peggy and Audrey because I know it would have so much more fun if granderson’s shot had been a walk off rather than foul. Then again, I was feeling sick because I have never been able to enjoy a loss. Well all is right again as we won. Yeah Hughes. Yeah Raul. I am excited for cc

  4. Jane Heller says:

    It’s definitely a shame about Gardner, Leo. I’m just mystified why nobody can diagnose his problem. I do think we need a rental outfielder. I really like Dewayne Wise, but apparently the organization thinks we need an offensive upgrade. Ibanez and Jones were never meant to be more than bench players/occasional DHs, so we need someone who can go out there regularly and keep the others fresh. That’s true for Chavez too. A-Rod has to play more third base. The Bautista injury was bizarre, but according to O’Neill it happens fairly frequently on bad swings. It looked painful.

    Ibanez has been way, way better than I expected, Sean, especially after his disastrous spring training. What a great pickup he turned out to be.

    I’m glad you mentioned Granderson’s shot that went foul, Barbara. Michael Kay nearly gave me a heart attack with his call on that one. He said something like, “There it goes….” Only to have to say it was foul. Such disappointment! Yes, exciting to have CC back.

  5. Audrey says:

    Embrace the homerun, embrace the homerun. They are tons of fun (yes Barbara, that foul ball Curtis hit on Sunday would have been awesome if it had gone a little straighter – it didn’t miss by much). One other benefit to the HR (other than the fact that it keeps winning us games) is that opposing pitchers have the fear of God in them every time any Yankee steps to the plate in a close situation. My gosh, even our number 9 batters go long on a regular basis! That has to be messing with their psyches a little.

    Too bad about Gardner – I’ve definitely missed him a lot this year. Ibanez made some nice plays in left field on Sunday and both he and Jones have given us more than expected. That is what is so fun about the Yankees (and so effective) – every player contributes, every one is important. If we bring in a rental player before the trading deadline I will accept him, of course, but it will take some adjustment since I like the team as presently constituted. I’m not good with change:).

  6. Jane Heller says:

    I love that about this team, Audrey – that every player contributes. Swisher had a terrible night at the plate but he made a nice catch in right. You may not be good with change, but Ibanez and Jones weren’t acquired to play as much as they’ve been playing, so another piece to the puzzle would be a very good thing, imo.

  7. Diane Anziano says:

    I’m convinced that Gardner’s done for the season. A big loss but we’ve been doing great. Cano’s bat is still on fire and his defense as always is amazing.

    My niece and her boyfriend came in from Florida for the wedding – he’s a huge Yankees fan but has never been to a game – not at the old stadium or the new one. They’re going to the game tonight and they are heading in early so he can enjoy everything. So happy for him.

    Let’s pray that the rest does C.C. well and that he’s not rusty…GO YANKEES!!!

  8. Jane Heller says:

    How fun for your niece and especially for her Yankee fan boyfriend, Diane. I hope they see a great game, not to mention stay cool in this weather, although if they’re from FL they’re used to it.

  9. Bob Cerv says:

    The Good, The Bad (and hopefully No Ugly)…

    * Good win, after a good series vs. LA. Agree with Barbara about not being too dismayed about Sunday’s L, given how they slug too and how bad it got. Almost stole it…now THAT woulda been nice!

    * Bad news continues for Gardy. I am pessimistic (no duh). For them to be taking this long reads as a very ominous indicator, e.g. they have baad news but want to be really truly sure. But let’s hope not.

    * GOOD for Diane’s Niece & Boyfriend!! Never been to a game, eh? What a thrill. He’ll have me beat, as I’ve yet to darken the door of The New Stadium. Let’s hope CC & Co. have a great show in store for ’em…
    I’ll be scoreboard-watching from Nats Park, as I meet yet another Old College Buddy and we brave the elements (i.e. horrible heat & humidity) to see the Nats play That Other N.Y. Team…

    * Is it bad that Our Empire is so HR-happy and dependent? I worry. It’s become a fan-tastic regular season, with wonderful contributions from unexpected sources…but great pitching stops great hitting. We need, above all, to see the moundsmen make a major stride toward minor ERAs. Heard a radio interview this morning with Mo, and how he’d like to come back THIS season(!!)…well, may they turn bad to good…

  10. Guido says:

    How can anybody really be THAT WORRIED about having a “HR Happy Empire” anyway?!?! I guess the fear normally is that the HRs will eventually ‘dry up’… but NOT HERE (knock on wood)!! I heard this on the sportscast the other day— Does everybody know that with just 8 more HRs from Granderson and just 2 more from Swisher… both of which seem likely to happen this year… the 2012 Yankees will be the FIRST team in baseball history to have a starting lineup in which 7 out of 9 players have 200 (or more) career HRs?? Talk about the “New” Murderers Row!!! Check out these numbers: Jeter (247), Granderson (192), ARod (643), Cano (165), Teixeira (332), Swisher (198), Jones (431), Ibanez (264), Chavez (240)… and it’s not really BEYOND Cano to put up another 35 before the year is out either! I guess Girardi put it best about a month or 2 ago when the beat reporters were badgering him about the RISP problem that has plagued the team— he finally answered with something like, “Well, I guess we’re a team that puts a runner in scoring position everytime we send a man to bat… with nobody on base!” Good for Joe!

  11. Jane Heller says:

    As Dave said, Guido, great pitching stops great hitting, especially in the postseason. When you’re down a few runs in October and you’re facing one of the elites, it’s much tougher to hit homers. That’s the concern. This team has gotten to several good pitchers this season, but things get a little dicier come fall.

  12. Christiaan says:

    At this point I would agree with a trade for a Victorino type. I might venture and say Justin Upton, but certainly Arizona would want a number of the following: Betances, Banuelos, Sanchez, Williams, Phelps, Mitchell, Nunez etc… Out of which the only ones I would feel alright about parting with would be Betances, Mitchell, and maybe Nunez. Hopefully Philly doesn’t have as high of an asking price… they certainly have no right to considering the Yanks would only be getting 1/2 a season of Victorino with no draft pick compensation. At the end of the day, I wonder if the Yankees could get by with the Jones/Ibanez/Wise/Chavez/Nix DH/LF platoon. I do like the idea of Victorino or Upton patrolling a corner though.