Win Or Lose, Granderson Was Amazing (With Update)

July 15th, 2012 by Jane Heller

What a show he put on. It wasn’t enough that he made two spectacular defensive plays; he also hit a homer and worked a terrific at bat in the ninth to give us hopes for a comeback. Talk about a complete package.

Yeah, the Yankees’ comeback fell short today, but the way Nova was pitching (ugh) the boys still made it a contest. And winning two out of three against the Angels isn’t chopped liver.

There was a little bit of everything to like in this one – from good glove work to power offense against Weaver – but our pitching in general was off. And despite the couple of occasions when Chad Qualls has helped us out, I think I’d like his stint with the Yanks to be over. Like now.

Good job, Yankees, even in defeat, and I don’t often say that.

Update: Here’s a pic of our Friends of the Blog, Peggy and Audrey, at the game. Love bringing great fans (and, more importantly, great people) together.




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19 Responses to “Win Or Lose, Granderson Was Amazing (With Update)”

  1. Freya says:

    Well at least we won the series, and we almost swept. Curtis Granderson is (one of) my favorite Yankees because he’s such a devoted, hard worker who is also very talented. I love his attitude. He is about winning for the team. He’s another “class act” a la Bernie Williams.

  2. Melissa says:

    I thought of Audrey often. The yanks may not have won, but at least it was exciting!

  3. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    Tough loss today …but …the Yankees made it exciting right to the last out. It would have been nice if Alex could have gotten a hit but he did play a nice part today and I’m happy the fans weren’t hard on him after the final out. I was all set for the chorus of boos they love to shower on him …moreso than anyone else which I feel is quite unfair. Grandy was putting on a show today but I’m sure he didn’t feel that happy about it with the loss. Chavey had a good day too. I was surprised when he pinch hit Jones in his place because he was 3-3. Of course Joe loves his matchups so I guess that’s why Jonsey (channeling my Joe G) was put in there instead. Two out of three from the Angels isn’t too shabby …I’ll take winning a series anytime and anyway. I love that they got to Weaver and his sub 2.00 era and also the closer who had a 0.00 era until he faced the Bronx Bombers. I have to say ..those kids are JUST amazing …the T & T boys. I think Trombo has hit a homer in 6 of the 7 games he’s played against us and Trout is a hitting machine. The Angels really lucked out getting both of them. It was so humid and I was hoping for a win because things always seem to bother me much less with a win. I had to walk ten blocks to where I parked the car …when we win that walk goes so fast but when we lose I feel like it’s an eternity and the heat sure didn’t help. I blasted that A/C once I was in the car. Boy did that feel good.

    I did get to meet Audrey and her husband. Sweet lady …she took a pic so I guess she will be sending it to Jane at some point. She has to travel 2 1/2 hours by train for the game ..that’s definitey a hike. She was on the 400 level so it was easy to meet by her section to say hi. We are so fortunate to have such nice people on this blog. I’ve met a few …each and everyone has been so terrific. Now I get to add Audrey to my growing list …how lucky for me. During the game Ruth was texting me …I met her when I went to Washington a few weeks ago for the game. I did tell her bah humbug when she said she was in the nice A/C watching the game while I was wilting …haha.

    Well…let’s hope the Yankees can get another streak going. I’ll be at the game tomorrow night against
    Toronto (suppose to be even hotter & humid again …ugh !). Hughesy is pitching so I hope he’s on his game and the Yankees score at least one more run than the Jays.

    Have a good night all …

    Go Yankees 2012 !!

  4. Jane Heller says:

    He’s such a class act, Freya. I like your comparison to Bernie. Very apt.

  5. Jane Heller says:

    Very exciting, Melissa. My stomach was in knots in the bottom of the ninth especially.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    That was a great report, Peggy. Glad you survived the heat and humidity and got to meet Audrey. Love your Joe G nicknames for everybody. Lol. Have fun tomorrow night.

  7. Sean K says:

    Even though we lost, it was a great game. Way to go, Curtis. if he keeps playing like that we’ll do very well the rest of the year.

    I’ll chalk it up as a fluke outing for Nova.

  8. Jane Heller says:

    I disagree about Nova, Sean. I think he’s given up the most extra base hits in the league or majors, despite winning, because the team scores a lot of runs when he pitches. Not good over the long haul. He needs to improve.

  9. Audrey says:

    Hi all! Thanks for thinking of me yesterday while we were at the game. The outcome wasn’t exactly what we would have hoped but I really can’t complain. It was such a fun and exciting game to be at and it as especially fun to see some of our favorite players do well. My son is a huge Granderson fan so it was nice that he had a headline-worthy game. I love Chavez and Tex so it was fun to see both of them homer. It’s always great to see Alex do well and quiet the boos. And watching the Angels was pretty amazing – they are a great team and just about every guy who came up to bat caused fear and trembling! As for Mike Trout – I just hope he’s a Yankee someday, that’s all I’m saying. Since he is a Jersey boy who idolized Jeter growing up I imagine he would like to be a Yankee someday himself:)

    It was great to meet Peggy, even though our time together was short. By the time we got into the stadium and I made an exchange I needed to make at the Team Store and bought myself a new bauble (Yankee earrings) it was getting close to game time. But we did have a chance to meet and are looking forward to taking in a game together someday. I just want to say here and now that Shefans are the greatest people in the world!

    That reminds me – on the train back to upstate we sat across from a couple in which the wife was the bigger sports fan and completely decked out in Yankee stuff (tank top, player’s jersey, lunchbox, earrings). We spent the entire ride chatting with them and I told her about the Shefan blog but since no one had pen and paper on them so I couldn’t write anything down for her. I don’t think she’ll show up here but if she does she’ll be glad she did because this is the happiest place on earth (after a win, anyway).

  10. Jane Heller says:

    Aw, Audrey, that’s sweet about the blog. So you bought yourself a new Yankees bauble? I seem to remember you were doing a bit of shopping at last year’s game when we met. You’re accumulating quite the collection!

  11. Audrey says:

    Yes, last year I was buying my girls some shirts – one of those, unfortunately was what needed to be exchanged yesterday (they need to offer x-small for petite Yankees fans out here!). Now the only person in the family who needs something Yankee is my husband but I’m not in a rush. He’s just not the fan the rest of us are.

    Thanks for posting the pic, Jane – it looks great!

  12. Diane Anziano says:

    We missed the whole weekend of baseball but for good reason…my sister’s youngest son’s wedding in upstate New York. The traffic to and from was dreadful but the weather was great and the time together was fantastic.

    I have always felt that way about Granderson, Jane. He’s a star. And we heard about the other games so it certainly sounds like the bats are waking up – especially Tex. It’s not rare for A-Rod to make the last out…we caught the bottom of the 9th on the radio coming home – you just knew that Jeter wouldn’t make the last out…that’s just not in him with runners on base. They came close to a big come back but what can you do? Two out of three is good against that team. And now on to inviting Toronto into town…GO YANKEES!!!

  13. Jane Heller says:

    Congratulations on your nephew’s wedding, Diane. Sounds like a nice weekend for your family.

  14. SBlue says:

    Its a good series but I only wished that A-Rod finished the job. The offense is coming on strong and I only hope that it remains consistant until November. How about those guys, Trout and Trumbo? They really are incredible and yet they need to stop hitting in the Stadium. We want to win! lol.

  15. Melissa says:

    Meeting Peggy feels like meeting Yankee royalty!
    She is a very nice woman though and puts you right at ease, much like Queen Elizabeth. ; – )

    Audrey, you are a dead ringer for a close friend of ours in England! Thanks for the report of the game.

    Diane, where was the wedding? Enquiring Minds want to know.

  16. Diane Anziano says:

    It was in Van Etten in my sister’s back yard — she has acres of land and we partied all weekend. Thanks for asking.

  17. yankeefansince1941 says:

    I have always had a special feeling for Yankees who have come up through the farm system, like Gehrig, Ford, Pettitte, Mantle,Jeter, Rivera, Williams, and on and on. Then there are the players we have traded for who so exemplify the Yankee spirit that I think of them as members of the family, like Ruth, O’Neill, and Maris. Granderson and now Martin fall into this latter category for me. But there are a few who will never be true Yankees in my heart. Among these are Reggie Jackson and A-Rod. It may be strange, but that’s how I feel.

  18. Jane Heller says:

    I’m sure you’re not alone in feeling the way you do about Reggie and A-Rod, yankeefansince1941. I pretty much embrace any player that stays with the team and the organization for a long time and performs well.

  19. Sean K says:

    I agree, yankeefansince1941. My favorite Yankees are not the superstars but the character guys and “glue” guys like [in the last Yankee run from ’96-’01] Scott Brosius, Paul O’Neill and Luis Sojo. The underappreciated but indispensible players.