Yankees-Red Sox Game 4: Tell Me How It Ends

July 8th, 2012 by Jane Heller

I stopped watching after Andruw Jones put us up 7-2. So I guess I’ll have to wait for the final outcome when I wake up tomorrow.

What a series for Jones. Did he get an infusion of Bartolo Colon’s magic plasma juice? Amazing how he kept coming up with the bombs.

Nova looked good tonight. Jeter looked good on offense, but what is up with his glove all of a sudden? That dropped pop up was a stunner, but he didn’t make another play or two. Maybe he was partying in Boston? He did have some sort of sore neck/shoulder.

The most bizarre thing that surfaced during the game was the escalating feud between Tex and Vincente Padilla. Padilla is such a loathsome character, never mind a sexist pig. I wish he’d just go away.

Anyhow, I hope the score holds up because I’d love to go into the All-Star break on a high note.

Speaking of which, unless there’s something amazing that happens during the break, I probably won’t post. I hate the Home Run Derby and have only a passing interest in the A-S Game itself.


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19 Responses to “Yankees-Red Sox Game 4: Tell Me How It Ends”

  1. Leo says:

    Well it ended on a good note with a win but it got “interesting” in the end with Soriano. Overall it’s been an excellent series for our guys save for those errors and the first half overall has been a major success despite the injuries to some key players. Hope everyone on the team enjoys the time off to rejuvenate themselves and get ready for the second half. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to just some carefree fun of the Home Run Derby and the All Star Game and hope our Yankees are represented well in those events.

  2. Sean K says:

    Well, we now have a few days off. The Yankees are 52-33, appear to have the division salted away, and Boston is in last place. BWAHAHA! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of scumbags. Any team that has that lowdown sexist pig Padilla on it deserves to have bad things happen to them in spades.

    What a great way to cap off the first half, go INTO Boston and crush them like a grape. We came pretty darn close to a 4-game sweep.

    I hope the Yankees who are at the ASG represent well and no one gets hurt.

    Until baseball returns, I will be watching Le Tour De France. If I had to bet I’d say Bradley Wiggins wins it. An Englishman has never won it, but until last year neither had an Australian, and along came Cadel Evans…

    All y’all have a good time… I’ll be back after the break when real baseball starts agin. And no, I don’t watch the ASG either.

  3. Sean K says:

    The Captain had an unusually bad day defensively but he made up for it with his offense.

    I think we can safely say we’ve put the Red Sux in the rearview mirror for good this year…

  4. Barbara says:

    I just watched the end of the game because I too went to bed early with the thought that if they won I’d be happy and if they lost I don’t want to see it and i knew the game would go on too late for me to get enough sleep for work. I hope, Sean you are right but I never think anyone can be put away in July. 3 of 4 is nice especially since we didn’t play our best.
    Two other thoughts–it must be different watching the games on east coast time.
    When will girardi learn to say he should have gone instead of went?

  5. Audrey says:

    I went to bed at around the same point in the game. I felt pretty confident but, of course, this is Yankees-Red Sox so there is never certainty. Glad it went our way ultimately.

    I was just reading the ESPN story about the Tex-Padilla feud and enjoyed the comments section. Ultimately Tex closed this argument with his bat, which is always the best way to respond.

    Barbara, you have just hit on one of my pet language peeves! A lot of people do that, including my well-educated husband (though he’s a science guy, not a language guy). I’ve tried to nicely explain that “shoulda” is a colloquialism that means “should have” and he would never say “I should have went” yet he says “I shoulda went” all the time. Drives me crazy but I’m a language gal so I am a bit syntax sensitive.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Just read the wrap up, Leo, and it sounds like it did get interesting with Robertson/Soriano at the end, but nothing serious. Whew. Enjoy watching our guys over the next couple of days.

    I agree about the injuries, Sean. These are exhibition games so I hope no one takes unnecessary risks. And I would never say the Red Sox are out of it. If they nab a Wild Card spot, anything can happen.

    Barbara, don’t get me started on the grammar thing. It’s bad enough for the manager of a baseball team to talk that way, but I go crazy when I have to correct news anchors and journalists – people who use words for a living. Did they go to school in a coma?

    I think Tex handled Padilla the best way possible, Audrey, by laughing it off. He had to defend himself somewhat, but mostly he said he found the whole thing comical, which it is. Your husband is lucky he doesn’t live with me! I’d get my ruler out and pop him on the knuckles! (Not literally, but he’d get a tongue lashing for sure.)

  7. yankeefansince1941 says:

    Ditto on what everybody said about the game. I think the biggest sports news of the year should be Jeter’s error on the pop up.
    Audrey and Jane, I too get frustrated at the apparent lack of grammatical understanding by people who should know better. May I suggest, Audrey, that you convince your husband to join Toastmasters where they will help him to overcome his grammatical miscues. They might also help him to translate his scientific language into something the lay person can understand. I’m just sayin’.
    Oh yeah! Great game guys!

  8. Ruth says:

    Hi everyone – I’m disappointed no one is interested in the AS Game. It’s like Christmas in my house (okay, second Christmas to the World Series). I just love the game, the celebration of our game and players, etc. I cook all day and then enjoy the festivities at night. I’m excited to learn more about Mike Trout, and see more of Andrew McCutcheon – in the home run derby. I’m not that into the Derby, but I have to see what our guy Robinson is up to. The only downside for me is having to be subjected to Chris Berman. Why, oh why, at one of the high points of the season for me do they have to drag out that guy? His ‘back, back, back’ has so jumped the shark. Well, I guess I will enjoy the game alone. I bet you guys would watch if you could do so while having a piece of my flourless chocolate cake…

    Jane, ‘loathsome character,’ perfect description for Padilla. Hate that guy!

    Enjoy the break!

  9. dj says:

    You will not be alone! I really enjoy the ASG and will even be watching it instead of the season premiere of one of my favorite shows, Covert Affairs. (I have taken Wednesday off of work to recover and will watch CA then). I bet you could convince people to watch by offering your chocolate cake. I know some people don’t get into it, but it’s a chance to see so many great players all together in the same game. What’s not exciting about that?? I also will be rooting for Robbie in the HR Derby with you.

    The only downside is that it is on FOX. I couldn’t even watch the game Saturday night. I had it on for a short time and Buck kept going on and on about McDonald’s dreadlocks. He was talking about donating them to Locks of Love. Well, Mr. Idiot, Locks of Love doesn’t accept dreadlocks. So just shut the he!! up about it! Sorry, he really irks me.

    Hopefully, the guys can have a good break. I know they need it, but it makes me sad not to have Yankees baseball for four whole days! Just another reason to watch the ASG – can’t make it that long without a game. Let’s go American League!! Get that home field advantage for our Yanks! =)

  10. Jane Heller says:

    That pop-up was truly bizarre, yankeefansince1941. Jeter’s human and it’s not his first failed pop-up, but it sure reminded me of Castillo in that Mets game. We just don’t expect it from the Captain. A-Rod, yes. Jeter, no.

    Chris Berman’s “back back back” shtick is among the many reasons why I don’t watch, Ruth. Mostly, I’m just not into exhibitions. I find them boring. But your flourless chocolate cake sounds mighty tempting.

    I know you and Ruth are among millions who enjoy the festivities, DJ, so root for our boys and the American League and have fun!

  11. Bob Cerv says:

    Greetings from the “MWETF” (i.e., the Millions Who Enjoy…), altho’ sadly we’ll be AWOL on Tuesday nite…

    Well, a fine weekend up in Bahston. Too busy or otherwise involved to see much of anything, however. All I got to see on Saturday was the Nightcap Misadventure between Grandy and Ronald McDonald, or whoever that new clown was out in RF with him. Bad moment, bad omen, end of story that night.

    Sunday we had to endure a very frustrating Blown Game by the G-Nats to the Rockies (again), so the wife had NO interest or tolerance for any more baseball. We’d already clinched a split, and after seeing D.J. do his best “Impersonation of Grandy” in the 1st inning (Son #2 and I nearly fell out of our chairs; he’d NEVER seen a Jeter gaff like that), followed by ANOTHER botched play in the 2nd inning, I’d had enuf bad mojo vibes for one weekend. Not surprised to learn that it got tense near the end. But somehow it all worked out, thanx mostly to Tex and Four-Tater Jones, who seems to enjoy Fenway just a wee bit…WOWZERS!!

    Ruth — doggone it, we’ll just HAVE to ronday-voo again sometime soon — now that I know you love the All-Star Game too! It’s the only ASG that’s of ANY viewing value, and I don’t mean because of that home-field advantage prize either. I’ve ALWAYS loved it. I’ve always loved the concept of seeing league rivals band together for one night to battle the other league. And it’s the ONLY ASG where the individual players get to wear their TEAM’S uniforms in the game, instead of those ersatz artificial “East” vs. “West” or “NFC” vs. “AFC” jive that other sports make them wear. I just LOVE to see a YANKEE come up to bat against a NATIONAL — or whatever permutations/combinations play out. Interleague play has of course taken a lot of the lustre out of it, but it’s still special. And now, the delicious extra treat for we D.C./Yankee fans — getting to root for some individual NL players (hope Gio and/or Stras don’t get lit up like Xmas trees) — while still having the AL to root for to win. Love the history of this game, too, although most of you probably remember nothing, except that extra-inning ‘tie game’ embarrassment that SHOULD be forgotten.

    Sadly, the wife got tickets months & months ago to attend “The Addams Family” at Kennedy Center — she gets to see a musical (which she always loves), and I get to reminisce about my immature entertainment days in high school…I think the ol’ TV show aired on Friday nites, but it’s not like I had anything better to do, y’know…! Hope y’all be diggin’ on the ballgame (izzat bad enuf grammer 4 youse guys?)…have a slice o’Ruthcake for me…and Thank You, Thing…!!

  12. Ruth says:

    DJ, glad I won’t be ‘alone’ Tuesday night. And you took Wednesday off to ‘recover?’ Love that. I’m not with you about the FOX thing, though. As Jane might remember, I’m one of those ‘weirdos’ that likes Joe Buck and Tim McCarver…yea, I guess they can go on and on about stupid things like Locks of Love (that’s not stupid, in general, but their take on it was), but I am immune to it. Joe Buck’s voice just says ‘playoff baseball’ to me…it’s a Pavlov thing.

    I meant to say I hope The Captain actually plays Tuesday night…when he was making a point to show us all he was having a problem with his neck, shoulder, whatever, I thought ‘oh, great, he’s probably going to withdraw from the ASG.’ And then those errors! They are shocking, but so was his body language when he made them…you almost never see that kind of jerky ‘oh my gosh, I dropped it’ reaction from him….SO WEIRD. I know we like to say ‘he’s human,’ but I’m not sure he is….so it was so shocking to witness. I sent a tweet to Buster Olney and told him it was his fault, because of his cheesey pre-game interview with Jete. Why do they even bother interviewing him? He never says anything of interest and never will!

  13. Diane Anziano says:

    I predicted a split of this 4 game series but in my heart I was hoping we would win one out of four. So three out of four is fabulous. I’m worried about Jeter. I know Girardi said it was nothing but to make two bad plays like he did…that’s not Jeter. I guess if he starts the All-Star Game I can stop worrying but for now, I’m concerned abut his shoulder. Back on the positive side, our bats are definitely waking up and I don’t think our poor defense and weaker bull pen will exist against any team other than Boston. I guess I’m looking forward to a short break – we’re going to see the band, America this week — “A Horse With No Name”, “I Need You”, “Ventura Highway”, “Sister Golden Hair”, etc. — but I can’t wait for the second half of the season. GO AMERICA, GO AMERICAN LEAGUE ALL-STARS, and GO YANKEES!!!

  14. Jane Heller says:

    Ruth and Diane, what I noticed about Jeter (and tweeted about during last night’s game) was his coughing. Every summer he has this perpetual cough. Either it’s allergies or some seasonal bug. I sure hope the neck/shoulder is ok.

  15. Melissa says:

    In hate the “back, back, back” but do enjoy it when someone gets up and just keeps crushing the ball like Robinson last year.
    I was a little sick of the espn announcers last night going on and on about how many players the sawks had injured. When they said “their closer” I turned to my husband and said ” what about the Yankees? They lost THE closer – the best of all time.” the Yankees also have had a ton of injuries, but no one feels bad for you when you are in first!
    Great video on MLB of the Texas/twins game. A huge thunder and lightening sent everyone scurrying. I can’t paste the URL on my iPad, nut go to the video section of MLB.com, or news on the MLB app

  16. Jane Heller says:

    No one feels sorry for the Yankees ever, Melissa. Losing Mo was huge and they glossed over it. I did see the video of the lightning – scary!

  17. Melissa says:

    If that lightening had happened during scooter’s time, he would have scooted the hell out of there.

  18. Janet Steiner says:

    Jane, I have noticed Jeter’s cough, too–he’s so polite, covers his mouth when he’s at bat, but he’s had it on and off for at least two years. Wonder if it goes away in the winter?

  19. Jane Heller says:

    Good question, Janet. If it’s seasonal allergies, it would probably go away in the winter. Maybe he’s allergic to grass!