Yankees-Red Sox 2 & 3: A Split

July 7th, 2012 by Jane Heller

If the Yankees had to split the doubleheader, I sort of wish we’d lost the first game and won the second. That way I wouldn’t have to go to bed with visions of Cory Wade giving up runs.

But oh well. The first game was fun. I owe Sweaty Freddy a big apology for doubting him; he pitched great. And what a show by Andruw Jones, who has such an appealing smile and gave us plenty to smile about.

Hughes wasn’t bad in the nightcap but he wasn’t stellar, and he was victimized by some shoddy defense. And the bats fell silent after their initial flurry of activity (except for Jones again). It was as if they decided they’d had enough scoring and just left the ballpark.

You know who I enjoyed watching, aside from Jones? Cano. He made some plays – those throws where he slings the ball to first – that made me shake my head with awe.

You know who I didn’t enjoy watching (aside from Russell Martin who needs to go to the glue factory at this point and the above-mentioned Cory Wade)? Darnell McDonald. Dreadlocks or no dreadlocks, I think that experiment needs to end.



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4 Responses to “Yankees-Red Sox 2 & 3: A Split”

  1. Audrey says:

    I don’t mind losing a wel-played game but the second game was a disaster. Five errors?!?! That’s unacceptable. You could hear the Fox guys voices fill with glee as the game progressed – they could hardly contain themselves. Kept saying that this game was a must-win for the Sox – really? Halfway through the season? A little dramatic imo.

    Our bullpen is starting to scare me – Boone Logan isn’t much better than Cory Wade. I hope the All-star break works a few wonders and everyone comes back rested and ready to win (especially since my family will be at next Sunday’s game!).

  2. Jane Heller says:

    The errors were appalling, Audrey. So were Buck and McCarver. I was trying to do a rational analysis of their coverage – really assess whether they were as biased as we think – and I decided they are. I did sort of a word count. They simply talked about the Red Sox more than they talked about the Yankees. Yes, they said Girardi was smart and underrated and handled his bullpen and bench well. But for the most part, anything about the Yankees was an aside and they went right back to discussing the Sox and their season and their history of great players, as if we didn’t have people named Ruth, Gehrig, etc. Oh well. And yes, Boone has been as bad as Cory lately.

  3. Ruth says:

    Russell to the glue factory? Wow, that’s harsh. He’s definitely slumping badly, but we have to stick by our # 1 catcher. 5 errors is unacceptable, but I’m just writing it off to a long day of baseball. Let’s get tonight and I’m certainly happy with 3 out of 4. Is it my imagination, or has Cory Wade lost weight and/or is his uniform one size too big? Perhaps it’s always been that way and I’m just noticing. Maybe he’s been on a hunger strike until he plays better. It’s not working….

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Well, OK, not to the glue factory, Ruth. Too harsh. But Martin seems to have reverted to his last days with the Dodgers when he just couldn’t hit. He looks kind of lost to me. Is Wade thinner? I didn’t notice but maybe his poor pitching has messed with his appetite.