Yankees-Red Sox Game 1: A Crazy-Making Win

July 6th, 2012 by Jane Heller

All Yankees-Red Sox games are weird and take forever, but this one was just plain nuts.

For one thing, the starters couldn’t get anybody out – until both Beckett and Kuroda settled down and looked like completely different pitchers from their first inning pod people.

Then it was a seesaw battle as we scored off their relievers and they scored off ours. Which reminds me: What was Girardi thinking when he used all those arms in the 7th, in particular, knowing his team was playing a doubleheader the next day with one of the games featuring Sweaty Freddy Garcia? I can’t argue with the results, but who’s available tomorrow?

Normally, I’d be excited when we get a “Janer,” but 10 runs isn’t a cushy lead when #1) you’re at Fenway and #2) the Red Sox have 8 runs. So I was tense instead of sitting back and saying, “What fun!” Fortunately, Soriano, despite the fact that he hadn’t notched a four-out save in ages, came in and did the job beautifully.

Photo: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

He lifted up his shirt tails to complete the weirdness of the evening, and we’ll do it all again tomorrow – twice. I’m going to sleep so I can rest up.





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7 Responses to “Yankees-Red Sox Game 1: A Crazy-Making Win”

  1. YankeeCase says:

    Typical 4 hour Yankees/Red Sox game… Always something new! 5 runs apiece in the first inning? Gerf!! But we scratched and clawed our way back to a win. Now who’s ready for ten hours of baseball tomorrow?! Oh, God, lol… (a doubleheader I was headed up to see until work got in the way!)

  2. Sean K says:

    Well… I’ll take the win. That’s the best I can say about this game. we just burned up our bullpen with a doubleheader at Fenway tomorrow. Hopefully we get at least one starter going 7+ innings.

  3. Sean K says:

    That really was nuts. According to the guys at ESPN Stats & Info, it’s the first Yankee-Red Sux game at Fenway Park to ever have both teams score at least 5 runs in the first inning.

    Oh, and the all-time series at Fenway is now tied 459-459-4.

  4. Audrey says:

    Of course, that first inning should never have gotten away from us the way it did – the non-characteristic error by Chavez set the table for most of those Sox runs. Still, it was what it was and it was, as you said, Jane, crazy-making. It hadn’t even registered with me that it was a Janer because, as you said, it didn’t feel like one. And I couldn’t help but think of that Yankees-Red Sox game earlier in the season when we came back from a nine-run deficit to win and wondering if the baseball gods might not allow a little payback.

    Boone Logan is also crazy-making these days – he’s starting to really worry me. But my boy Tex made me really happy – what a good game he had. A triple and a stolen base – c’mon! Soriano is starting to fill the spot in my comfort zone formally filled by Mo – I’m so glad when we get to the point where we can use him since it usually means the game will be decided in the Yankee’s favor.

    This is going to be one exhausting weekend of baseball – we’re all going to need the All-Star break to recover.

  5. Jane Heller says:

    It felt like more than 4 hours last night, YankeeCase. I had this fear that it would go into extras and we’d have to use Dewayne Wise to pitch again. Not sure I’m ready for 10 hours today. I might have to take a break to go swimming.

    It would be nice if one starter went 7+ innings today, Sean, but Garcia? I’m guessing 4+ but I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Interesting about how evenly matched the teams have been.

    Yes, that Chavez error was not helpful, Audrey, but Kuroda had nothing in the first inning so we were lucky to get away with their 5 runs. Boone has been so good but lately he’s been very Cory Wade-ish. Soriano has looked great for the most part but I miss Mo!!!!!!!! I agree about the All-Star break. Bring it on.

  6. Barbara says:

    I have to figure out how to enjoy these games or quit watching. I felt tortured last night and we won. It did not occur to me either that it was a Janer. Kuroda had nothing so it could have been fun with 5 in the 1st but instead it was painful. How great for tex to come through against Padilla. I guess I shouldn’t wear my Yankee shorts to the gym because I will be annoyed by unhappy sox fans. I need to get more yarn. I finished my socks whilst we were playing the rays and I had nothing to keep my sane last night or nothing to do in the pitching changes. I love winning the first game of a series.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    Clearly, you need more yarn, Barbara, especially if you’re planning to watch both games today. You could knit socks for everybody on this blog by the time they’re over. Very satisfying for Tex to launch that missile against Padilla, whom he really can’t stand and neither can I.