Nice Win, Horrible News

June 27th, 2012 by Jane Heller

It wasn’t bad enough that CC has a groin strain and has gone on the DL (or that he felt pain a few days ago and didn’t tell anybody, which I hate). Then Pettitte had to get hit with that comebacker and fracture his ankle? Could I just close my eyes and go back to bed and start this day over again?

Andy was in the midst of a mostly brilliant return that stabilized the pitching staff and lifted everybody up. And now he’ll be gone until September, with who knows how much rust? The last time he was injured he called it quits. I sure hope he wants to give it another shot once he’s rehabbed.

Another Big Question is what do we do in the meantime? Roy Oswalt would have looked good about now. Instead we have Sweaty Freddy (yes, he pitched well today) and Warren, a callup. Neither of them inspires confidence. Cashman needs to make magic.

And yes, we won the game. Soriano made it hairy, but he’s been used a lot lately so I’m sure he’ll be fine. We have much bigger problems.


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8 Responses to “Nice Win, Horrible News”

  1. margaret says:

    I was home today and got to see this game.
    I am beginning to think it’s me. Seriously.
    When I was married to a man in the minors he had so many superstitions.
    If he won and he put his cleats on his right foot first he could never do it another way etc.
    Now I have become this way.
    If I watch a game horrific things happen or we lose in a big way this year.
    This game was no different. Andy, our savior this year, is out for at least 6 weeks.
    CC, Andy oh my goodness.

    I actually thought I should turn off the game and only listen.
    So I did just that. I feared we would lose more men and possibly the game if I continued to watch.
    So back to my office I went and turned the game on sirius.

    I may have to give up games so the men stay healthy and standing.
    I feel like I owe my friends in Yankee land an apology.

  2. daniel says:

    I thought Pettitte would only be out for six weeks. Has there been an update?

  3. Ruth says:

    Peg, I am apparently to blame as well. I told Tom last night (in a continuing effort to get him to watch baseball with me – never gonna happen, btw) that he should watch because the Yankees are hitting their stride. So today he says ‘you shouldn’t have mentioned how well they were playing….’ My Bad.

  4. Audrey says:

    When the Yankees go to the playoffs this October I don’t want to hear any crap about how they bought their way in and that usual drivel. We have dealt with some major setbacks all season and have risen to the top through pure determination and grit. I expect we will weather this storm as well and our players will show the world what they are really made of. Money can only do so much – it takes character to repeatedly overcome challenges and prevail. Our boys have character.

  5. Barbara says:

    I felt like crying today when I heard Andy fractured the ankle–I was having an emotionally day. But then I turned into my not usually seen around baseball optimistic self. We won in June from great pitching but no hitting with runners in scoring position–and homers. Now we can hit with runners in scoring position so while our boys are out injured, we’ll win by hitting and then when they come back, well be great in both areas.
    By the way it could be my fault. I took last Wednesday afternoon off and we were horrible, I took this afternoon off and we won but it was painful. I guess I need to work and stop using up personal time with yankee games

  6. Jane Heller says:

    You were married to a ballplayer, Peg? I never heard that part of your story! Fess up! I wouldn’t blame yourself for the bad news today. We’re all superstitious but deep down (or maybe not that deep down) we know it’s nonsense.

    Six weeks, yes, Daniel, but that’s until he “heals.” Then there’s the question of when he’ll be able to make a start. The beat writers on Twitter were all saying September.

    Ruth, my comment to Peg goes for you too. You were just being a good fan!

    Right you are, Audrey. These adversities will show what this team is made of. That said, I hope Cashman has reinforcements!

    I love your optimistic turn of mind, Barbara. We’ll all need it going forward.

  7. Sean K says:

    I’d have rather lost the game and kept Pettitte healthy. And CC… ugh. Tell people if you’re hurting!

  8. Uncle Mike says:

    Audrey is right. Besides, EVERY team that wins buys the championship. We haven’t had an amateur team as baseball’s best since 1868.

    Or, to paraphrase “The American President,” Yes, my teams tries to buy the championship. The question is, why doesn’t YOURS, Bob?