I’m Emotionally Drained Right Now

June 24th, 2012 by Jane Heller

Forget what I said about the lack of intensity in the Subway Series. The finale tonight was so stressful I resorted to doing laundry.

Our defense was sloppy, which always gets me mad, and CC wasn’t helped by his teammates – until Swisher did exactly what the ESPN crew was haranguing against: hit an evil home run. Ditto: Cano.

Dickey wasn’t Dickey-ish, so that was a relief. But speaking of relief, our guys nearly gave me a breakdown. I don’t know if Cory Wade is going through a dead arm phase or what, but he hasn’t been as effective. And Robertson….I’m sure I’m in the minority and I do like him, but I’m becoming weary of his “adventurous” innings; that balk was just stupid. Soriano, on the other hand, is growing on me in a big way. I adore that gangster stare of his; he looks like he wants to kill somebody – the anti-Mo.

I have to say it was an entertaining, very competitive series.




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8 Responses to “I’m Emotionally Drained Right Now”

  1. Sean K says:

    I’ll take the win, but I could really use a Janer right now to settle my nerves… this high-tension stuff is literally starting to turn me into a graybeard…

  2. Barbara says:

    I wasn’t feeling well last night so happily i went to bed at 4-1 and happily awoke to watch the drama this morning whilst knowing the story had a happy ending. I agree it’s time for a Janer for fun, everyone’s nerves and I think the bullpen is kicked for tonight. I do love winning each series!

  3. Audrey says:

    Another vote for a Janer. My nerves can’t take this anymore. The errors are killing us – that whole three-run inning should not have happened for the Mets. Fortunately, Cano redeemed himswlf with the winning run as well as a great play in the ninth.

    It’s always fun to watch Swisher have an impact and watch him celebrate. Why don’t you think Cashman will pick him up next year, Jane? My son became so upset when I told him that – Swish is such a fan favorite. I was trying out his name for our next dog – Here Swish, Come Swish, Get the ball Swish – not bad.

  4. Barbara says:

    sounds like a great name for a dog especially if it is an exceedingly happy, tail wagging dog.

  5. Audrey says:

    So true, Barbara!

  6. Diane Anziano says:

    Cano’s play in the field is probably what bothered me the most about that game, but who can be unhappy with the outcome? And Cano made up for the bad defense by hitting the game winning home run. I agree with Girardi; I’m not at all upset that they seem to only score runs by sending the ball over the fence.

    The bullpen didn’t do what they usually do, other than Soriano, but a W is a W.

    Now, on to the Indians. The weather here right now is absolutely terrible but its supposed to clear up by 2 pm so there should be no problem getting the game in. GO YANKEES!!!

  7. Jane Heller says:

    I hear you, Sean. We need a Janer all right.

    I wanted to go to bed right after the game, Barbara, because I was exhausted, but it wasn’t even 9 o’clock here and I wanted to watch “Newsroom.” So I stayed up to watch that and fell asleep after the first ten minutes. Hope you’re feeling better.

    I love the idea of Swisher the dog, Audrey. LOL. Why don’t I think Cashman will sign him? Money, age, diminishing returns. Swish may love playing in NY, but he’s going to ask for and get major $$$ elsewhere and Cashman will want to save payroll for pitching or maybe an heir apparent to Jeter. (Other than Nunez, we have no one to play shortstop for the future.) And then there’s Josh Hamilton. I don’t see Cashman going after him, because he didn’t go after Pujols, but Hamilton is arguably the best player in baseball and he would be a definite upgrade over Swisher. And what about the catching situation? Is he going to bring back Martin or go elsewhere?

    Not a good game defensively for Cano, Diane. He made me wince, and he made CC work. Is the weather bad from the early part of Debbie? I’m flying in to JFK on Friday, so I’m praying the storm will be through by then.

  8. Bob Cerv says:

    My baseball-lovin’ friend Don is a survivor of a major heart attack. He’ll be 62 next month, so he’s taking it a bit slower. Much as he still loves the game, Don’s now in the habit of “TiVo”-ing games he wants to see, and staying away from news sources. When he comes home, he’ll check the score at the end. If his team loses, oh hell, why bother to watch; but if they win…hey…watch the replay, knowing it’s a happy ending!

    Cheap? Yes. Loses something? Loses a lot. But he doesn’t need the extra aggravation, either.

    Felt like that myself last nite. Had a long weekend helping Son #2 with a research paper for his online class, “Kinesiology 460: The Cultural Economy of Sport.” ‘Nuff said. By the time we’re done, oh what a nice surprise, it’s 4-1 Yanks! Then 5-1…then saw it become 5-2 when DICKEY singled and came around to score…Ibanez has an arm like mine, it died 15 years ago, but oh well, he can still HIT. It was already late enuf for me when I saw the next inning open with that muffed grounder by Cano. Did NOT like the vibe, so I used Don Logic (endorsed by Barbara, I see)…you’re dead tired, turn it off, miss the bad stuff, hope for the good stuff…’cause if they blow it now, you WON’T wanna watch. So they DID blow it, and STILL came back. Whew. Don’t know about you, but I’ve had more that enough of this interleague stuff.