Three Sweeps In A Row!

June 17th, 2012 by Jane Heller

Okay, I know there’s no way to prove this theory but I think Nova and Hughes have become different pitchers since Pettitte re-joined the team. Kuroda has been great too, and it’s our starting pitching in general that’s been the difference in the Yankees’ amazing run. I just think Pettitte has served not only as a mentor to the younger guys but has been an example to them whenever he goes out to the mound. All they have to do is watch him, listen to him, observe him, and they’re just better. What I’m saying is that it’s not a coincidence that the whole staff has improved since he came back.

We needed length from Nova today and he provided it.

We needed a save from Soriano and he got us one.

We needed a go-ahead run and, as he’s done so many times before, Granderson drilled a homer. What an amazing acquisition he’s been for this team. I knew he’d be good, but I didn’t know he’d be this good. I’d just like to see him get more days off, but without Gardner that’s unlikely.

Anyhow, it’s all good right now, people.





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14 Responses to “Three Sweeps In A Row!”

  1. Barbara says:

    I can’t believe we had three sweeps. This is awesome. I am with you. I think pettite is rubbing off. I also wonder if it took awhile to get over there being no mo or was it just hard for me not to feel the gloom? I can’t believe we still can’t hit with runners in scoring position. I love this pitching. I love letting me watch Yankee announcers. I love winning streaks.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I don’t know about the Mo part, Barbara. It’s taken me a long time to get over his absence (I’m still not over it). Certainly for Kuroda it was adjusting to a new team and a new league. The RISP thing still bothers me too.

  3. Freya says:

    Today is my birthday and the Yankee win was a great present. I was not home, so I didn’t see the game, but I kept up with scores on my iPhone. I too was amazed that we have three sweeps. The team looks great right now!

  4. Jane Heller says:

    Happy Birthday, Freya! I’m glad you got a win and hope you had a good time wherever you spent the day.

  5. SBlue says:

    So happy about the three sweeps. They better keep it going cause I don’t want it to end. Loved Andy schooling Harper yesterday, that was hilarious! Love what’s going on with the rotation right now, great job by them. RISP isn’t as bad as it was before, at least we move the runners using bunts and sac flys. That was something I didn’t see so often before. And lastly, thank you Hal for getting Soriano…seriously.

  6. Jane Heller says:

    It will end at some point, SBlue, so we have to enjoy it while it lasts. Yeah, Soriano has been a luxury, hasn’t he? We lose our closer and – lo and behold – we have another one. He’ll never be Mo but he’s been a great backup and most teams aren’t so lucky.

  7. Diane Anziano says:

    I said the same thing about Pettitte being back, Jane. I’m sure he has done much for the youngsters. The last time The Yankees swept 3 series of 3 or more games each was in 1998. And the last time they won 9 games in a row was in 2009…and we know what happened at the end of both of those years. I’m excited. I can’t believe how they are grinding out these games and doing what they have to do to win. GO YANKEES!!!

  8. Diane Anziano says:

    I said the same thing, Jane. Pettitte has done a lot to help the youngsters. 2 big facts…the last time The Yankees swept 3 series in a row that were at least 3 games was in 1998 and the last time they won 9 in a row was in 2009…and we know what happened at the end of those 2 seasons. They’ve really be grinding it out and finding a way to win every game. GO YANKEES!!!

  9. Leo says:

    I missed the majority of these games due to my long work week and 10+ hour shifts but nonetheless, this win streak was incredible. Thank goodness for my trusty MLB app on my iPhone allowing me to keep up with the team while at work. I don’t know how I’ve gone by so many seasons without it. As for Pettitte, I also agree that he’s been a major influence in the improvement of the rotation. Offense needs some work with the RISP but hopefully it should correct itself for the remainder of the season.

  10. Jane Heller says:

    I love those comparisons, Diane. I’d be so happy if this season ended up mirroring either of those seasons, but there’s a long way to go and we know slumps are inevitable. I just hope we have more streaks than slumps!

    I feel the same way about the iPhone app, Leo. I keep wondering how I lived without it all those years. It’s brilliant.

  11. Uncle Mike says:

    You’re lucky, Freya. The Yankees have NEVER won on my birthday, and they never will. Even Bud Selig couldn’t futz up the schedule that much.

    Still, 9 in a row, and 18 of 22. The RISP thing is concerning, but we’re getting the runs we need and the pitching we need.

    It’s like Richie Ashburn said: “The game’s easy, Harry, when you get good pitching, you get good fielding, and you score a few.” Of course, all those years in the Veterans Stadium broadcast booth, he would occasionally tell Harry Kalas that he’s going down to grab a bat, since he still thought he could hit better than some of those guys. Aside from that, he was the Delaware Valley’s Phil Rizzuto, telling the stories, dropping the birthday and anniversary announcements, talking about golf and restaurants when there was a game going on. And finally got into the Hall of Fame.

    I was following the game on my smartphone, too. The whole family went out to see Sparky Lyle’s Somerset Patriots play the York Revolution. Two long home runs and a bottom of the 9th single won it, 3-2.

  12. Ruth says:

    Hi everyone – just a not-so-quick recap of the weekend’s events. Friday night was great, exciting, playoff-like. It is always interesting to witness the frenzy the visiting Yankees bring to other Parks. During BP, Justice Sotomayer was soaking it all up, having her picture taken with all the guys – Jete, Curtis, and ARod (she had a pretty lengthy discussion with him). She looked SO HAPPY, beaming ear to ear (who wouldn’t after schmoozing with all our guys?). I think it’s an abuse of power that she was able to do that….okay, yes, I’m just jealous. While we were watching BP, I turned around to say something to the guy standing behind us, and it was Robert Gibbs, the President’s former press secretary (think that is the right title). You never know who you’re going to bump into at a game in DC. And of course meeting up with Bob Cerv/Dave was awesome. (YankeesCase – I’ll let Dave tell you what ‘BobCerv’ represents). Saturday I had family coming over in the evening, so I watched the game while I cooked….nerve-wracking. I thought it might be over when Sweaty Freddy came in, but we survived. At yesterday’s game I met up with Peggy, and that was great. The game was, too, although it was just too hot for me and I got quite the burn on my legs. Overall, just a great weekend, with perfect weather, three great wins, and new friendships formed (in person). All the fans, on both sides, were so happy and excited. On Friday we met several groups of people from New Jersey and New York who traveled to DC for the weekend. Everyone was so happy and excited. I always tell my husband that New Yorkers are the friendliest people in the country. I truly believe that – don’t laugh. But maybe it’s just the now 9-game winning streak that makes New Yorkers seem so friendly. Let’s keep it going tonight and tomahawk chop the Braves right out of town!

  13. Jane Heller says:

    I can’t believe Sparky’s still managing the Patriots, Uncle Mike. Must have been fun seeing them play. And I love your Richie Ashburn anecdote.

    So glad you had a great weekend, Ruth. Funny about standing near Gibbs. I would have cornered him and peppered him with questions about politics, so it’s a good thing I wasn’t with you. I loved how huge the contingent of Yankee fans there were at those games. I bet their cheering helped our boys win.

  14. Spaz says:

    I agree Jane, Nova and Hughes have been different pitchers since Andy got back. Which, to me, proves the point I have been trying to get across to baseball people everywhere, Larry Rothschild is terrible. I would take Carlos Marmol from the Cubs if they would take Lary back. Maybe Andy would be interested in Larry’s sallary as well as his own, since Andy is making pennies this year.