Yeah, A-Rod’s Finished All Right

June 12th, 2012 by Jane Heller

He certainly silenced the doubters with his record-breaking slam to tie the game tonight.

It was a line drive into the seats and it turned an otherwise boring game into a thrilling one. Swisher’s bomb was the icing on the cake. Those poor Braves and their tomahawk chop. They must have had their hearts broken, Minor especially.

The only negative for me was CC. Four runs isn’t a terrible number to give up. But the fact that he had yet another rocky first inning – and the Braves were hitting shots, by the way, not little dribblers – is troubling. When do we worry about him for real? I love him for being able to settle down and improve over the course of a game. I just wonder what the early shakiness is all about. It’s one thing to throw batting practice in the first inning of a game in June. It’s another to do it in a playoff game when we’d be facing an elite pitcher.

Good news about Gardner not having ligament damage. Now let the medical geniuses figure out how to get him feeling better.

More good news that Robertson will join the team in D.C.

Even better news about Mo: no meniscus involvement. His surgery today revealed that he only needed to have his ACL repaired. I assume he’s resting comfortably right now, high as a kite on morphine and dreaming of pitching again.




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15 Responses to “Yeah, A-Rod’s Finished All Right”

  1. YankeeCase says:

    That was some clutch Grand Slam from A-Rod! There was an uneasy feeling until the bases were loaded, but we’ve seen a double play in that situation way too many times this year! I had totally forgotten he was only one behind Gehrig until Kay mentioned he just tied him. And on the same day Gehrig played his last game as a Yankee. And, might I mention, against the original Boston Red Sox…..

    We stole this game, and CC stole a win. And I don’t feel bad about it in any way, shape, or form!

    And, oh yeah, we’re in sole possession of first place and have the best record in the American League!

  2. Sean K says:

    Nice to see a clutch hit with the bases loaded. And from A-Rod no less.

    Another win… let’s keep it going boys…

  3. Audrey says:

    Every time we load the bases the game announcers, no matter if they are the guys from Yes, TBS, FOX or ESPN, remind us of the Yankees’ awful hitting statistics in that situation (and A-Rod’s in particular). At least the YES announcers conceded that despite our difficulties we (were) stilll tied for first place. I am looking forward to the day when that statistic is behind us and irrelevant. Last night was a huge step in that direction. Kudos to A-Rod and Swisher. It makes me laugh out loud to watch Swish round the bases after he’s played the hero. His joy is contagious (not that I didn’t have plenty of my own at that point, his was just icing on the cake!).

  4. Barbara says:

    So I guess I can’t watch the games. Sunday I walked away from the game and Martin hit the walk off. Yesterday I drove home from a long day at work and we were down 4-0 with no hitting so I didn’t bother to turn it on when I got home and then I see it was tied and my dad told me grand slam. Both times I was trying to help my husband with his work stress. Yesterday would have been my brothers birthday and I feel asleep thinking he some how made it happen.
    Are we starting to be a team that other teams can’t put away. That would be fun old days to revisit!

  5. Melissa says:

    You have to feel the Yankees are back on track when they come back from 4-0 in the 8th inning.
    We are in the midst of the Euro 2012 (think World Cup only just European teams), so we tape and watch 2 soccer games per day. I keep track of the Yankees with the MLB app on my iPad. One eye on the tv and soccer and one eye on the baseball.
    So many times, the Yankees have the bases loaded with one out. Then the little words pop up: “In Play, out(s),” and I have to wait to see if it’s an out or a double play.
    So when ARod came up, I was cringing every time I looked, but then it said “In Play, run(s)” and I held my breath. Then I noticed all the bases were cleared, then they gave the description. Woo hoo!
    When Swisher got up, it said “In Play, run(s)” and I said to my husband, “Swisher did something, because there was a run and Cano was only on first.” The description came up and I was so excited I said “He home runned!”
    What a great streak of wins they’ve had. I’m glad they picked CC up because he needed it. Hopefully, he’ll become more dominant as the season goes on.
    The world is back to normal – the Yankees are in sole possession of 1st!

  6. Diane Anziano says:

    And I was one of those doubters, as I stated yesterday. That was one of the single most exciting regular season games I have ever watched. I can’t believe that C.C. was able to stay in long enough to get the win. I’m so happy we were able to tie it up and go ahead in the same inning. That was huge. And for that grand slam to tie Gehrig’s record — doesn’t get much bigger than that. Obviously before he retires A-Rod will hit many more grand slams so he will undoubtedly be Number One for that record forever. Now we can absolutely go for the sweep, and pray that the other NY team beats The Rays again. GO YANKEES!!! GO METS@!!!

  7. Leo says:

    Even if it wasn’t the best outing, CC usually always gives us length which was great to help get the bullpen more rest. Many of the guys have been used a lot the past few days so it was much needed for them. CC will be fine for the long haul though and I wouldn’t worry too much. The offense couldn’t do anything against Minor until they got to the bullpen. Their RISP numbers are still bad but hopefully this is the turning point of that stat improving back to a league average number. Overall an unexpected but pleasant win and tonight here’s hoping that Kuroda continues the streak of fantastic pitching streak the other starters have had.

  8. Jane Heller says:

    Wow, YankeeCase. I didn’t know about the Gehrig’s last game part.

    Swisher does enjoy himself out there, Audrey. And we should enjoy it because I doubt Cashman will bring him back next year.

    I love the idea that your brother made it happen, Barbara. That makes me smile.

    Speaking of soccer, Melissa, you reminded me that I missed watching the French Open tennis this year. I kept reading about the matches but couldn’t manage to get up early enough for the live coverage or remember to record them. Too much going on.

    It’s funny how Interleague play makes us root for teams we wouldn’t ordinarily root for, Diane. So yes, go Mets.

    I don’t know that I agree about CC, Leo. He does give us length, no question, but by this point in the season he shouldn’t struggle as much. Do you really want to cede three runs in the first inning of Game 7 of the World Series?

  9. Leo says:

    Yes, CC does need to improve. He’s our ace and we expect better but I look at it as while he has his days when he isn’t sharp, he usually never really implodes and throws the game away like others have (ie: AJ Burnett). Last night gave the offense the opportunity to step up and face their RISP woes instead of just having the great pitching bail them out. They all have room for improvement. We’ll cross that road of the WS when we get there but I have no doubts that CC will step up when the time is needed. We all have a reason to be optimistic because this team is winning despite not playing their best baseball. When they fire on all cylinders, hopefully that’s when we can run away with the division.

  10. Jane Heller says:

    Just because he doesn’t implode like AJ isn’t enough to give me confidence, Leo. He needs to pitch better. He’s said so himself.

  11. Guido says:

    What a GREAT game!!! Gotta love those LATE INNING heroics— Russell with Muscle the other night, and now A-Rod + Swish!!! I’ll be the first to admit that I was already saying to myself somewhere around the 5th inning, “Well, at least we won last night and we’ll only be 1-1 after 2… Let’s see, hmmm, who’s pitching tomorrow?…” When, BOOM! The record remains intact… see the results of the last 3 mtgs:
    1999: Yankees swept ’em in 4
    1996: After dropping the first 2, Yankees took the next 4!
    1865: General Sherman burned down the city! (Ok—altogether now!!! “Mine eyes have seen the glory…”)

  12. Jane Heller says:

    LOL, Guido. Love your historical perspective.

  13. Bob Cerv says:

    Eve’rybody’s happy…it’s all good…

    The Yanks survive another tuff outing for CC, and A-Rod is redeemed. My wife will NEVER give him credit for any records, due to ‘roids, but he won’t likely make the HOF anyway, at least in our lifetimes…oh well, so what…and meanwhile, those Swisher jerseys must have been dancing around the room!!

    The Nats survive “Boom-Boom” Wang (only one boom-boom), barely lasting 5 innings. Harper hit another boom-boom, about 450 feet when it hit a restaurant window. Wouldn’t they both just love a road sweep before “The Main Event” starting Friday? As a famous football player once said, “Getcha popcorn ready…”

  14. Bob Cerv says:

    Dang it…I just can’t resist this…a GREAT song by a great band…been bouncing around in my head since Jane’s “Hot ‘Lanta” description yesterday…you may not know it, but so much more the pleasure for you, hopefully…and may it bring good luck vs. Hudson tonight…

  15. Ruth says:

    love that image of Mo….