June 11th, 2012 by Jane Heller

I know that people who actually live in Atlanta hate the above nickname, sort of like New Yorkers aren’t wild about “The Big Apple.” But tonight the name seemed appropriate, because the Yankees stayed hot in Atlanta. (Get it?)

There wasn’t much scoring – just that burst of three runs early – but it was enough for Nova, who was about as good as it gets. Whatever adjustments he’s made are working. Either that or good starting pitching really is contagious. But his favorite part of the game was probably his base hit. I loved how excited his teammates got and how they made sure to keep the ball for him.

Special shout out to Boone Logan. I haven’t mentioned him much, but he’s been pretty great. Tonight he filled in for Soriano, who seems to have sprouted a blister, and shut down the Braves.

The Yanks still have problems with RISP and I haven’t heard a word about Gardner’s visit to Dr. Andrews, but as long as the wins come I guess I’ll just stick my head in the sand about it all.



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25 Responses to “Hotlanta!”

  1. Sean K says:

    A win’s a win. No complaints.

    Be nice to get some good news on Gardner soon though. He’s the kind of player who can make a real difference in the postseason because he can manufacture a run or two with his speed.

  2. YankeeCase says:

    It’s always great to see someone get their first hit. Nova’s face lit up! And you know the last time someone got their first something in Atlanta was Francisco Cervelli’s home run in 2009. The Yankees went on a 7 game win streak and then we all had this great big party downtown that November…

  3. Audrey says:

    The win streak continues. The team really seem to be clicking now, with everyone contributing in some way. Defense has been great and last night it was awesome! Nova’s hit brought a smile to my face, too, even though it scares me a bit to have our pitchers running the bases. Really wish the NL would get with the times and institute the DH.

  4. John says:

    Just a few words from Maine.

    Sox fans are nonexistant up here. I looked everywhere.

    Standings today—-the planets are back in alignment!

  5. Diane Anziano says:

    I was thrilled with the great defensive plays by Swisher and Cano – I think that robbing Atlanta of that run was the turning point of the game. I’m really worried about A-Rod though; I know many of our players are not as productive at the plate as they should be, but no one is worst this season than he is. But Nova gave us all we needed for a W, and we beat a young pitcher that we never faced before this outing; woo hoo!! Looking for a sweep…its the Nation League, after all. GO YANKEES!!!

  6. Jane Heller says:

    Still haven’t heard anything about Gardner, Sean, but it’s only 6 am here and I know he was seeing a second surgeon. I’m not hopeful that he’ll be back this season. You don’t have elbow pain for this long without there being ligament damage or something equally serious.

    I remember that in Atlanta, YankeeCase. We’ve had good luck there, certainly in the postseason. What’s interesting to me about the pitching is that CC has been our least consistent starter and who would have guessed it. The good news is he always manages to straighten himself out.

    The defense really was good last night. Your boy Tex sure does know what to do with a glove. I disagree about the DH though. I’m a purist so I love the NL way with the pitcher hitting and all the substitutions a manager has to make. Much more strategy involved.

    The planets are getting there, John. We’re still tied for first with the Rays, aren’t we? I want sole possession and I want us to stay there.

  7. Jane Heller says:

    That catch by Swisher was unbelievable, Diane. I was amazed that he didn’t hurt himself. He jumped so high into that yellow part of the wall. There are times when he looks so klutzy out there and then he makes a great play like last night. Crazy. Cano was terrific too. I’m not that worried about A-Rod. He’s been getting his hits and walks. I think he’s got a bunch of RBIs now, doesn’t he? His biggest blemish is not hitting with bases loaded, but as you said there are others in that category. The guy that continues to surprise me is Ibanez. Boy, is he proving me wrong.

  8. Diane Anziano says:

    I was also amazed at the number of Yankees fans that were obviously in the stadium, judging by the reactions to the good Yankee moves. I know there are NY fans all over the country, but I don’t think I have ever heard this kind of reaction in a game against The Braves in Atlanta. Anyway, I am sure the team loves to hear them out there (and the opposing team’s owners like the cash).

  9. Jane Heller says:

    Glad you mentioned that about the Yankee fans in attendance, Diane. I noticed it too. I guess a lot of ex-New Yorkers have moved to the south!

  10. yankeefansince1941 says:

    Some New Yorkers have moved to Arkansas, too. Consequently, we do not get Yankee TV here and I have to watch the games on my computer. Wish I could have seen Nova’s hit. Shucks, he was batting 1.000 for a spell. I concur with everyone about Ibanez and wonder if we couldn’t have him play every game. Did get a video clip of Swisher’s great catch. Very satisfying game.
    Can’t leave without mentioning Russell Martin’s two home runs. He may be batting around .200, but he has made some very important contributions with his bat. His catching is also ominous. Makes me think a little of our greatest catcher ever, Bill Dickey.

  11. Jane Heller says:

    Yankee fans in Arkansas? Who knew? Glad you can see the games on the computer. Martin’s bat has really made a difference recently. He has struggled but it would be nice to see more consistency from him going forward.

  12. Ruth says:

    I thought last night was the best all-around play in a long time. Very inspired. And I have never seen Nova smile the way he did after that ‘good wood.’ Please tell me this is the start of a hot streak for the Yanks…I’m going to the games vs. the Nats this Friday and Sunday, and I don’t want to be embarrassed, as hubby and I sit there in our matching Swisher t-shirts….egad.

  13. Jane Heller says:

    I think the Nats will be very tough, Ruth. They’re riding a wave right now. But with you in the house? Piece of cake. Haha. Peggy’s going too, so maybe you guys can meet up.

  14. Ruth says:

    I think Peggy and I should meet up and take a picture for the She-Fan blog. Peggy, I’ll be in Section 129, Row T, square with first base bag. On Friday we’ll be there 5 hours early, to avoid DC rush-hour traffic and get there in time for BP. Sorta kidding, but not really.

  15. Jane Heller says:

    I’d love that, Ruth. Peggy, are you reading this?????????

  16. Bob Cerv says:

    “We be-long to a mu-tu-al ad-mi-ra-tion society…”
    — Teresa Brewer, circa 1956

    Well, another nite and another double-win. The Yanks keep helping that Nats, while the Nats keep helping the Yanks (altho’ I doubt anyone’s too worried about the Jays…still, ya never know…).

    Today, the expectations of help are diminished. Not for the Yanks, of course — CC can battle his way out of jams, and Minor is not Major (well, not always). However, the Nats are throwing “Boom Boom,” aka Chen Ming Wang tonight. He needs no further introduction.

    Ladies — we’ll be at Nats Park ourselves on Friday!! Me & Son #2 (another Yankee fan) with two fellow “Dukies” (yes, aka “dookies,” with all negative connotations attached). We’ll be up in Section 228, which is between CF and RF, as Hughes Surprise takes on Gio Gonzalez. Could be QUITE a pitcher’s duel! Ruth, we’ll look for a pair of 33’s…Peggy, remind me what you wear…as for me? This is tough. At least one of my guys will wear a Duke hat (he’s a Braves fan). I may actually wear a Yankee cap and a Nats T-shirt. You know, head with one, heart with the other. No matter what, it should be a memorable night…!

  17. Jane Heller says:

    I hope you all can connect, Dave. Should be fun.

  18. Peggy says:

    Hi Jane and Fellow Baseball Fans….

    Ruth & Dave …I will be at the games on Saturday and Sunday. We are driving down on Friday night after work. I have the tickets for Sunday …LF Mezz …Section 204, Row M. I will most likely get my tickets for Saturday tomorrow. I have been tracking Stubhub …prices keep dropping daily. I was told the LF Mezz was a good spot for all the sightlines (or is it sitelines?), you are able to see all the boards, it’s shady, concessions and restrooms are nearby. Do either of you have any suggestions for seating for Saturday’s game? Ruth…are you in the same seats for the Sunday game? I’d love to meet up if possible on Sunday. Dave…if you decide to go on Sunday make sure to let us know too. I’m very excited …can’t wait to see the ballpark and hopefully two Yankee wins !!!

    I was at that exciting walkoff game on Sunday with my lucky fan Met cousin…naturally. He was at both the Friday and Sunday games with me and had to watch the losses in the midst of cheering Yankee fans. I feel sorry for him …not for sitting through the losses but for the fact he chose to be the black sheep in the family by becoming a Met fan. What was he thinking?? LOL Fortunately he is going to Washington with me so it might be a good sign for more Yankee wins… :o). It seems he goes to more Yankee games with me than he does Met games so I’m wondering if he really is a “closet” Yankee fan….hmmmm.

    Hopefully the Yankees can keep on winning and taking over first place permanently. It just so right with the Yankees at the top of the standings where they belong.

    Go Yankees 2012 !!!

  19. Jane Heller says:

    You’re taking the Mets fan cousin to the Nats games, Peggy? LOL. He’s been good luck for the most part, so why not? I hope it works out for you to meet up with the others in DC.

  20. Peggy says:

    Yes he is coming with me. He’s a big baseball fan and always hopes to see the Yankees lose. Wondering who he’ll be rooting for this weekend? Knowing him won’t be the Yankees.

    I can’t believe that I read over my comments before sending and still send them with typo mistakes. I’m going to blame it on old age since that’s the only good thing about getting old…being able to make excuses…haha.

    I hope it works out too …hope to catch Ruth or Dave or both at one of the games (although it looks like Dave is only attending Friday…darn).

    Go Yankees 2012 !!!

  21. Bob Cerv says:

    Peggy —
    Yeah, LF is better than RF, fer sure. We get LOTSA sun on clear daze, and you can’t see the outa-town scoreboard (but since the Yanks are RIGHT THERE, it won’t matter so much for once!). All the “sight lines” are pretty good — not a huge park, it’s cozy without being cramped.
    If any of y’all can do it, taking the Metro is GREAT. The Green/Yellow Line stops at Navy Yard, which is half a block from the ballpark. Fan-tastic! And on Friday nite (hopefully other times too), the big bar out there behind the OF stands sells beers for $5…when you consider that they’re $8 during the game, you can bet that a Bunch O’ Dookies will be hangin’ out there (right next to the live rock band) beforehand!!
    Mostly I hope that a grand time is had by all. After 33 years of nothing, it sometimes seems like baseball is brand new here. Let’s hope that both teams “stay hot” until Friday, and then…”que sera, sera!”

  22. Ruth says:

    As many times as I’ve been to NatsPark, I’m not sure where to advise you sit EXCEPT I know the seats I’m in (yes, Peggy, same seats both Friday and Sunday) are NOT good for avoiding the sun…so, we’re on the first base line, so THIRD base line would be better for not being directly in the sun (this is one of the 100 reasons hubby does not want to go, which I can’t blame him..not sure how I will do in the heat, either). And of course Club Level is attractive, because it would be under cover for the most part, and you have the option of going inside to air conditioning). So, we need some sort of ‘She-Fan’ banner to hold up to identify each other – you know, one of those sticks the tour operators hold high so you can identify what line you should be in? Plus, we need a banner for a our official photograph…..ideas? I think I might just have to be identifiable with the matching 33 shirts…although I’m not sure I will wear that on Sunday. Surely there will be a lot of couples sporting 33 shirts, but I bet they also won’t be wearing Nats hats, as we will be. So, it looks like I need to meet up with Dave on Friday over $5 beers (where I can finally find out why ‘Bob Cerv’ is actually ‘Dave’) and with Peggy on Sunday at an as-of-yet undetermined location. Jane, it’s not complete without you flying cross-country to meet up with us!

  23. Jane Heller says:

    Yes, a She-Fan banner. I love that, Ruth. Haha. I’m sure you’ll figure something out to identify yourselves. I do wish I could fly out and join your gang but I know you’ll all represent us well.

  24. YankeeCase says:

    Grrr, I was planning to take that trip down to DC for Sunday, but I don’t know…. I hope I can still make it! I would love to see Nationals Park and see the Nats play for a second time this year, hopefully for another Washington loss!

  25. Jane Heller says:

    Hopefully three Washington losses, YankeeCase!